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Tony Ark, Group Pensions Manager 1 Introducing financial wellbeing to Kier

Kier Shard Presentation - Final 12102015

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Tony Ark, Group Pensions Manager1Introducing financial wellbeing to Kier

Contents2What Im going to coverIntroducing KierWhy Ive introduced a new financial wellbeing programme to KierWhat and how we are delivering the programmeThe next level

Introducing Kier3Who we areFTSE 250 listed


More than 24,000 employees worldwide1/3 are over 50 years old30% do not have a Kier email addressHigh percentage do not have access to intranet

Pension Changes 2015DB Scheme closureNew DC scheme (April 2016)Ageing workforce

Many years personal experience of implementing financial education in previous organisationsNo financial education previously in place at KierOpportunity to develop and enhance the existing benefits packageForms a key element of Kiers strategic priorities to attract and retain highly motivated, high performing teamsIntroducing something new to Kier4Why financial wellbeing?

What and How?5The challengesGeographically spread workforce covering the whole of the UK with more than 200 sitesSmall sites in many locationsNo prior exposure to education of this typeSignificant period of change for employees, uncertain levels of morale following acquisitions of May Gurney and MouchelSwitching people on to Pensions and engaging with educationProviding sufficient access to education for those unable to travelReaching out to a large population of employees who have no day-to-day internet access

What and How?6The programme2 stage Planning for retirement education programme launchedLaying the foundations for retirement more than 3 years from retirementPutting your retirement plans in place less than 3 years from retirementComprehensive communications strategy put in place to maximise reach of target population, including;Email 2,900 recipientsLetter 4,300 recipientsPostersNewsletter articles & Kier JournalLeadership Team briefings


What and How?7The delivery Maximising reach through delivery channels

Group seminars9 key sitesLive webinarsQuarterly eventsUnlimited attendeesPre recorded webcastAccessible to all through intranet

What and how?8ProgressFollowing a highly successful pilot in June 2015, the programme moved to full launch in September 2015.More than 400 registrations received in the first 2 weeks of invitationsSome of the feedback so farVery pleased to see Kier providing this opportunity with the sessionAn eye opener to retirement planningVery good - I am 51 and came at the right timeVery useful session with food for thought

The next level9Taking the education forwardFinancial wellbeing isnt just about addressing the needs of one group, or those dealing with one key eventEnhancing the programme by opening up financial education to the whole employee population is the next stageFinancial wellbeing is a series of journeys, and it is our responsibility to build the road for our employees to travel.

The next level10Taking the education forwardIts in our interests as well as our employees;Educating employees earlier in their career will increase the likelihood of employees engaging with their pension schemeA significant budget is spent on providing a comprehensive benefits package to employees. Failing to understand these benefits results in many employee benefits not being maximisedEducating employees (particularly early career) - on money management will assist employees impacted by stress, debt or money worries, which in turn impacts on sickness absence.

Thank you11