Kodak instamatic Pocket 10 Camera Manual

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Kodak instamatic Pocket 10 Camera Manual

Text of Kodak instamatic Pocket 10 Camera Manual

your camera, write to our staff of photographic experts at Kodak Canada Ltd., Consumer Markets Divjsion, 3500 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M6M 1V3. (If your camera should everrequire service, the warranty and instructions for obtaining service are printed at the back of this manual.)

Congrolulotions! You've just joined millions of Kodak camera owners who have fun taking pictures. Your new camera has many convenient features, such as drop-in loading with 110 cartridges, batteryless flash, and no settings to make. Yet it's so compact that you can carry it in your pocket or purse to make big, sharp, rectangular color or blackand-white pictures, or color slides anywhere. At Kodak, we know how important your pictures are to you. To help make the best possible pictures, we hope that you'll read this manual thoroughly. If you feel that you need help or advice on using




Insert a fltm cartridge



close the back cover (page 6).


2 Push the fitm advance repeatedly until it locks (page 6).You may need to press the shutterrelease once before you can advance the film.

viewfinder (page 9). For sharp pictures, hold the camera steadylease


Frame your subject




Equipment subject to minor appearance changes

and gently squeeze the shutter reto take the picture (page 9).

Your camera takes all


1 2 3

Black-and-white Prints Color prints Color slides Belore you take anY

I(odo'ktilmsType of Picture Black-and White PrintsColo r KoDAx

Your camera uses fllm

in 110 cartridges for instant loading and unloading. Select a film for the type of picture you want.Produces3t//2 x


No. of Exposures

Processing Order from dealerO

KoDAxMa ile


4vz.inch t2 t220 20 20


black-a nd-wh ite

especially imPortant pictures, expose a cadridge of


prints or



enlargements3Y2 x KoDAcoLoR

film and have itprocessed

to check


II 5 x 7-inch colorEI a rgements Color slides mounted in 30mm x 30mm plastic mounts (by Kodak) for p rojection r'

color prints oren


rde r from



orpu rch ase

"tl "iRAli*|)/r,nf

!1td:*f& s6_"{9


and your operation of it.

the camera



Take pictures outdoors and also indoors with flash.

KooAcH RoM

Color S lidesEKTACH RoM


Mailer (number shown at right)

KooAX Prepaid P rocess i ng


from dealert

oDuplicate slides or color prints available from original slides tcolor films processed and mailed to address you specify DO NOT USE FILM WITH A SPEED HIGHER THAN ASA 125.

rcrist str.lpAttach the supplied wRrsr srRAP to the camera by inserting the shorter looped end of the strapbehind the posr. Then thread the longer end through the shorter

lorrding camerao Press the LATcH and open the back cover. o Insert the cartridge and close

loop and pull the strap tight.

the back cover. The film name and number of exposures appear in the wruoow. The number (ornumbers) that you see in the window serves as an exposure counter. o Push the rtr-vr ADvANCE repeatedly untit it locks. (You may need to press the shutter release before you can advance the film.) IMPORTANT: Always operate the filmadvance until it locks, or you won't be able to take a picture.wtNDow

outdoor ptictures


Your subJect should be in bright

or hazy sunlight with the sun behind you. For cloudy-bright conditions (light clouds hide the sun so that it doesn't cast distinctshadows), insert a used magicube

ject in the finder the way you

o Hold the camera as shown at the left. View your subject with your eye close to the rear viewfinder opening. Frame your sub-

blurred! To hold the camera extra steady, stand still, keep your elbows close to your body, and momentarily hold your breath while

want it to appear in your picture. (For better centering at close distances-5 to 6 feet-position your

you take the picture. Keep your hands and the wrist strap behind the front of the camera.o Push the film advance (about I % strokes) until it locks.

into the magicube socket. Thisslows the camera's shutter speedFor

subject slightlyverticalpictu res

to the right of

from 1 /90 second to



40 second.9

shade, insert an unused magi-


for a flash picture (5 to

center in the finder for horizontal pictures, or slightly below the center for vertical pictures.) e For shorp piciures, hold your

double-exposure pret:,entionYou never lose a picture by double-exposing a frame. After taking a picture, you must operate the film advance until it locks, oryou can't take another picture.9

comero steody; then gentlys-q-u-e-e-e-z-e ihe shutter releose to toke the picture. Don't ierk the comero by punching the shuiler

feet from camera to subject). o Keep at least 5 feet from your subject for sharp pictures.8

releose or your piclures



tlosh pieturesSelf-powered magicubes permit easy, rapid flash picture-taking. As you advance the film, the cube rotates counterclockwise to bring


of its four bulbs into firing position. The camera-to-subject

distance tnust be between 5 and 9

leet with the films listed on page 5. Use only self-powered magicubes. Yon may danrcge yourcarnera il you try to use batterypowered flashcubes. o lnserl o mogicube with a fresh

to ioke lhe picture. Don't jerk the comero by punching the shutter releose or your piclures will be ruined! Keep your hands and the wrist strap behind the front of thecamera. The w,,\nNlNc FLAG for a used bulb will appear in the finder as the bulb flashes. For the most pleasing vertical-

NOTE: Under some circumstances,your subject's eyes may appear red in flash pictures. To minimize this effect, turn up the room lights and insert the optional Koonx Magicube Extender in. to the cube socket.



Overexposure Range ofUnderexposure (too dark)

bulb facing forward. r Check the distonce-no closer than 5 feet; no farther than 9 feet. o Frome your subiect in the viewfinder the way you want it to appear in your picture.CorrectFlash

lortnat flash pictures, hold




o For shorp piclures, hold your comero steody; then gentlys-q-u-e-e-e-z-e lhe shulter releose


camera as shown on page 8. This positions the magicube above the camera lens to help prevent unusual shadows in flash pictures. As you aclvance the film, the cube rotates one-quarter turn to position another bulb for the next picture.

Used-Bulb Worning-When a used

bulb faces forward, a


unloo'dingAfter the losl picture . . . Operate the film advance (about 6 /a// strokes) until diagonal lines or black paper appears in the camera window. You will feel a stiff resistance on the advance. Do nol force ihe odvonce ony forlher. Open the cover and remove the cartridge. Do not open the cortridge or youi pictures will beruined.NOTE: Removing and replacing partially exposed cartridges (even in a darkroom) may result in the loss of one or

FLAc appears in the viewfinder.

Tthoto oids . .



gour photo dealer

Koolx Pocket lNsraMATtc Corry Cose-A convenient way to carry camera. Attach to your belt, or use camera's wrist strap to carry camera.Kooax Pocket Canousrl Proiectors-Show your 1 1O-size color slides big, bright, and sharp on the screen. Up to 120 slides can be stored in a single Pocket C,rnouser- 120 Slide Tray.


Fill-ln Flosh-When you take pictures outdoors, shadows may appear on tbe faces of your subjects under some lighting conditions.

To help lighten these


place a magicube on the camera, check the distance (5 to 9 feet), and take a flash picture.12

Koonr 2 x 2 Adopter for llO Slides-Adapts your slides for showing with projectors accepting 2 x 2-inch slide mounts, such as KoonrC,qnouser Projectors. IJse one adapter for each slide.

more pictures.


helptul hints tor better picturesTaking pictures with your camera is fun and easy. We believe you'll be happy with the many fine pictures you take with it. lf occasionally one of your pictures isn't all that you expected, refer to the chart below. When you know what went wrong, you can make sure it won't happen again.What Happened Correction Not enough light on subiect. Subject must be in bright or hazy sunlight, or put used magicube in socket to reduce shutter speed for cloudybright conditions (page 8), Subject must be no farther than 9 feet f rom flash (page 10). DO NOT WASTE FILM ON GREATER DISTANCES. Subject must be at least 5 feet from flash (page 10).Keep both hands behindca me ra.

What Happened No picture or partial picture. Pictures blurred. Hand, fingers, o r wrist stra p ina) Camera

Correction Keep both hands and wrist strap behind front of camera.a) Hold camera steady; gently squeeze shutter release, b) Subiect must be stationary or

front of lens.

Daylight picturestoo da rk.

movement b) Subject movement, c) Too close to s u bject.pictu res,

moving very slowly toward or away from camera. c) Keep at least 5 feet from subject. Clean lens Frame subiect in finder (page 9)

Foggy, misty

Dirty cameralens.

Flash pictures too dark. Flash pictures

Su bjeci too from flash.

fa r

Subject not centered or partly cut off.Red reflections in subject's eyes.

lmproper use offi n der.

too light.Flare in flashpictu re.

to flash.

Subject too close

Flash reflected

Hands or fingers too close to lens.

front of

from subject's eyes to cameralens.

Turn up room lights and install optional KoDAK Magicube Extender in cube socket.

extensive care and attention in producing yotrr new Pockel INSTAT{ATIc Canrera Carefully follow all the instructions in this manual to get the best results and to prevenl damage to your equipment If you shouJd want help or servicei howevel, we're at your call We will repair your camera aL no charge within one year after purchase, except for dalrlage ctrusd by accident or abuse. This warranty applies only to the camera itself, and Kodrk cf,nnot be responsible for other losses or damages of any kind resulting from equipment failure Except as mentioned above, no other warranry, express or imp)ied. applies lo this canlera For picture-making help, wdte to Kodak Canada Ltd., Consunter Markels Djvision,3500 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario M6M lV3 For service on )/our camera during or after the warranty period, contact your dealer in Kodak products for assjstance or send your cameta to one of the Kodak Equipment Service Centres A nole encLosed with the equipnlent giving details and date of purchase will help us get it back to you promptly

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Toronto, Ontarlo

M6l\,4 1V3

MONTREAL 2, Place du Commerce lle des Soeurs N.4ontreal 201, Quebec

VANCOUVEB 1225 East Keith Rd North Vancouver 3. B C

alrJlldLur no



LTD. Toronto, ontario M6N/ 1v3


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