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    (§) Union Sank oflndJa

    Karol bagh Branch, 10184, Arya Samaj Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi -110005

    Landline:01l-28750003,28757660,28750709 Email: [email protected]

    [See proviso to rule 8 (6)]

    Sale notice for sale of immovable properties

    E-Auction Sale Notice for Sale of Immovable Assets under the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 read with proviso to Rule 8 (6) of the Security Interest (Enforcement) Rules, 2002

    Notice is hereby given to the public in general and in particular to the Borrower (s) and Guarantor (s) that the below described immovable property mortgaged/charged to the Secured Creditor, the physical possession of which has been taken by the Authorized Officer of Union Bank of India Secured Creditor, will be sold on "As is where is", "As is what is", and "Whatever there is" on 14.06.2019, for recovery of Rs. 4,22,77,322.67 due to the Union Bank of India, Karol Bagh Branch, New Delhi Secured Creditor from M/s Ashwani Daimond Jewellery Prop. Mr. Ashvani Verma (Borrower (s)) and Mrs. Poonam Verma, Mr. Dharam Veer Verma and Mr. Ravinder Verma (Guarantor (s)). The reserve price will be Rs. 68,85,000/- and the earnest money deposit will be Rs. 6,88,500/-.

    (Give short description of the immovable property with known encumbrances, if any)

    Entire Third Floor without roof rights in property bearing No Municipal No 3216, Ward No XVI, Khasra No 270B/2616, In Block P, Gali No 30-31, Bedaunpura Karol Bagh, New Delhi measuring 83 SqYards

    For details terms and conditions of sale, please ~efer to the link provided i Creditor's website i.e., www.unionbankofin .. ~fl')'l () •J" ~\I'Iclla*s.":>' "

    ~~>~~\Place: NewDelhi I.!;? . 1~) Date: 22-05-2019 '!. 9", :e.--1t!.1

    \ "'

  • t£i). Union Bankof India Karol bagh Branch,

    10184, Arya Samaj Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110005 Landline: 011-28750003, 28757660, 28750709

    Email: [email protected]


    1. Descripton of the immovable Immovable property being Entire Third Floor without propert

    l to be auctioned roof rights in property bearing No Municipal No.3216,

    Ward No. XVI Khasra No. 270B/2616, in Block P, Gali I No.30-31, Bedaunpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005 I held in the names of Mrs. Poonam Verma w/o Mr.

    I Surrender Verma Bounded as follows: On the North : Plot No. 3215; On the South : Gali, On the East: Gali

    I ! No.30; On the West: Gall No. 31. I

    2. Name or Borrower / Mortgagor M/s Ashwani Diamond Jewellery (Borrower) .' Mrs. Poonam Verma w/o Mr. Surrender Verma

    i (Mortgagor) 3. Date an/dtime of Auction 14-06-2019 between 11:00 AM To 02:00 PM with

    unlimited extension of 1/5"minutes each i.e the end ! time of e-auction will be extended by 5 Minutes each

    I time if bid is made within the last 5 minutes before I closure of auction.

    4. Reservs Price Rs. 68,85,000/- (Rupees Sixty Eight Lac Eighty Five I

    I Thousand only) 5. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Rs. 6.88.500/- (Rupees Six Lac Eighty Eight Thousand

    Five Hundred only)

    6. Last dat e of submission of bids On or before 13-06-2019 (Thursday) 5:00 pm

    7. Bid Incr~ment Amount by Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only)

    8. Debt Dl e with interest and cost Rs. 4,22,77,322.67 (Rupees Four Crore Twenty Two Lac Seventy Seven Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Two and Paisa Sixty Seven only) as on 31-03-2019 and further interest at contractual rate & cost from 01-04- 2019.

    9. Date & rime of inspection of 05-06-2019 (Wednesday) between 3:00 P.M to 5:00 property for intending purchasers P.M.

    10 Details bf encumbrances over the Not Known propert v, as known to the Bank

    I'- IL--.~ _

  • 11. The Pro erty is being sold on "AS IS WHERE IS", "AS IS WHAT IS", "WHATEVER THEREIS" and "WI HOUT RECOURSEBASIS". As such, sale is without any kind of warranties & indemni ies.

    12. Particula s of the property/asset (viz. extent ~ measurements specified in the E-Auction Sale Not ce) have been stated to the best of information of the Authorised Officer and Authorised Officer shall not be answerable for any error, misstatement or omission. Actual

    extent &Idimensions may differ.

    13. E-Auctior Sale Notice issued by the Bank is an invitation to the general public to submit their bids and the same does not constitute and will not be deemed to constitute any commitment or any representation on the part of the Bank. Interested bidders are advised to peru~e the copies of title deeds with the Bank and to conduct own independent enqUiriefdue diligence about the title & present condition of the property/ assets and claims/ 9ues affecting the property before submission of bid/so

    14. Auction{ bidding shall only be through "online electronic mode" through the website by the service provider M/s 4 closure who shall arrange and coordintte the entire process of auction through the e- auction platform.

    15. The bidgers may participate in e-auction for bidding from their place of choice. I ternet connectiYity shall have to be ensured by bidder himself. Banks/service provider shall not be held responsible for the internet connectivity, network problems, system crash, power

    failure elc.

    16. For details, help, procedure and online bidding on e-auction prospective bidders may contact Ithe Service Provider M/s 4 closure Further help Line No. +91-040-23836405 and Mr.Vika~: +91-08142000809, Help Line e-mail ID:[email protected] & [email protected]

    17. For participating in the e-auction sale, the intending bidders should register their details with the service provider MI5 4 closure well in advance and shall get the user id and password. Intending bidders are advised to change only the password immediately upon receiving it from the service provider. .

    18. For parti~iPating in e-auction, intending bidders have to deposit a refundable EMD ~f 10% I

    of reser~e price by way of RTGS/NEFT/Funds Transfer to the credit of A/c. No. 3079019~0050000, Union Bank of India, Karol Bagh Branch through IFSC Code UBIN053P794 or by DD/Pay order favouring Union Bank of India, Karol Bagh Branch payable

    at New gelhi. .

    19. The intending bidders should submit the duly filled in Bid Form (format available in the above wFbsite) along with the DD/ PO or quoting the UTR No. of NEFT/RTGSremittance towards EMD in a sealed cover addressed to the Authorized Officer, Union Bank of India,

  • Karol Ba h Branch, 10184, Arya Samaj Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi- 110005 latest by 05.00 P.M. on 3-06-2019. The sealed cover should be super scribed with "Bidfor participating in E-Auctio Sale- in the A/c. of M/s Ashwani Diamond Jewellery".

    20. After eXEiry of the last date of submission of bids with EMD, Authorised Officer shall examine1the bids received by him and confirm the details of the qualified bidders (who have quoted heir bids over and above the reserve price and paid the specified EMD with the Bank) to the service provider M/s 4 closure to .enable them to allow only those bidders to participafe in the online inter se bidding /auction proceedings on the date and time mentionrd in E-Auction Sale Notice.

    21. Interse biddlng among the qualified bidders shall start from the highest bid quoted by the qualifiedl bidders. During the process of interese bidding, there will be unlimited extension of 1/5" mf·nutes each, i.e. the end time of e- auction shall be automatically extended by 5 Minutes ach time if bid is made within 5 minutes from the last extension.

    22. Bids ones made shall not be cancelled or withdrawn. All bids made from the user id given to bidder w 11 be deemed to have been made by him alone.

    23. Immediafely upon closure of E-Auction proceedings, the highest bidder shall confirm the final amount of bid quoted by him BY FAX/ EMAIL both to the Authorised Officer, Union Bank of Ilndia and to the Service Provider for getting declared as successful bidder in the E- Auction Sale proceedings.

    24. The SUC+SSfUIbidder shall deposit 25% of the bid amount (including EMD) latest l5y next working ~ay of the sale, being knocked down in his favour and balance 75% of bid amount within 1] days from the date of e-auction by RTGS/NEFT/FundsTransfer to the credit of A/C. No: 307~019800s0000, Union Bank of India, Karol Bagh Branch through IFSC Code UBIN0530794 or by DD/Pay order favouring Union Bank of India, Karol Bagh Branch payable at New delhi.

    25. In case ~~default in payment of above stipulated amounts by the successful bidder /auction purchas1r within the stipulated time, the sale will be cancelled and the amount already paid (including EMD) will be forfeited and the property will be again put to sale.

    26. At the rLuest of the successful bidder in writing, the Authorised Officer in his absolute disereti0r. may gra nt furt her ti me in writi ng, for depositi ng the ba lanee of th e bid amou nt.

    27. Municipal! Panchayat Taxes, Society dues, Electricity dues (if any) has to be paid by the sueeesst bidder only. .

    28. Sale Certificate will be issued by the Authorised Officer in favour of the successful bidder only upoh deposit of the entire purchase price/ bid amount.


  • 29. Applicab e legal charges for conveyance, stamp duty, registration charges and other incldental charges shall be borne by the auction purchaser.

    ! 30. The Authorized officer may postpone/ cancel the E-Auction Sale proceedings without

    assigning any reason whatsoever. In case the E-Auction Sale scheduled

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