Kensington Oracle Edition: Open Discovery Workflow Meets Oracle 10g Professor Yike Guo

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Kensington Oracle Edition: Open Discovery Workflow Meets Oracle 10g Professor Yike Guo Slide 2 Using Distributed Resources InformationDiscovery Literature Databases Operational Data Images Instrument Data Open Discovery Workflow : Real Time Data Integration Dynamic Application Integration Discovery Services Intellectual Property Management Discovery Workflow Slide 3 KDE Platform Architecture SDK Model Web Service Support Infrastructure Open Discovery Workflow Model KDE Applications: End-user applications and user interface allowing scientists to construct and drive knowledge discovery activities KDE Middleware: Managing, executing and deploying discovery plans (workflows) for distributed knowledge discovery and access to distributed resources and services KDE Discovery Services: Distributed databases, compute servers and scientific devices. Slide 4 KOE : Open Discovery Workflow for Oracle 10g Kensington : A discovery workflow environment that interfaces with Oracles Data/Text Mining and Life Science components Access Oracle 10g analytical function without coding Data Query via SQL or workflow construction Visualization and reporting discovery results/process Deploying reusable discovery process as Web services Oracle 10g : The most powerful foundation for grid-based informatics Scalability : Large scale data analysis with grid support Performance : Speed and quality Reliability : Persistence, security and industry standard Kensington + Oracle 10g : Enterprise Discovery Information Framework Fulfilling complex integrative discovery tasks with ease Organizing large discovery projects Turning your database into a knowledge base with immediate gain Slide 5 KDE Oracle Edition Architecture 10g ODM & Text Slide 6 Oracle Workflow example Oracle Components Connect icons to form uniform workflow Kensington Components Slide 7 In Oracle Processing Drag-and-drop used to create symbolic links to database tables A transparent process brings the data into the system, as if it were a normal table node A complex SQL query can be built via a workflow for pre-processing Such a query workflow is transparently executed within Oracle Oracle data/text mining, statistic functions, life science components are accessible through KOE workflow and running transparently within Oracle Building complex discovery applications WITHOUT CODING Slide 8 Kensington Workflow Engine Slide 9 An Application Example (The Lymphoma Example) Generate and Compile Code Choose A Build Choose algorithm/ parameter Accuracy Testing View Model Feature Selection Sequence Search Slide 10 Kensington Workflow Pre-processing Nave Bayes Mining and Evaluation Adaptive NB Mining and Evaluation Apply Classification Nave Bayes Mining, Evaluation & BLAST Slide 11 Rich visualizers to view results Visualize pre- processed data Select attribute importance visually Slide 12 Evaluate with ROC plot Browse classification models Slide 13 Evaluate the class distribution Inspect the sequence alignment Slide 14 Summary "Empowered by Oracle Database 10g, InforSense's Open Discovery Workflow technology has its most powerful execution engine", commented Prof. Yike Guo, CEO of InforSense. "Using InforSense's discovery workflows built upon Oracle's data mining, text mining and R&D database functionality, researchers and organizations can now automate large scale and complex knowledge discovery activities with high performance and reliability. Integrating Kensington Discovery Platform with Oracle Database 10g provides life science researchers with a flexible workflow solution for the intuitive integration of analytics from InforSense and Oracle, said Dr. Susie Stephens, Life Sciences Product Manager, Oracle Corporation.