June 29, 2014 Weekly Announcements

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AnnouncementsBook ClubSummer Food Drive



Sermon Title: Free GiftBy Pastor Donna Wright.St. Johns Lutheran Church, Melrose Park, PennsylvaniaJune 29th, 2014

St. Johns Weekly Newswww.stjohnsmelrose.orgWorship, Meetings & Events June 29th, 2014

10-worship 11:15- Coffee hour

Need to TalkTo the Pastor?You can reach Pastor Donnaat the office: 215 635-3465 ext. 12or at home: 215 277 5744

June 29th Ministry Site Profile (MSP) ready for review by congregation.

T DAY at St. Johns.

Dates Coming UpJuly 6 Ministry Site Profile (MSP) ready for review by congregation.July 13 council meeting (vote to adopt MSP); MSP submitted.

General Announcements: Food Needed!

Summer is here and low-income children are not getting to eat 2 meals/weekly at school. When you shop for your food, buy extra and bring in to stock our cupboard. Thanks for your generosity!

Pastor Donna says: Remember those who encourage you in your Christian faith and encourage someone elses faith, as a way to honor them this week.

For those grieving the death of Judith Hershey (Joan Seader's cousin)"Precious in the sight of God is the death of the servants of God"Ps 116: 5ForHealing, Health and a Connectionwith St. John's, family and friendsfor those not able to join usfor Worship including:Dolly Brehouse,Ed Breuninger,Doris Berlinger,Betty Ferrara,Louis Ley, Frieda McErlain,Betty Opp,Patricia Quinn, andDave UhlmannFor Holistic Healingfor:Brian Quinn(Patricia's son), Pete Kershner(son of Sue Kershner),Carol Wheeler, Amy McDevitt and Jerry Ranieri (friends of Louis Ley), Jayne Carie (Janet Leechs sister)

Financial Giving Summary for June 15, 2014Envelopes for Operating Funds

$ 1, 750.00

Income from Rentals

$ 1, 733.33

Special Appeals

$ 172.00


$ 3, 655.33

St. Johns Book club announcesThe Next Book is Transatlanticby Colum McCann

Date:August 3rd, 2014 (Tentative)Time:11: 30Location:Adult Forum

Donna Wright prdonnawright@gmail.com prsaintjohns@comcast.net or prdonnawright@gmail.commusicstjohns@comcast.net



Chuck Griffin, Jr. or Cgriffinjr@aol.com