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KC-ROLO Project

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KC-ROLO Project. Kidderminster College – Repository Of Learning Objects Inter-Institutional E-learning. Graham Mason and Ed Beddows. Project Overview. Research into using Core Middleware to allow collaboration with other institutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of KC-ROLO Project

  • KC-ROLO ProjectKidderminster College Repository Of Learning ObjectsInter-Institutional E-learning Graham Mason and Ed Beddows

  • Project OverviewResearch into using Core Middleware to allow collaboration with other institutions Use Shibboleth to share E-Learning resources between Institutions e.g. -Projects -Repositories -Courses

  • How we used to shareUsers must exist at each siteAdministrative nightmareSecurity issuesDoes not scale well

  • The Shibboleth wayShibboleth Middleware sits between sitesHome site is responsible for authenticationThe resource owner is still responsible for authorisation

  • Benefits of ShibbolethEnables institutions to share resources easily, scales well Administrative overhead is reduced Security is enhanced because only one account is needed to access all resources Privacy is maintained, attributes replace the need to use usernames and passwords to authorise access

  • Components of ShibbolethOrigin Users home site, provides authentication and attributes for users Target Resource to be protected by Shibboleth Where Are You From? (WAYF) Used to identify the users home institution

  • KC-ROLO Shibboleth federationConsists of the following components: Origins Kidderminster College University College Worcester RSC West Midlands Targets: Moodle VLE at RSC Repository at Kidderminster College

  • KC-ROLO Shibboleth federation

  • How Shibboleth works

  • More InformationKC-ROLO project website Shibboleth Project website

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