Kaffir Boy, Chapter 21-24 Notes

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Kaffir Boy, Chapter 21-24 Notes


<ul><li><p>21-24 Quiz; Question 1 Johannes finds his mother with her face swollen </p><p>and bruised and her eyes puffed up to the point where she could scarcely see (131) </p><p> His father does not want him to attend school and is upset that his wife would enroll Johannes </p><p> Why is he so upset that his son would attend school? He refused to go to school </p><p>because his father led him to believe that an education was a tool through which white people were going to take things away from him (133) </p></li><li><p>Chapter 21 Notes (in notebook) Johannes is reluctant to go to school He wanted his freedom as a young man, his time in </p><p>the gang and he was fearful from rumors he heard about school </p><p> When he sees his mother ruthlessly beaten, Johannes sees this as something that forces him to go to school (130) </p><p> His mother tells him I want you to have a future, child (133) </p><p>Who holds the power in this chapter? How do you know? </p></li><li><p>21-24 Quiz; Question 2 Miss Mphephu struggled with teaching so many </p><p>students and begged for attention, but no one gave it to her (138) </p><p> Miss Mphephu was only 16 and screamed a lot to get control she would also become hostile when she was upset with the students (138) </p><p> An older woman with children of her own replaced her she too whipped us, she didnt do so with the unchecked brutality of the young girl (140) </p></li><li><p>Chapter 22 Notes (in notebook) Johannes begins school and has to listen to all of </p><p>the rules of Bovet Community School Students are tightly packed into the courtyard, and </p><p>people are fainting due to the heat (136) Miss Mphephu attempts to teach, but does more </p><p>yelling than anything else Johannes is frustrated with the yelling and </p><p>screaming, and he no longer wants to return to school </p><p>Who holds the power in this chapter? How do you know? </p></li><li><p>21-24 Quiz; Question 3 Johannes is getting punished regularly He has not paid his fees, he is not </p><p>prepared for class, he is not groomed (140) </p><p> He was on the noisemaker list (140) He was often times too tired to function </p><p>and would not participate in choir/drill practice (140) </p></li><li><p>Chapter 23 Notes (in notebook) Despite being beaten, Johannes stays in school He has a new teacher who is fair and disciplined He begins to make friends who came from rich </p><p>homes and would loan him money A nutrition program starts, for 4 pennies he </p><p>could eat a peanut butter sandwich and milk every day </p><p> As Johannes learns more, he is more interested to know more </p><p> Johannes makes it to the top of his class Who holds the power in this chapter? </p><p>How do you know? </p></li><li><p>21-24 Quiz; Question 4 Johannes enters the boxing ring with </p><p>another boy and gets beaten up The coach offers him a chance to come </p><p>back to train, but Johannes is realizing boxing isnt for him (155) </p><p> Symbolic of Johannes choosing school and education over brawn and fight (his gang) </p></li></ul>