Kodu planning sheet
Kodu planning sheet

Kodu planning sheet

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  • 1. 0YEAR 9 ICT Programming with Kodu Game Planning Sheet For your unit assessment, you will be designing, planning and packaging a game. Using this sheet, design your game by completing the boxes.What will your game be about? Draw an outline of your land hereDescribe your game and how it will work. What is the objective of the gameM game is going to be about that when you get certain amountof coins you can pass to the next island there are going to be lots Star to win volcanoof enemies and you have to kill them to get a coin. the game e The layout might change What objects/bots will you have? Circle all objects you want to use and number them. Choose up to six different items. Then complete the table over the page for each one you have numberedHow many players and how will they winMy game is for only one player and you win the game when youget a star that is in the inside of a volcanoWho is the audience and What type of game is itThe audience is like for teenagers and maybe for some adultsand is an action and adventure game 1 2 3 4 5 6How 2 ships 3 turtles 1 cannon 2 fishes 1 tower 1 starmany ofeach?
  • 2. What To attack the main To attack the main character Is the main To attack the main To attack the main Iswill character character character character with missiles usedthey be the one that to winusedfor? you can the control gameWhat They will move on They will move on a path and He is going They will move on a It will attack the cannon Theywill a path and fire the fire the cannon when it sees it to try to path and fire the when it sees it with willthey cannon when it kill all the cannon when it sees missiles makedo? sees it enemies it the and get the player star to win win the game the gameWhatcode isneededforthem?(WHEN:DO)