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KnightsKKnniigghhttssKnights of Columbus of Columbus ... · PDF fileOutside Guard 2 > MANUEL TOLENTINO ... Knights vs Lifeteen Basketball 2011 ... Eric and Lota Navarro

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    In Service To One Chaplain > Monsignor Dennis Luterbach

    Grand Knight > Edgar C. Ursua 604-270-4260

    Financial Secretary> Alberto Nisperos 604-275-7426

    Field Agent > Jose P. Cabalu 604-515-1996

    In Service To All District Deputy #23> Kim Ng 604-271-8582

    Council Website: DECEMBER 2011 NEWSLETTER


    2011 - 2012

    Grand Knight > EDGAR C. URSUA

    Deputy Grand Knight >KEVIN MENDONCA

    Chancellor > LORENZO RANADA

    Financial Secretary > ALBERTO NISPEROS ( District #23 Warden, State Family Life Director)

    Treasurer > EFREN GUANZON

    Lecturer > STAN LEONG (Past Grand Knight, Former District Deputy #23)

    Advocate > RICARDO ROZARIO

    Recorder > REYNOLD LOBO

    Warden > KEN CHEW

    Inside Guard 1 > ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ

    Inside Guard 2 > FRANCIS YONG

    Inside Guard 3 > ELIO GASPARETTO

    Outside Guard 1 > MELITON ISON

    Outside Guard 2 > MANUEL TOLENTINO

    Outside Guard 3 > FRANCIS LEE

    Trustee 3 Year > JOHN KOOP

    Trustee 2 Year > COLIN QUAN

    Trustee 1 Year > ROGELIO DELA CRUZ

    Immediate Past GK > AMERICO SILVA

    Dear Fellow Brother Knights, Another year of grace has begun! In the year of the Lord 2012. Time is moving on, another opportunity God is giving us to grow

    closer to Him. Looking forward is a Christian attitude because it implies a positive outlook, a hopeful outlook. There are so many goals to achieve, so many projects to complete, perhaps even the proverbial resolutions to work on, and its all geared toward improvement. Yet, there are challenges that lie ahead too, and it is precisely here that we can rely on the grace of God and the help of our dear Brother Knights. My wife, Priscilla and I wish you a Peaceful and Joyous New Year and may it brings abundant blessings to each and everyone of you. A grace-filled New Year to all !!

    Edgar C. Ursua

    Grand Knight Archbishop Duke Council 6855 Email:

    KnightsKnightsKnightsKnights of Columbus of Columbus of Columbus of Columbus

    Archbishop Duke CouArchbishop Duke CouArchbishop Duke CouArchbishop Duke Council 6855ncil 6855ncil 6855ncil 6855 St. Paul Parish

    8251 St. Albans Road, Richmond, B.C. CANADA

    A subordinate council in District 23 of the Knights of Columbus, British Columbia and Yukon

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    On-Site Blood Clinic Service

    An Archbishop Duke Council 6855 Health Service Program

    Food Bank Program

    Bursary Program

    Special Olympics Program

    Membership BLITZ Recruitment

    Altar Servers BBQ Appreciation Day

    Spring Brunch

    Clergy Appreciation Night

    Canada Day 2011

    Installation of Executive Officers 2011-2012

    March for Life 2011

    Knights of Columbus Parish Community Pancake Breakfast

    Silver Rose Run Pro-Life Program

    Free Throw Basketball 2011

    COED Youth Basketball 2011

    Family Bowling 2011 Joint Council Event

    St. Patricks Day

    Shamrock Drive

    BC & Yukon State Convention 2011

    Fall Brunch

    KofC Rosary Night

    Marian Hour of Prayer

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    Dancer-Cise Fitness Program

    Knights vs Lifeteen Basketball 2011

    Kids Spring Break Soccer Camp

    Pennies for Heaven - Vocation

    Seminarian RSVP Program

    First Degree Exemplification

    KofC 6855 Choir Mass

    Annual Family Camping

    Annual Family Picnic

    Inter-Parish Community

    Basketball 2011

    35 Years Anniversary Night

    KofC Necrology Mass

    Pro-Life Program

    KofC SARAH Prevention


    Remembrance Day

    Christmas Pancake Breakfast

    Kids Christmas Party

    New Years Eve 2012

    KofC 6855 Christmas

    Sing-Along Party

    Golf Tournament

    BC Charity Appeal

    Seniors Christmas Afternoon Social

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    Worthy State Deputy Wil Wilmot presenting the Double Star Council Award

    to Worthy Grand Knight Edgar Ursua at Sheraton Vancouver Airport in Richmond,B.C.

    The Knights of Columbus Archbishop Duke Council 6855 of St. Paul Parish in Richmond, B.C., a

    subordinate council in District 23 of the Knights of Columbus, British Columbia and Yukon has

    earned the distinction of Double Star Council for Fraternal Year 2010-2011. This is the 4th year in

    a row the council has been awarded this honour.

    The award recognizes overall excellence in Membership Recruitment and Retention, promotion of

    the Fraternal Insurance Benefit, and sponsorship of Service Oriented Programs.

    Thank you to the Team of Executive Officers and Council Members of Archbishop Duke Council

    6855, Former District Deputy Kevin Pinto and Field Agent Jose Cabalu.

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    District Free Throw January 7, 2012

    St. Paul Parish Gymnasium 10am 3pm

    Regional Free Throw Championship January 28, 2012

    LLLL KKKK COED Youth Basketball

    District 23 Joint CouncilDistrict 23 Joint CouncilDistrict 23 Joint CouncilDistrict 23 Joint Council

    Bowling Tournament Lois Lane Bowling Gilley Road, Richmond

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    DECEMBER 2011


    A member of our Council 6855 since 1991, Bro. John Heathe has demonstrated strongly his time in the

    Order as evident in his participation in the church and community programs.

    Together with his wife, Lynne, they participated in the establishment of the St. Pauls Adoration Chapel

    in 1997, at the request of Rev. Fr. Peter Chiang. Since that time, this couple are very much involved in

    the daily operation of the Chapel which runs on 24/7.

    A Pro-Life supporter which was apparent during the 40 Days for Life with the HEATHE Family

    children and grandchildren participating. Their son, Bro. Scott Heathe, is our Council 6855 Webmaster.

    Bro. John Heathe, without hesitation, volunteered to be in the Bingo Take-Down Taskforce, when

    Monsignor Luterbach requested the Knights of Columbus to step up and assist in the TakeDown.

    A role model to the Order, to quote Bro.John I do all these good wills for the Lord.

    Congratulations and Thank you HEATHE FAMILYGod Bless !!!

    DECEMBER 2011


    Bro. Paul Lau joined the Knights of Columbus in November 17, 2004. Since he joined the Order, He

    has actively participated in the church, community and council activities. He ushers regularly at the

    9:00am Sunday Mass and has been consistently helping in the Parish Community Pancake Breakfast.

    As a Professional Chef, he plays an important role in the preparation and cooking of eggs, sausages

    and french toast. On the Christmas Pancake Breakfast, he ensured that sausages are cooked to its

    high standard.

    His expertise in food safe handling was imparted to the members of the Knights of Columbus

    Pancake Breakfast Team when he sponsored a Food Safe Level 1 Course this month not only to its

    members, but to the parishioners, as well.

    Congratulations BROTHER PAUL and thank you for your enormous support !!!

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    NOVEMBER 2011

    Grand Knight Edgar Ursua awarding the

    Certificate for the Knight of the Month

    for November 2011 to Brother Rolando Sarmiento

    NOVEMBER 2011

    Accepting the Family of the Month Award

    for November 2011 is

    Brother Francis and Joan Lee

    Special Olympics

    Special Olympics Athlete Robert English and Coach Geoff English receiving $300.00 from

    Worthy Grand Knight Edgar Ursua as Council 6855 annual donation to the

    Special Olympics of British Columbia.

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    May our Prayers continue to provide the additional help to speed recovery and alleviate the suffering of our brother knights and knights families who are sick or in distress.

    This we ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    Charmaine Ter Stege wife of Bro. Bernard TER STEGE Jackie Winning wife of PGK Rod WINNING

    Edwin Cayetano son of Bro. Mario CAYETANO Eric and Lota Navarro relatives of Bro. Tony RODRIGUEZ

    Bro. Manuel CANITA Bro. Carlito OSORIO

    Bro. Constancio Butch MENDOZA


    Nicolas Mapa brother-in-law of Bro. Leopoldo GARCIA Jesse Kim Lustica nephew of Bro. Rufino LACHICA

    Cesar Navarro brother-in-law of Bro.Tony RODRIGUEZ Eliana Navarro grandniece of Bro. Tony RODRIGUEZ

    Ameriano Magsa

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