Kally Hristov CEO. Streaming Media Overview Presentation Outline What is Streaming Why Stream Internet Campus Sermon Archive Mobile Streaming Multi-Campus.

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  • Kally Hristov CEO
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  • Streaming Media Overview
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  • Presentation Outline What is Streaming Why Stream Internet Campus Sermon Archive Mobile Streaming Multi-Campus Solutions Streaming Stats and Trends
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  • What is Streaming
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  • Streaming Media Implementation Build your own or use a partner company Size of Ministry Staff Time Pick your Software Pick a CDN Encoding Solution Player Integration Analytics Distribution Networks
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  • Popular Streaming Options Video or Audio Archive Podcasting Live Webcasting 24/7 Internet TV Multi-campus Broadcasting Mobile
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  • Why Stream ? Allows an amazing opportunity for first time visitors to get to know you and experience your ministry Stay connected with your members Build a community online Increase traffic to your website Increase donations
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  • Internet Campus
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  • Live Streaming Video Jumps 600% in Past Year Over the past year, the amount of time American audiences spent watching video for the major live video publishers (Justin.tv, USTREAM, Livestream, LiveVideo, and Stickam) has grown 648% to more than 1.4 billion minutes.. Source Comscore
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  • User comments Guest Good morning Rhema Bible Church Family. Not able to be there this morning due to work, but there in spirit and online. Guest Thank you so much for your post on Facebook...couldn't make it in to church today but I am not missing service! Love you guys!!! Guest 7 of us watching on this lap top together! Chris Jamison Love this message!!! I'm going to the 11:00 am service (watched at the 9 going to the 11)
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  • More User Comments kayla selph Home with sick kiddo today. It's great to be able to still worship with my church family! Guest My car is broken down..so watching from home today. So thankful I have this option to watch from home. emily I love that I can watch bc on my phone since I am out of town! Guest I am from the Philippines. It's good to know that I can attend from another side of the world. Guest Watching from the beach on Captiva Island, FL!
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  • Vlife Internet Campus Summery - Fully Integrated Live Webcast Experience - Moderated Chat - Live Prayer - Notes - Donations - Contact Form - Social Media Integration - Easy Event Scheduling with an embedded countdown
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  • Sermon Archive
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  • 182 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in December for an average of 23.2 hours per viewer. The total U.S. Internet audience viewed 43.5 billion videos. 85.3 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video. The duration of the average online content video was 5.8 minutes Source - comScore
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  • Interface Design Consider the audience Consider the content Build a relevant interface that meets the need of the audience and fulfills the goals of the organization while presenting the content in the best possible way.
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  • VLife Sermon Video Archive - Fully Customizable Look and Feel - Easy Media Management - Automated Encoding - Ads Management - Products - Social Media Integration - Reporting
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  • Mobile Streaming
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  • Future Forecast The mobile device will be the primary connection tool to the internet for most people in the world in 2020. Source (Pew Internet)
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  • Multi-campus Streaming
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  • Video Streaming Stats, Trends & Forecasts
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  • The changing connectivity landscape Internet Enabled TVs Next Year iSuppli predicts just over 13 million in 2013 iSuppli predicts almost 23 million and TDG predicts 43 million by 2014
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  • Future Forecast About 130 billion programs will be streamed or downloaded globally in 2013, up from 11.6 billion next year, Source (ABI Research) Additionally, the average customer will watch about 140 downloaded or streamed videos on their televisions in 2013, Source (VideoBusiness.Com)
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  • Trends Conclusion Live Video shows a huge growth opportunity Long form is more accepted online which is significant for Sermons Older generation is watching more video online You have to plan for wired TVs Mobile will become increasingly important
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  • Distribution Networks Ustream Youtube Hulu Justin TV Vimeo Facebook Twitter
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  • Benefits: Preserve your brand Keep the visitors on your site longer Empower your members to advertise messages for you Enjoy a flexible media management Generate new revenues
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  • Contact info: Kally Hristov kally@vlifemedia.com www.vlifemedia.com 918.605.9693 cell


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