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<ul><li><p>Kids Preschool - Kids Fun Game </p><p>Game Designed &amp; Developed BY: Arth I-Soft </p></li><li><p>Introduction Preschool years are a time of rapid learning as parents begin to </p><p>prepare their children for the upcoming challenges of school. </p><p> Concepts and skills, such as letters, words, colors, numbers, </p><p>and hand-eye coordination, can all be taught at this age, and </p><p>Fun for Kids provides parents with premium kid's game to </p><p>help with this process. </p><p> Preschool kids game includes different view such as "Home </p><p>view", "School View", "Tea Stole" &amp; "Fun Play". </p></li><li><p>Features </p><p> Make the toddlers bath, then get him dress up for school and </p><p>feed him with breakfast. </p><p> As the toddler enter make them play with different toys, </p><p>bicycle and etc. Then let him on different funny pictures and </p><p>feed with different food. </p><p> Enjoy the other mini game inside game. Crush all fruit avoid </p><p>other objects and win all stars. </p><p> Download this Kids Preschool game for FREE...!!! </p></li><li><p>Screenshot </p></li><li><p>Screenshot </p></li><li><p>Available on </p></li></ul>