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Kid’s Corner Kicks eNews Magazine for Youth Soccer Players INDIANA SOCCER November 1, 2012 Authored by: Steve Franklin Director of Coaching Education

Kid's Corner Kicks

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eNews Magazines for youth soccer players

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Kid’s Corner Kicks

eNews Magazine for Youth Soccer Players


November 1, 2012

Authored by: Steve Franklin

Director of Coaching Education

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Kid’s Corner Kicks

Official eNews Letter of Indiana Soccer Youth Players

The purpose of this eNews Letter is to provide you with monthly tips on training; fitness;

recruiting; cool videos; news about you (which you pass along to me) and other interesting

tidbits. I hope you enjoy it.



Indiana’s own Olympic gold Medalist, Lauren Cheney, was back home again assisting in a youth soccer clinic for Exact Target employees’ at Kuntz Stadium. Indiana Soccer Director of Education Steve Franklin, along with Cheney, provided area youths with the opportunity to interact and be trained by one of U.S. Soccer’s Women’s National Team members. Indiana Soccer partnered with Exact Target to

offer a special night to its employees’ children where they had the opportunity to interact with the most recognized female soccer players in Indiana history. Cheney recently returned from London where she earned her second Olympic gold medal as a starter for the US Women’s National Team.

More than 50 enthusiastic children participated in activities, games as well as a Q&A session with the participants where they asked her several questions about her personal and professional life. Cheney then provided each guest the opportunity to pose for pictures with her along with her Gold medal (with kids actually getting to try it on), as well as receive autographs.

At the conclusion of the event, Lauren Cheney wanted to leave a short message to all members of the Indiana Soccer Association - hoping it inspired them to continue working on their soccer careers. Click to see additional photos of the event: See Photos

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WANTED: Soccer Heads Up Articles from You!

The Indiana Soccer Association membership is encouraged to submit articles/editorials for

consideration. Subject matter that is important to one club is very likely important to several others and

can help to initiate discussion and/or facilitate resolutions. Human interest stories involving individuals,

players or teams are greatly appreciated.

The Heads Up eNews Magazine is a statewide publication (circulation = 65,000) full of information and

resources for players, parents, coaches, team managers, club administrators and referees. All articles

will be reviewed for usefulness and relevance and are subject to available space. The more input you

provide us, the better we can make our publication.

Simply email your articles or ideas to Steve Franklin – [email protected]

Can you come up with the answer to these soccer jokes?

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What is the Sugar Shaker Award ?

Why Do You Play Soccer?

A youth soccer coach uses "The

Sugar Shaker Award," a symbolic

reward, to motivate her players to

help each other during practice.

Click on the TV screen

Click on the TV screen

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I recently got a new digital camera, so I stopped out at

some ISL matches the past two weekends to catch

some Academy matches. I thought I’d share some of

the photos I took. Do you recognize anyone?

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Answers to the Soccer Jokes

Juggling Games

“What Zidane does with a ball, Maradona could do with an orange.”

Michel Platini - former French National team player.

“The Ladder” Player juggles the ball with the feet only.

Player juggles the ball once on the right foot then

once on the left foot, then two on the right foot

then two on the left foot, then three on the right -

three on the left - etc.

Go up to 5-10 and then go back “down” the

ladder. Try to get one more every time you try.

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