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KONAR - Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc.(KONAR KET by short) 100% OWNED BY KONCAR ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES INC. 207 EMPLOYEES (150 WITH A UNIVERSITY DEGREE) ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 CERTIFIED AVERAGE ANNUAL SALES PER YEAR: app. EURO 60-70 MILLION EXPORTS app. 40%KETS ORGANIZATION CHARTBOARDTomi DueviA, PresidentMiljenko KovaEec, MemeberStjepan DragiEeviA, MemberLEGAL ANDPERSONNEL DEPT.QUALITY INSURANCEDEPT.B. U.TRANSMISSIONSUBSTATIONS B. U.POWER PLANTS B. U.TRANSPORTATION B. U. CONTROLAND PROTECTIONB. U. POWERDISTRIBUTIONANDINDUSTRYB. U.WINDPLANT MISSION:Execution of complex projects in electric power engineering, transportation andindustrial branches respecting customers' needs and requirements, applyingequipment and services provided by KONAR Groups companies as well as otherrespected manufacturers and applying know-how regarding: construction and refurbishment of complex plants plants technology equipment contracting of complex plants development of project documentationVISION: expansion of business areas entering new markets retaining the leading position in the regional market contracting and execution of more complex projects requiring higher technicaland technological knowledge becoming a company of knowledgeKONCAR KET WITHIN KONCAR GROUP:- is the main contracting company and the provider of engineeringactivities in projects involving construction or refurbishment ofcomplex plants for power generation, transmission and distribution, fortransportation and industry. has been generating one third of the total revenue of the KONARGroup incorporates more than 80 percent of equipment and services providedby the KONAR Group companies represents the impetus of new product development and expansion tonew business areas and activitiesMAIN BUSINESS AREAS: POWER ENGINEERING: GENERATION (HPP, TPP, NPP, DPP, WPP) TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION (TRANSFORMER SUBSTATIONS) TRANSPORTATION (ELECTRIC TRACTION AND MARINE) INDUSTRY (OIL AND GAS, WATER, CHEMISTERY) CONTROL AND PROTECTION SYSTEMSMAIN ACTIVITIES: DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF COMPLEX ELECTRIC PLANTSAND INSTALLATIONS ON A TURN-KEY BASIS OFFERING & TENDERING CONTRACTING & CONSTRUCTION DESIGN SUPPLAY OF EQUIPMENT CONTROL SYSTEM DELIVERY INSTALLATION, TESTING AND COMMISSIONING TRAINING MAINTENANCE & SERVICE REFURBISHMENT AND MODERNISATIONMAJOR CURRENT CONTRACTS- Construction of stabile electric traction plants on railway lineMoraviceapjan (Zagreb-Rijeka) Croatian railways- HPP (Hydro Power Plant) LeAe, 2x25 MVA, Croatia- HPP Blanca, 3x16 MVA, Slovenia- HPP Vernom, 4x5 MVA, USA- HPP Megpie, 3x14 MVA, Canada- HPP Mostarsko Blato, 2x32 MVA, EP BIH Bosnia and Hercegovina- Croatian Highways plants for electric power supply- Modernization of 4 biggest power distribution control centers inCroatia (HEP - Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek)- Remote control of plants for gas transportation Plinacro, Croatia- 2x SS (substation) 220kV, 2x SS 110kV VAO and DEJERS project-ALBANIA- HPP Lagerfoss, 1x24 MVA, Iceland control system- HPP PeruEa control system refurbishment- HPP Bhavani Kattalai II and III, 4 x16MVA, IndiaCERTIFICATES ISO 9001 & 14001PRESENTATIONS OF FINISHED PROJECT EXAMPLES: HYDRO POWER PLANT MESSOCHORA 2X90MVA-GREECE THERMAL POWER PLANT 1X247MVA, CROATIA WIND POWER PLANT POMETENO BRDO, 15X1MVA,CROATIA LOW FLOOR TRAMCARS, TMK 2200, CROATIA SS 400/110kV ERNESTINOVO, CROATIAHYDRO POWER PLANTMESSOCHORA 2x90MVA,GREECECONSTRUCTION OF HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA(Greece)CLIENT: Electriciyy Authority of Greece Public Power Corporation (PPC)PROCEDURE: Internationl Competitive Bidding ProcedureWINNER: Consortium KONCAR, Croatia CKD, Czech RepublicSCOPE OF THE PROJECT FOR KONCAR: Turn key - design forconstruction, supply and delivery of equipment, installation, testing andcommissioning, as built documentation as well as warranty period.TIME FRAME: Offered March, 1994, the contract signed in May, 1996and completed in January, 2001Consortium KONCAR, Croatia & CKD, Czech RepublicLEADER OF THE CONSORTIUM:KONCAR - POWER PLANT AND ELECTRIC TRACTIONENGINEERING Inc., CroatiaTurn Key of the Electrical portion, inclusive generators, transformers, switchgearand related ancciliary equipment, systems and expertise.MEMBER:CKD Blansko, Czech RepublicTurn Key of the Hydromechanical portion, inclusive turbines, other mechanicalequipment and related ancciliary equipment, systems and expertise.HPP MESSOCHORA - LOCATIONHPP MESSOCHORABILL OF QUANTITY / BASIC TECHNICAL DATAOther related ancilliary and auxiliary equipment and systemsDistribution Transformer 12.5MVA; 150/20kV 2 unitsDiesel-Generating Stand-by Set 400 kVA 1 setAuxiliary Supply cast-resin type Transformers 1250 kVA,20/0,4 kV 1 setAC/DC Auxiliary Power Supply 1 setGenerator Insulated Busbars2 setsGenerator Terminal and Neutral Point Cubicle 2 setsStatic Excitation System with Thyristor Converter 2 setsSCADA System (Control, protection and Monitoring Equipment) 1 setSwitchyard 150/20kV 1 lotGenerator Transformer 90MVA; 15,75/150 kV; OFAF 2 unitsSynchronous Generator 90MVA; 15,75 kV; 333,33rpm; cos pfi0,9 2 unitsD e s c r i p t i o n QTYTHE MOST SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS ANDMAJOR ACHIVEMENTSENGINEERING ACTIVITIES: Complete design for construction, selection of equipment, integration ofsystems, parametering, installing, testing and commissioning, includingsystem functioning warranty as well as as built documentations. Integration of technologies (HW+SW) made and delivered by severalworldly recognized manufactures within supervision and control systems.TECHNICAL CALCULATIONS TOOLS USED: WORD & ACAD: Single Line Diagrams, Lay-outs, Wiring diagrams ETAP Power Station (up to 200 busbars): Short circuit current KET SABIR (our own Software): Mechanical forces and strength ACAD: Ciwil works proposals KET UZEM (our own software): EarththingsSingle Line DiagramUNITS 1&2OH LINES 150kVS/S 150 kV Single Line DiagramS/S 150/20kV, Lay-outS/S 150/20kV, Cross-sectionS/S 150/20kV . Lay-out, 3DHPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)HPP MESSOCHORA 2 x 90MVA (Greece)CONCLUSION CONSTRUCTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED ON TIME KONAR KNOW-HOW HAS BEEN USED. MAJOR EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURED BY KONCARTHERMAL POWER PLANTPLOMIN 2, 1x247 MVA,CROATIATPP PLOMIN 2, 1 x 247 MVABASIC TEHNICAL DATAIMPORTHARD COAL PODWER (24-29,3 MJ/kg;SULPHUR 0,3-1,4%) / 80 t/hFUEL / CONSUMPTIONKONCAR, CROATIA ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTMANUFACTURER DESCRIPTIONKONCAR , CROATIA(PC-s NETWORK AND SCADASOFTWARE, PROZA R/F, KONCAR-KET)ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTCONTROL SYSTEMWURO WAKOVIX , CROATIA(LICENCE SULZER)STEAM GENERATORTURBOTROL, ABB TURBINE CONTROL SYSTEMTELEPERM XP, SIEMENS MAIN CONTROL SYSTEM ABB, CROATIA CONDENSING STEAM TURBINECLIENT: JV HRVATSKA ELEKTROPRIVREDA (HEP)&RHEINISCH - WESTFAELLISCHEELEKTRIZITAETSWERK, NJEMACKA (RWE)PROCEDURE: INVITED TENDERWINNER: KONCAR-KETPROJECT VALUE: 25 mil. EURSCOPE OF THE PROJECT FOR KONCAR: Turn key - design forconstruction, supply and delivery of electrical equipment, installation, testing andcommissioning, as built documentation as well as warranty period.TPP PLOMIN 2, 1 x 247 MVAELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND EXPERTISE PROVIDED BYKONCAR-KET (1/2)TURBO GENERATOR AND UNIT TRANSFORMER turbo generator with auxiliary systems excitation system metal enclosed generator busbars with associated equipment 13,8/240 kV unit transformerTPP2 CONNECTION TO THE POWER GRID 220 kV switchyard 220/110 kV network transformers 110 kV switchyardAUXILIARY AND GENERAL POWER SUPPLY 6.3 kV switchgear 0.4 kV switchgear diesel generating set and emergency power supplyELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVESUNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS 24, 48 and 220 V DC switchgears 220 V, 50 Hz stabilised voltageCONTROL, PROTECTION AND MEASUREMENT SYSTEMELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND EXPERTISE PROVIDED BYKONCAR-KET (2/2)TURN KEY:- DESIGN FOR CONSTRUCTION,- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT,- INSTALLATION,- TESTING AND COMMISSIONING,- AS BUILT DOCUMENTATION,- WARRANTY PERIOD.SINGLE LINE DIAGRAMTURBO GENERATOR BASIC DATA3000 RPM SPEED50Hz FREQUENCY0,86 Cos fi10334 A CURRENT98,65 % DEGREE OF EFFIENCYF INSULATION CLASS13,8 kV; +/- 7,5% VOLTAGE280 t WEIGHT247 MVA POWERTURBO GENERATOR AND TURBINETURBO GENERATORTURBO GENERATOR - INSTALLATIONEXCITATION CUBICLESMETAL ENCLOSED GENERATOR BUSBARSUNIT TRANSFORMER 245MVA; 13,8/240kV; YNd5; OFAF220/110kV SUBSTATIONNETWORK TRANSFORMERS2 x 150MVA; 220/115kV; YyN0; ONAF6,3kV SWITCHGEARWITHDRAWABLEVACUUM CBDIESEL GENERATING SET, 800kVAELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVES0,4kV SWITCHGEAR220V, 50Hz AC STABILISED VOLTAGE SUPPLYCONTROL, PROTECTION AND MEASURING SYSTEMMAIN CONTROL ROOMMAIN CONTROL ROOMTPP PLOMIN 2, 1 x 247 MVACONCLUSION CONSTRUCTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED ON TIME KONAR KNOW-HOW HAS BEEN USED. MAJOR EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURED BY KONCARWIND POWER PLANT,POMETENO BRDO 14x1MVA,CROATIACONTENTS1) INTRODUCTION2) BASIC PRINCIPLES OF WIND TURBINES3) KONCAR WIND TURBINE4) WIND POWER PLANT POMETENO BRDOBASIC PRINCIPLES OF WIND TURBINE (1/2)Indirect drive - Induction GeneratorBASIC PRINCIPLES OF WIND TURBINE (2/2)Direct drive - Synchronous GeneratorBASIC PRINCIPLES OF WIND TURBINEDirect drive - Synchronous GeneratorADVANTAGES OF WIND TURBINE WITH DIRECT DRIVE- INCREASED EFFIENCY 10-15 % AT CONVERSION FROM WINDENERGY TO ELECTRIC ENERGY- REDUCED LOSSES- REDUCED OSCILLATIONS OF ELECTCICAL ENERGY BECAUSEOF PITCH REGULATING TURBINE DAMPING EFFECT- REDUCED NOISE- INCREASED OPRATIONAL SAFETYMADE IN CROATIAKONCAR OWN RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ADVANTAGES:- MORE THAN 80 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD OF THEEQUIPMENT FOR ELECTRIC ENERGY GENERATION- FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THE KONCAR GROUP ANDSUPPORTING CROATIAN INDUSTRIES- MAINTAINING OF JOBS AND CREATING OF NEW JOBSRECENT SITUATION AND PLANS- DESIGN O