Keep Everything, Share Anything Google Drive. What is Google Drive? Google Drive according to Google is “One safe place for all your stuff”. It is a cloud.

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<p>Orange Earth</p> <p>Keep Everything, Share AnythingGoogle DriveWhat is Google Drive?Google Drive according to Google is One safe place for all your stuff. It is a cloud based drive to create, store and edit your documents, spreadsheets and more.</p> <p>It includes:Google DocsGoogle SheetsGoogle Slides Google KeepGoogle FormsGoogle DrawingsGoogle App ScriptsGoogle Fusion TablesQuickoffice</p> <p>Features of Google DriveEverything you need, everywhere you go -Google</p> <p>15 GB of online (cloud) storage with a free accountEverything is in one convenient placePowerful and free online editing toolsFull Office like SuiteContinuous and Automatic saving (so you never have to work about a save button)Ability to view just about any file type in your browser with no software to downloadAll linked to your Gmail account</p> <p>3 How it stated Google Docs was the mother of modern word processing but this just didnt happen overnight</p> <p>Idea began back in 2005Sam Schillace developed a web app called writelyWritely was a simple web-based text-editorIn 2006 Google acquired this web appStarted out as an experiment Eventually grew to this big idea of a editor with convenience (it was online/could be accessed anywhere)Later was adopted by 90% of the company in less than one month</p> <p>Google Docs</p> <p>A Microsoft Word like, word processor that is web-based and allows the collaboration of many individuals work on a single document.</p> <p>Google Sheets</p> <p>An Excel like, Spreadsheet application that allows the collaborations of many individuals work on a single spreadsheet.</p> <p>Google Slides</p> <p>A Powerpoint like, presentation application that is easy to share and allows the collaboration of other individuals work on one slideshow.</p> <p>Google Drive Apps</p> <p>Google KeepA digital online note taker for text, pictures and lists</p> <p>Google FormsA digital online roster /survey application that automatically converts into a spreadsheet</p> <p>Google DrawingsAn online based drawing application</p> <p>Google Drive Apps (cont.)What do you Mean By Collaboration? Because these documents are cloud based the owner of the file can invite others to share it with</p> <p>By doing so they can also allow those other individuals to edit and critique the file</p> <p>It works great for group presentations or office wide spreadsheets</p> <p>How To Use ItTo get started, in Drive, click on the big red Create button in the top left. When you do, a drop down menu should appear thatll give you a bunch of different options. You can make a spreadsheet, a word document, a slideshow presentation, a form, a drawing, and a bunch of other things made possible by third-party apps. More on those in a minute. </p> <p>The buttons are pretty straightforward, but if youre ever unsure of what one does, just hover over it with your mouse. A popup should quickly appear that explains the function of the button.</p> <p>If youve ever used Microsoft Office then Googles Sheets, Docs, and Slides software should look relatively familiar. They operate in a similar manner, and are arguably more intuitive.</p> <p> Application Screenshots</p> <p>Application Privacy Screenshots(Sharing)</p> <p>Cloud Data StoringSo besides the idea of providing free and powerful office applications to the general and even business users the idea behind Googles suite of applications is worry-free convenience.</p> <p>The convenience of never having to worry if your presentation thats due at 10 am is on your laptop, home desktop or your office desktop. They want to create a single space to do all your work in so you dont have to worry about the little things. Especially minute things like saving; Google automatically saves every few keystrokes, in the background for you. </p> <p>Main source of Application information:</p> <p>Google Support- Google Docs</p> <p>Google Docs Info Page</p> <p>History of Google Docs :</p> <p>TheVerge</p> <p>Other Sources:Youtube.com</p> <p></p> <p>ReferencesThank You!Mehr SahaniYash KanojiaUG FBM</p>


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