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  • Who we are!


  • What is Habitat for Humanity?We are a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian ministry founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. We build with people in need regardless of race or religion. We welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.

    Founded in 1976 by Millard Fuller and his wife, Linda.

  • Why do we build homes?Nearly 2 billion people around the world live in slum housing and over 100 million are homeless. Habitat for Humanity is needed to help eliminate poverty by providing simple, decent shelter to those in need.

    Families left homeless by natural disasters, war and civil unrest often face dire housing situations as they struggle to rebuild their lives. Habitat for Humanitys Disaster Response program provides shelter and housing solutions to help these families recover.

  • How it worksHabitat affiliates work locally in communities around the world to select and support homeowners, organize volunteers and coordinate house building and repair.

  • Who we helpHomeowners are selected based on their need for housing, their ability to repay a mortgage and their willingness to work in partnership with Habitat.

    Habitat does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity or any other difference

  • How its possible!Habitat is able to make housing affordable to low-income families becauseHouses are sold through a no-profit mortgage.Individuals, corporations, faith groups and others provide vital financial support.Homeowners and volunteers build or repair under trained supervision.

  • Where we build!!Since its founding in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped build or repair over 500,000 houses and served over 2 million people around the world.

    Africa & Middle EastAsia & PacificEurope & Central AsiaLatin America & CarribeanUnited States & Canada

  • How we pick our families!Families in need of decent shelter apply to local Habitat affiliates.The affiliates family selection committee chooses homeowners based on their level of need, their willingness to become partners in the program and their ability to repay the loan.Every affiliate follows a nondiscriminatory policy of family selection.Neither race nor religion is a factor in choosing the families who receive Habitat houses.

  • How we distribute our donationsAs designated by the donor.Gifts designated to a specific affiliate or building project are forwarded to that affiliate or project.Undesignated gifts are used where most needed and for administrative expenses.Habitats most recent audited financial statement is available online.

  • How Habitat works with the governmentWe ask legislators and housing regulators to increase support for affordable homeownership and eliminate poverty housing.We monitor public policies related to housing, community and international development.We advocate policy choices that increase access to decent, affordable housing for people around the world.We accept government funds as long as they have no conditions that would violate Habitats principles or limit its ability to proclaim its Christian identity.

  • How your support helps!

    Decent, affordable housing dramatically changes a family's life:The cycle of poverty is brokenHealth, physical safety and security improveEducational and job prospects increaseA sense of stability and dignity growsMoney is freed up for other essential needs essential needhttp://youtu.be/0iJ3MgOF_Lg

  • Volunteer Options!!Volunteer with your local Habitat for HumanityTo volunteer in your community, use our search engine to find the Habitat for Humanity near you and find out about their volunteer opportunities.Youth Programs -Habitat for Humanity projects and volunteer opportunities for youth ages 5 to 25, their teachers and youth group leaders.Women Build -Learn construction skills while building homes alongside other women.RV Care-A-Vanners -Combine the fun of recreational vehicle travel with a fulfilling Habitat for Humanity volunteer experience!A Brush with Kindness -Revitalize neighborhoods and serve homeowners by maintaining the exterior of Habitat homes.

  • Volunteer Options cont..Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity around the world

    Global Village Program-Help build decent, affordable housing around the world on a short-term volunteer trip.International Volunteer Program-Make a difference in the world! Spend 6 to 12 months volunteering in Habitat offices overseas.Commit to a long-term volunteer program.

    U.S. Volunteer Program-Experience the place where Habitat for Humanity was started! Volunteer your skills for 2 to 6 months at our international headquarters in Americus, Georgia.National Service (Habitat AmeriCorps/VISTA)-Service-minded individuals ages 18 and older live at and work with local Habitat affiliates while earning living allowances and receiving an education award upon completion of service.

  • Who we have helped!http://youtu.be/dH7YMNGoDGghttp://youtu.be/-D2USXrUcH4http://youtu.be/GZ0zDZAxwlAhttp://youtu.be/WtlFPhnwTK8http://www.habitat.org/photogallery/2010/HW/AroundTheWorld/index.htmlhttp://www.habitat.org/photogallery/2010/CWPCelebrities/index.html