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Kansas Amateur Radio · PDF file one wrap us in bubble wrap, hi hi. Kent who posts KAR on his web site came through the back surgery and has been home several weeks. He said the surgery

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Text of Kansas Amateur Radio · PDF file one wrap us in bubble wrap, hi hi. Kent who posts KAR on his...

  • “KAR” Kansas Amateur Radio “KAR” February 2015 newsletter

    [email protected]

    Hi gang, Still hurting! I broke cartledge and it is 3 times more painful and 3 times longer to heal. My doctor gave me 30 pain killers to take only at bed time so I can lay down and get some sleep. I have been able to drive for a week.

    My wife Liz will get to stand on both legs for the first time sense Feb 10 on May 5. She will be doing that in with her doctor. She has been using up her 333 days of sick leave so the pay check keeps coming right now. She is anxious to go back to work at the SSA office about 4 miles from us. I think we are going to have some one wrap us in bubble wrap, hi hi.

    Kent who posts KAR on his web site came through the back surgery and has been home several weeks. He said the surgery has relieved him of the terrible back pain.

    Last month I removed space for ARES reports from the non-reporting stations which leaves us with only 5 active ARES counties out of 105 counties. I don't know how many ARES appointments are active or in-active, but it does not look like many

    ARES members are active in Kansas. I say this cuz ALL holders of ARRL appointments are to report monthly to the Ks Section Manager and I hope for a CC for KAR to let Ks hams know what is going on in Ks. I sure hope we have more active ARES members than are reporting their activities.

    u ARRL Field Day is June 27-28, 2015 It is not TOOoooo soon to start planning this year's FD! Do you have your site secured? Is the generator in gud working condition? Is ??????

    u Larry, here is a CW program that should be of interest to a lot of Hams. It’s a CW trainer which is similar to the Koch method; ALSO it has a Field Day trainer. It sends the call, classification, and location (State) which I'm excited about. It’s going to help that OLD gray matter between my ears that seems to be getting fuzzy....

    .. .. .. and it’s FREE!!

    Tom Pennebaker, N4RS

    _______________________________________________ To post a message to all the list members, send email directly to

    u A gud CW OP from Ks past now from Indiana. Hi Orlan, Just read the latest KAR & am so sorry to hear of Liz's accident. Do hope & pray she recovers well. Hope this finds you doing okay otherwise. Was saddened to hear of K0BXF being sk. Run into Jim, NB0Z on CAN on the weekend & have exchanged traffic a couple of times. Still plugging away here and doing ok. Take care, just wanted to drop you a line. Best 73.

    Mike K0TQ


    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • u 60 meter band.

    u The March issue of QSP is FINALLY on-line. It's been a bear of a month - Sorry! Sid Ashen-Brenner [email protected]

    Links for Kansas hams! ARRL

    Kansas Section Pages and KAR's ARRL Midwest Director's newsletter

    Kansas ARES Pages Kansas ARES Printable Map

    Skywarn is Wichita NWS Skywarn

    Kansas QSO Party

    Newton ARC

    Wichita ARC

    Ensor Museum

    S. A. T. E. R. N.

    Kansas ARRL Section News

    KC ham Info

    NF9L KC page

    BCNU Next month!

    ARRL Midwest Director Roderick K. Blocksome KØDAS

    The ARRL Midwest Division April 2015 Newsletter is now available on the Division's Web page. Here's the direct link:

    This link always takes you to the current month's newsletter. If this month's newsletter doesn't open, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser's cache, in case your browser is loading a copy of a previous newsletter. Previous newsletters are available at: and click on the Newsletter Archives link. mailto:[email protected]

  • Highlights this month:

    - AMSAT and University of Iowa Collaborate to Provide Fox-1D Science Payload - HR-1301: The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 - Iowa State ARES Meeting in Photos - Amateur Radio Demonstration at STEM Festival - Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair - Around the Midwest Division - Midwest Division Special Events - ARRL State Conventions in the Midwest Division - Midwest Division ARRL Hamfests - ARRL Midwest Division Leadership

    The newsletter is a PDF file which contains a number of pictures, graphics, and links to Web pages and email addresses. Just click on any of the links to go directly to the Web page or send an email. If you have trouble opening the PDF file, you can download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader software at:

    Thanks and 73's, Rod Blocksome, K0DAS ARRL Midwest Division Director

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- ARRL Midwest Division Director: Roderick K Blocksome, K0DAS [email protected]

    Western Kansas 160 meter net


    The Western Kansas 160m net will be tonight at 8 PM mountain time on 1.960 LSB. The topic tonight: are you active on your local repeater? if not, what would it take to make you active? see you on the air!

    73, Matt, KD0EZS

    The Western Kansas 160m Net meets every tuesday night at 8PM mountain time on or near 1.960 LSB. we have a different (usually ham radio related) topic every week.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Hi Orlan, here is whats been happening on 160m. noticed tonight a very noisy band, spring has come! hope your doing well OM. happy Easter! 73 matt, kd0ezs 3/3/15 we played ham radio trivia and It was a great time! we had 25 stations checking in from 9 states, stations answering a trivia questions: KD070R AC5HM KD7HH K0AS W7JSC N3LRH K0VET` N0GMT N0IGZ N0BF N0NB NI7J N7JYS KI0ID AG5S K9GAJ NO0A W5VXE KD0UEK K0OJ WA7KYM KD0ZS N0DQS WB0SRP 3/10/15 General comments We had 32 stations from 12 states check in. KD0YOR K8OZ NO0A NZ0T N0BF N0IGZ KD7HH K0DVY AC5HM K0AS N0NB K0OJ K0BJ KD0ZS W5VXE WA7KYM N0XRS WBOSRP N0DQS KD0UEK W7JSC N0RMB KI0ID KB0MSB AF9O K9GAJ AF5S KE5ZR NV8Q KC7GOL KA0AAM 3/17/15 Topic: what do you do if you are QRM'ed? We had 23 stations from 9 states W0KRT NZ0T K0VET N0IGZ WD0ESF N0GMT N3LRH N0BF AC5HM W5JO W7JSC KD0ZS K0KS KF5QGD N0NB KA0AAM K0OJ W5VXE K9GAJ W0SLH AF9O N7OO KB0PUN 3/24/15 we had 27 stations from 10 states W7JSC NO0A N7JYS N0GMT WA0VJR N7OO N0BF NV8Q WB0SRP N0DQS N0NB AG5S KA0AAM KF5QGD K9GAJ W5VXE KD0UEK K0OJ KD0ZS W0ZZS W0KRT AC5HM N0KOM WB5WPA WA7KYM K5AII KB0MSB 3/31/15 We had 20 stations from 7 states WA0VJR N0BF KE7RWV K0AS

  • AC5HM N3LRH W7JSC W0SBS N0IGZ N0RWB KC0RBT K0OJ AC0KC WA7KYM KD0UEK N7VDR N0XRS N0NB KB0MSB K9GAJ Thank you all for checking in and supporting the Western Kansas 160m net! See you on the air! 73, Matt, KD0EZS

    u Please check this out . go to our S.M.A.R.T. site. , left side scroll down to LINKS OF INTEREST. My Kansas Ham Radio www. page will be there for all to see. Thank you Hams KCONDG Sherwin