JULY 2013 | Focus on: WDA Foundation WDA J OURNAL IS A PUBLICATION OF WISCONSIN DENTAL ASSOCIATION, I NC. JULY 2013 Volume 89, No. 7 Welcome new members! The Wisconsin Dental Association is pleased to welcome nine new members to organized dentistry. These new members, their cities of practice and/or residence or components (if applicable) are: Hear what dentists, dental team members, exhib- itors, speakers and Interactive Learning Session facilitators have to say about the 2013 WDA InSession - Wisconsin’s Largest Dental Study Club. WDA-TV is proud to present “Voices from InSession”. Visit WDA.org to view. Crystal Adams, RDH Big Bend Dr. Hala Badawi, Brookfield Waukesha County Dental Society Theresa Dimaggio, RDH Oregon Dr. Brian Fick, Madison Dane County Dental Society Tracy Hraby, RDH Medford Sandra Johnson, RDH Franksville Natalie Kraus, RDH Fort Atkinson Constance Schuster, RDH Richfield Dr. Mary Stavropoulos, La Crosse La Crosse District Dental Society Advocate...Educate...Empower...Serve! INSIDE THIS ISSUE Earlier Is Better ................................. p. 5 Traumatic injuries to primary and permanent teeth in children......... p. 7 Public relations and membership efforts recognized ............................... p. 10 Wisconsin Fluoride Reponse Team expands efforts ................................p. 16 p. 8 p. 2 Attendees got to “Hear. See. Do.” dur- ing the Wisconsin Dental Association 2013 InSession – Wisconsin’s Largest Dental Study Club. Dentists, dental hygienists and other team members gathered May 2-4 at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center and took full advan- tage of opportunities offered. Comments included: “Nice venue and fun people”; “Enjoyed the format”; “Wide variety of course offerings”; “Great to see old friends”; “This year there were some truly gifted speak- ers, especially Gary ‘Z Man’ Zelesky and Dave Weber”; “Lots of interaction and we learned from each other”; “A lot of classes with shorter times for each class, so it kept your attention”; and, “I liked the interactive learn- ing session format which was more personal.” Hear There was something at InSession for every member of the dental team with 18 lectures and 19 interactive learning sessions. Small ILSs facilitated peer-to-peer collab- orative learning, professional education and networking among colleagues. Topics included: adhesive dentistry, phar- macology, medically-compromised patients, communications, implant patients, splint therapy, cosmetic pearls, social media, front office talk and preventive maintenance. Dr. Cheska Avery-Stafford (Milwaukee) took ILS “Managing the Medically- Complicated Patient: Anesthetic, Analgesic, Anti-Anxiety and Antibiotic Choices” with Dr. Joseph Best (Waukesha) and was impressed with the information she learned and the group’s relevant questions. “Dr. Best did a great job of reviewing the pharmacology drugs, and he discussed changes that dentists need to know,” she said. See Attendees saw new products and connected with more than 90 vendors in the exhibit hall. The WDA thanks all exhibitors for attend- ing and supporting InSession. For a complete exhibitor listing, visit WDA.org. Do There was plenty to do at InSession from renewing American Heart Association Heartsaver TM CPR/AED to listening to key- note speaker, Gary “Z Man” Zelesky. Mr. Zelesky shared how knowing and embracing an individual’s passion and the passion of their team can help make an office more productive and profitable. A welcome reception and lunch service gave attendees and exhibitors time to meet and mingle. Breakfast was served in classroom hallways to help attendees “power up” for the day. InSession moving to the fall Next year, InSession will once again be combined with our annual House of Delegates meeting. Creative scheduling will enable attendees to participate in continuing education and conduct the business of the association. This means even more opportunities to “Hear. See. Do. “ in 2014. Visit WDA.org for more information. Lani Becker, CAE WDA Associate Executive Director [email protected] InSession sponsors • The Dental Record • WDA Insurance Programs • Midwest Dental • Delta Dental of Wisconsin • WPS Health Insurance • DENTSPLY Caulk • Henry Schein Dental • Wisconsin Dental Political Action Team • KaVo • Kerr • Dental Practice Advisors • Aspen Dental continued on page 5... ‘Hear. See. Do.’ InSession 2013 highlights Connect with us on and visit us online @ WDA.org Mission Statement: The Wisconsin Dental Association advances the interests of its members and the dental profession by promoting professional excellence and quality oral health care for the public. Highlight

July 2013 WDA Journal

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Focus on: WDA Foundation

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JULY 2013 | Focus on: WDA Foundation

WDA JournAl is A publicAtion of Wisconsin DentAl AssociAtion, inc. JULY 2013 • Volume 89, No. 7

Welcome new members! The Wisconsin Dental Association is pleased to welcome nine new members to organized dentistry. These new members, their cities of practice and/or residence or components (if applicable) are:

Hear what dentists, dental team members, exhib-itors, speakers and Interactive Learning Session facilitators have to say about the 2013 WDA InSession - Wisconsin’s Largest Dental Study Club. WDA-TV is proud to present “Voices from InSession”. Visit WDA.org to view.

Crystal Adams, RDHBig Bend

Dr. Hala Badawi, BrookfieldWaukesha County Dental Society

Theresa Dimaggio, RDHOregon

Dr. Brian Fick, MadisonDane County Dental Society

Tracy Hraby, RDHMedford

Sandra Johnson, RDHFranksville

Natalie Kraus, RDHFort Atkinson

Constance Schuster, RDHRichfield

Dr. Mary Stavropoulos, La CrosseLa Crosse District Dental Society



Earlier Is Better ................................. p. 5

Traumatic injuries to primary and permanent teeth in children ......... p. 7

Public relations and membership efforts recognized ............................... p. 10

Wisconsin Fluoride Reponse Team expands efforts ................................p. 16

p. 8p. 2

Attendees got to “Hear. See. Do.” dur-ing the Wisconsin Dental Association 2013 InSession – Wisconsin’s Largest Dental Study Club. Dentists, dental hygienists and other team members gathered May 2-4 at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center and took full advan-tage of opportunities offered. Comments included: “Nice venue and fun people”; “Enjoyed the format”; “Wide variety of course offerings”; “Great to see old friends”; “This year there were some truly gifted speak-ers, especially Gary ‘Z Man’ Zelesky and Dave Weber”; “Lots of interaction and we learned from each other”; “A lot of classes with shorter times for each class, so it kept your attention”; and, “I liked the interactive learn-ing session format which was more personal.” Hear There was something at InSession for every member of the dental team with 18 lectures and 19 interactive learning sessions. Small ILSs facilitated peer-to-peer collab-orative learning, professional education and networking among colleagues. Topics included: adhesive dentistry, phar-macology, medically-compromised patients, communications, implant patients, splint

therapy, cosmetic pearls, social media, front office talk and preventive maintenance. Dr. Cheska Avery-Stafford (Milwaukee) took ILS “Managing the Medically-Complicated Patient: Anesthetic, Analgesic, Anti-Anxiety and Antibiotic Choices” with Dr. Joseph Best (Waukesha) and was impressed with the information she learned and the group’s relevant questions. “Dr. Best did a great job of reviewing the pharmacology drugs, and he discussed changes that dentists need to know,” she said. See Attendees saw new products and connected with more than 90 vendors in the exhibit hall. The WDA thanks all exhibitors for attend-ing and supporting InSession. For a complete exhibitor listing, visit WDA.org. Do There was plenty to do at InSession from renewing American Heart Association HeartsaverTM CPR/AED to listening to key-note speaker, Gary “Z Man” Zelesky. Mr. Zelesky shared how knowing and embracing an individual’s passion and the passion of their team can help make an office more productive and profitable.

A welcome reception and lunch service gave attendees and exhibitors time to meet and mingle. Breakfast was served in classroom hallways to help attendees “power up” for the day. InSession moving to the fall Next year, InSession will once again be combined with our annual House of Delegates meeting. Creative scheduling will enable attendees to participate in continuing education and conduct the business of the association. This means even more opportunities to “Hear. See. Do. “ in 2014. Visit WDA.org for more information.

Lani Becker, CAE WDA Associate Executive Director [email protected]

InSession sponsors • The Dental Record • WDA Insurance Programs • Midwest Dental • Delta Dental of Wisconsin • WPS Health Insurance• DENTSPLY Caulk• Henry Schein Dental • Wisconsin Dental Political Action Team• KaVo• Kerr• Dental Practice Advisors• Aspen Dental

continued on page 5...

‘Hear. See. Do.’

InSession 2013 highlights

Connect with us on and visit us online @ WDA.org










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2 WDA Journal July 2013 WDA.org

Practice prevention You probably have heard the proverb, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Being dentists, we are proud to point out our success in preventing disease. Every day, we teach patients to avoid prob-lems by brushing, flossing, drinking fluoridated water and visiting us regularly. We know this is the wise way to maintain health, avoid damage and keep costs down. We should think of our legislators in the same way. You can learn how to practice pre-vention with legislation by reading this article. In April 2013, I attended a fluoride training at the American Dental Association headquar-ters in Chicago. One of the attendees was a dentist and state legislator from South Dakota. He advised us to get to know our legislators before we need them.

Legislators do not feel an obligation to respond to every constituent’s request. Those who develop a relationship are likely to get serious consideration when they call. We may feel threatened by midlevel provid-ers, such as dental therapists or independent hygienists, but we should not wait for a serious threat before we take the time to educate those who represent us in Madison. There are a few ways we can prevent prob-lems. First and foremost, we should develop a rela-tionship with our state and local legislators. If we want to influence their decisions, it will require effort before it is needed. Meet them for coffee in the district, invite them to tour your dental practice or go to meet with them in Madison. After meeting them, it becomes easier to

contribute to their campaign, host a fundraiser, gain knowledge of the wide-range of issues with which they deal and get to know their staff. Do not wait for a dental-specific issue to be on their desk and then try to rush to get their attention. That is sure to backfire. It is like having a patient you have never seen, call you Friday evening after you have left the office, expecting you to return to fix their toothache. Another method of prevention is to be proactive and propose solutions for problems before others do. We have all heard of the many groups claiming there is an access to care problem. I believe it is a problem of finances. We need to influence how the government spends its limited resources. We can educate our legisla-tors before they create an expensive solution for

the perceived problem, and keep the solutions cost-effective. If you want to influence legislation, the best way is to prevent problems. You should get involved with Wisconsin Dental Political Action Committee and poli-tics. Contribute your expertise on dental issues, your time and your money, and make a differ-ence before an emergency occurs. Please join your colleagues who are already doing this and help the Wisconsin Dental Association maximize your influence. In the words of P.J. O’Rourke, an American political satirist and writer, “It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money.”

David Clemens, DDS WIDPAC Chair and WDA Region 4 Southwest Trustee [email protected]


State legislators who support dental issues should be able to count on the profession’s sup-port. Organized dentistry and the Wisconsin Dental Political Action Committee provide dentists with the resources and flexibility to do just that.

Dental issues are nonpartisan. We must continue to focus on those individuals who have supported dentistry, regardless of their party affiliation.

We welcome new and renewed second-quarter 2013 WIDPAC members listed here and hope you will all continue membership in WIDPAC.

For more information, contact the WDA Legislative Office at 888-538-8932.

Names listed below are the newest WIDPAC members since the April 2013 WDA Journal.

View the complete list of 2013 WIDPAC members on WDA.org in the Advocacy sec-tion (member login required). Gold Club ($2,005 WIDPAC contribution)

Dr. Dennis Engel Dr. Eric teDuits

Bronze Club ($1,305 WIDPAC contribution)

Dr. Mark Braden

President’s Club ($1,005 contribution)

Dr. Eva DahlDr. Mark Huberty Dr. Thomas Kielma Dr. Kenneth Scholz

Leadership Circle($505 WIDPAC contribution)Dr. Anne Fergus Dr. Paul HagemannDr. Thomas HughesDr. Christopher JohnsonDr. Kenneth KowalskiDr. James Lord Dr. Scott MunroDr. Timothy RyanDr. Thomas Scherrer

Grassroots ($305 WIDPAC contribution)

Dr. Phillip Baker Dr. DeAnne Blazek Dr. Cheryl Bresnahan Dr. Dennis FehrmanDr. Robert FeiderDr. Chris Hansen

Dr. Thomas HatchDr. Mark Heideman Dr. Robert Heil Dr. Steven HeinDr. Brian HoppDr. Joseph Kotnour Dr. David Mentz Dr. Timothy MerryDr. Thomas NockertsDr. John SheaDr. Paul ShobergDr. Peter SteinertDr. Loren SwansonDr. Jason ThompsonDr. Timothy Wall

Student ($15 contribution) Mr. Scott Hirsbrunner Ms. Maegan Kirchen

Thank you second-quarter WIDPAC members ADVOCATE

WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 3

The Issue Current Buzz WDA Actions Next Steps

Non-Covered Services or NCS legislation to stop dental plans from setting fees for services they don’t reimburse.

Provides for transparency in the cost of care and also keeps treatment decisions between dentist and patient; improves small-business climate with marketplace determining reasonable fees.

Minimal fiscal impact on state budget.

Existing New York law prevents NCS capping, which means 32 states currently prevent the practice; 31 have passed stand-alone NCS legislation on margins of 10-to-1 since 2009.

Assembly Bill 109 (http://1.usa.gov/134wese) passed a floor vote in that chamber 89-8 on April 17 and Senate Bill 131 (http://1.usa.gov/YLXLkf) was passed by that body with a vote of 30-3 on May 7.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) facili-tated multiple meetings between the WDA, NCS bill lead sponsor Rep. Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan), the Assembly Insurance Committee Chair and insurance representatives led to compromise language. Wisconsin’s NCS bill is now similar to National Council of Insurance Legislators model legislation plus it has a “de minimis” clause (Ten-nessee is only other state with de minimis clause). Once signed into law, NCS will prevent insurance companies from paying a nominal fee (e.g., $5 for an implant) and then calling the service “covered” and being able to dictate the fee.

WDA President Dr. Tim Durtsche (La Crosse) testified before the Assembly Insurance Committee on April 4; Vice President Dr. Paul Levine (Milwau-kee) testified before the Senate Energy, Consumer Protection and Government Reform Committee on April 16.

Focused outreach by WDA staff and contract lobbyists, dentist leaders, lobbying by members and dental students on Legislative Day and various written communications (e.g., Healthy Choices Legislative E-Lert, white paper) contributed to a re-markable 90 (out of 132) legislators representing both parties (45 Republicans and 45 Democrats) signing on as co-sponsors of AB 109/SB131.

WDA dentists should thank the 119 legislators who voted in favor of the NCS bill (Assembly roll call http://1.usa.gov/15MFmZR and Senate roll call http://1.usa.gov/11qaqgm).Members are asked to please thank their lawmakers for their support (legislator contact info at http://1.usa.gov/VUSd1M).

Effort to set forth a single uniform dental benefit plan for all state employees begin-ning in 2014; state’s purpose is to cut costs and provide an apples-to-apples comparison on premiums.

WDA staff, contract lobbyist, President Dr. Durtsche and Dental Benefit Plans Committee Chair Dr. Russ Christian (Mount Horeb) met with Employee Trust Funds representatives in May.

The purpose of the meeting was to understand the process and individuals and organizations involved, as well as express concern about a “uniform dental plan” which is being proposed for all enrollees in the state government’s insur-ance plan. There has been a uniform medical benefit for 20 years; the state is trying to do the same for dental to facilitate comparison of different proposed plans’ values and costs.

Dr. Christian and Dr. Matt Roggensack (Madison) joined WDA staff in meeting with the Department of Administration Budget Director Brian Hayes later in May to: • Ask that the Group Insurance Board be directed to gather feedback from dentists or someone with a dental background when designing “uniform” dental benefits• Note that a uniform dental benefit will be dif-ferent from what most state employees currently have• Suggest the state can manage costs and increase patient satisfaction by separating dental coverage out from the overall health plan• Promote simple, direct reimbursement concept as potential alternative

WDA members will be updated on this developing issue in future print and electronic communications.

Direct questions to WDA Dental Practice and Government Relations Associate Erika Valadez (608-250-3442 or [email protected]).

Dentists need M.D. prescription prior to making oral sleep appliances.

In July 2012, Wisconsin’s Dentistry Examining Board approved a policy paper advising all dentists not to make oral sleep appliances for dental patients unless the patients have been seen by a physician and the physician’s treat-ment plan includes a prescription for an oral sleep appliance.

In its statement, the DEB says treatment of snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders requires a team approach which must include: • Comprehensive patient screening• Diagnosis by a physician• Prescription by a physician for an oral appli-ance as part of the treatment plan• Coordinated follow-up assessment with moni-toring by both the dentist (oral appliance) and physician (patient’s overall sleep disorder)

WDA staff is experiencing an increase in telephone and email inquiries from dentists who want to provide sleep appliances.

WDA dentists are reminded that they should only make an oral sleep appliance in conjunction with a physician’s diagnosis and treatment plan which should follow a thorough patient screening.

All dentists involved in the fabrication of oral sleeping appliances should consult the DEB statement posted on the Department of Safety and Professional Services website (http://1.usa.gov/13lll5x) to ensure compli-ance with this guidance prior to making sleep appliances in the future.

Please direct questions to the WDA Legisla-tive Office at 608-250-3442, Mara Brooks ([email protected]) or Erika Valadez ([email protected]).

American Dental Association Washington Leadership Conference

Some 400 state dental association represen-tatives were updated on national legislative issues and met on May 13-15, 2013 with their Congressional delegations during this two-day annual meeting.

Federal Legislative issues addressed included:• Dental Insurance Fairness Act - Would impact only self-funded or federally-regulated ERISA plans and would allow patients to use both primary and secondary benefit coverage to their fullest and it would require plans to honor a patient’s assignment of benefits• Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act - Would eliminate health insurance companies’ antitrust exemption• Repeal of Medical Device Excise Tax - Esti-mated this tax will increase cost of dental care by $160 million annually if it goes forward

The ADA also launched its new “Action for Den-tal Health: Dentists Making a Difference”. It is a nationwide campaign aimed at boldly address-ing the dental health crisis facing America today.

WDA representatives at the 2013 leadership conference included:

• Dr. Dennis Engel (Mequon), ADA 9th District trustee• Dr. John R. Moser (Milwaukee), WDA treasurer and Action Team Leader statewide coordinator• Dr. Monica Hebl (Milwaukee), ADA Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations• Mark Paget, executive director• Mara Brooks, director of government services

Questions about ADA legislative initiatives should be directed to:• Dr. Moser, ATL statewide coordinator [email protected] and contact for Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin• Dr. Francesca DeRose (Racine) & Dr. Ned Murphy (Racine) - Cong. Paul Ryan (R)• Dr. Russ Christian (Mount Horeb) - Cong. Mark Pocan (D)• Dr. Tim Durtsche (La Crosse) - Cong. Ron Kind (D)• Dr. Mike Donohoo (Milwaukee) - Cong. Gwen Moore (D)• Dr. Gene Shoemaker (Waukesha) - Cong. F. James Sensenbrenner (R)• Dr. Steve Stoll (Neenah) - Cong. Thomas Petri (R)• Dr. Gary Martin (Marshfield) - Cong. Sean Duffy (R)• Dr. Craig Janssen (Green Bay) - Cong. Reid Ribble (R)• Mara Brooks at 608-250-3442 or [email protected]

Legislative-related meetings

2013• Dentistry Examining Board: July 10, Sept. 4, Nov. 6; all meetings are held at Department of Safety and Professional Services, 1400 E. Washington Ave. in Madison and start

promptly at 8:30 a.m.

WDA has asked Gov. Scott Walker to “call for the bill” with the hope he’ll set a mid-summer signing date and WDA leaders can be in attendance. Otherwise, NCS will be among the other bills passed during this floor period which go to the governor in August for his signature or veto.

Within 24 hours of the Senate vote, WDA Presi-dent Dr. Durtsche issued a public statement (dis-tributed to media statewide) commending the large group of bipartisan lawmakers for supporting legislation that, “...provides for greater transpar-ency in the cost of oral health care...We hope that Gov. Walker will add his signature to the bill...” Read full statement: http://bit.ly/100Ujzu.

Assuming the governor signs this bill into law this summer, the provision becomes effective Jan. 1, 2014; however, it requires modifica-tion or renewal of existing contracts or the signing of new contracts.

Annual fee schedule updates are considered modification to existing contracts, so dentists should be aware when plans they are enrolled in send out a modification or renewal and/or determine if you need to proactively seek a modification or renewal after the bill’s Jan. 1, 2014 effective date.

Contact Mara Brooks at 608-250-3442 or [email protected] with questions.

WDA Government Buzz gives members a snapshot of the current status of dental-related policies and legislation. The Issue tells you who, what and why; Current Buzz gives you a status update on the issue; WDA Actions highlights your professional associa-tion’s activity and position; and Next Steps anticipates what’s around the corner and, in some cases, identifies what WDA mem-bers can do. “WDA Government Buzz” is updated for each issue of the journal. Current “buzz” available on WDA.org website and accessed monthly via WDA Executive Director’s Update e-newsletter. For more information, visit WDA.org or call the WDA Legislative Office at 608-250-3442.

Updated information is highlighted.

4 WDA Journal July 2013 WDA.org


Support philanthropic arm of WDA

WDA Foundation - A valuable resource for dentists in need

Timothy Durtsche, DDS, WDA President [email protected]

Robert Brennan, DDS, WDA Editor [email protected]

This month the WDA Journal is focused on the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation. I used to think the WDA Foundation was our least known division, but not anymore.

Since Vicki Bohman started in 2008 as the executive director, the nonprofit has dramatically increased its visibility and growth. The foundation is our philanthropic arm and sup-ports many WDA programs. These include Mission of Mercy, Dentists Concerned for Dentists, Donated Dental Services, the Relief Fund, grants for nonprofit organizations to provide dental care to low income Wisconsin residents and scholarships for dental and dental hygiene students. In 2012, the WDA Foundation awarded nearly $65,000 in grants, scholarships and programs providing care for the underserved. The WDA Foundation has a board of directors made up of WDA dentists and three at-large members (two from dental-related businesses and one community volunteer) who make the decisions about where to allocate the dollars entrusted to the WDA Foundation. Administrative costs are low (at nearly 40 percent less than accepted nonprofit standards) and funds stay in Wisconsin. More than $3,000 was raised this year at the founda-tion’s silent auction during InSession - Wisconsin’s Largest Dental Study Club. Another fundraiser is the Wisconsin State Dental Golf Tournament scheduled for Sept. 9 at North Hills

Country Club in Menomonee Falls. I hope you plan to participate in this fun event. There are multiple ways to contribute. We do ask every member for a donation on the annual dues state-ment, but I would ask you to consider additional dona-tions. For example, with the recent changes in the tax code, there can be advantages to donating stocks. It can be a win-win for you and the foundation. You can get the full value of the stock as a charitable contribu-tion and avoid the capital gains tax if the stock has appreciated. Another easy way to donate to the foundation is through Scientific Metals, a WDA endorsed program. This company has set up a plan which allows you to designate a percentage of your scrap metal refining proceeds directly to the WDA Foundation. You will receive a charitable receipt for your donation, and the foundation receives funds to continue its service to the less fortunate and dental professionals (see below for this month’s editorial by WDA Editor Dr. Robert Brennan of Neenah). A relatively recent creation is the WDA Foundation Legacy Society for those making a planned gift for a later date. You can designate a contribution to the foundation by naming it a beneficiary of your will, insurance policy, 401(k) retirement plan or charitable trust. I encourage components to consider making a dona-tion as a memorial for members who have died.

We can also make individual donations as a memo-rial or to honor a loved one or colleague. For years, my office staff always wondered what to get me for the holidays. For several years now, my wife, Sue, and I have been honored by a donation to the WDA Foundation in our name. I’m sure you all receive a lot of requests for donations for worthy causes. Sue and I look at all solicitations before deciding which ones ring true to our mission and have the most bang for our buck-in perpetuity. Remember the saying, “You can count all the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count all the apples in one seed.” My hope is that you look carefully at your charitable contributions this year and consider including the WDA Foundation. Please visit WDA.org to learn more about your WDA Foundation, sign-up for the golf outing, make an online donation or explore other ways to financially support this oral health-focused charity.

The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation was created in 1957 in response to dentists’ requests for a way to provide tax-deductible contributions to charitable, scientific and edu-

cational oral health endeavors – particularly in the den-tal science and public health arenas. The WDA Foundation has several programs that it funds. Most of us are probably familiar with the more visible programs, like Mission of Mercy and Donated Dental Services, that provide dental treatment to people in need. But, are you aware of the program that gives grants to reduced-rate clinics or the scholarship program that gives money to dental and dental hygiene students from Wisconsin? Two foundation programs that directly benefit dentists are the Relief Fund and Dentists Concerned for Dentists. The Relief Fund provides assistance to dentists and their dependents who find themselves in need due to an emergency situation. This may involve an illness or disability, or it might involve physical damage to a prac-tice location resulting in an inability to practice for an extended period of time. We try to plan for these emergencies, but sometimes you can’t and just need some help to get back on your feet.

The Relief Fund may be able to help in those situations. Dentists Concerned for Dentists is a committee of dentists willing to provide compassionate, confidential assistance to dentists, their staff or families who have encountered well-being issues.

DCD gets involved when a colleague, dental team member, family member or the struggling provider con-tacts them. The committee will provide the affected dentist with counseling and a referral for evaluation and/or treatment if needed. They will also be there to help and support the dental professional with his/her treatment. I always assumed this program only dealt with alcohol and chemical dependency problems, but that is wrong. It can also help with other issues such as depression, stress,

anxiety, eating disorders and infectious diseases such as Hepatitis or HIV. In these hard economic times, depression, stress and anxiety are on the increase. DCD can help you cope with these issues if they are affecting your personal and/or professional life. Sometimes, just talking to someone who has experienced what you are going through can help. But if not, then DCD can offer referrals for treatment. This is all done in confidence. The goal is to solve the problem without involving the authorities. If you or someone you know has well-being or financial issues, call the WDA Foundation to see if help is avail-able. It may be the most important call you make for yourself or a dental colleague. I have always been a big supporter of the foundation and have contributed to it for as long as I can remember. I prefer to make most of my charitable contributions to dental-related groups or services and the WDA Foundation fits with that philosophy. I know you may have favorite charities, but please be sure to include the WDA Foundation among them. It is your charity and worthy of your support. Visit www.wda.org/wda-foundation to learn more about its programs and make a donation.

You can count all the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count

all the apples in one seed.

If you or someone you know has well-being or financial issues, call the WDA Foundation to see if help is available. It may be the most

important call you make for yourself or a dental colleague.

The WDA Journal invites readers to express their views in letters to the editor. This provides a forum for discussing topics of interest to the dental profession. To be considered, letters must be 300 words or less and signed with an e-mail address or phone number. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for space, clarity, civility and accuracy. Any changes will be shared with the writer before publication. If your letter is selected, contact will be made to confirm receipt. Submit letters to the editor via email to [email protected] or fax to 414-755-4111. You may also mail your letter to: WDA Journal | Attn: Dr. Robert Brennan | 6737 W. Washington St. | Suite 2360 | West Allis, WI 53214

WDA style note: We make every effort to bold members’ names in articles.

Submitting letterS to the editorWDA Editor Robert Brennan, DDS, Neenah

920-725-0551 • [email protected]

Robert Darling, DDS, Sheboygan920-457-1717 • [email protected]

Ellyn English, DDS, La Crosse 608-775-2696 • [email protected]

Glenn Gequillana, DDS, Milwaukee414-649-3510 • [email protected]

Gene Shoemaker, DDS, Waukesha 262-542-0326 • [email protected]

editorial adviSory board

WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 5

Member Publication


EditorRobert Brennan, DDS, Neenah

920-725-0551 • [email protected] Editor

Mark Paget414-755-4100 • [email protected]

Managing EditorEmily Bultman

414-755-4110 • [email protected]


Timothy Durtsche, DDS, La Crosse 608-784-7319 • [email protected]

President-ElectJulio Rodriguez, DDS, Brodhead

608-897-8645 • [email protected] Vice President

Paul Levine, DDS, Milwaukee414-355-0213 • [email protected]

Past-PresidentSteven Stoll, DDS, Neenah

920-725-4307 • [email protected] Treasurer

John R. Moser, DDS, Milwaukee414-273-9800 • [email protected]

EditorRobert Brennan, DDS, Neenah

920-725-0551 • [email protected] Executive Director/Secretary

Mark Paget, West Allis 414-755-4100 • [email protected]

Region 1 Northwest David Kenyon, DDS, Altoona

715-832-3385 • [email protected] Nehring, DDS, Mercer

715-476-3432• [email protected] Jennifer Peglow, DDS, Stevens Point 715-344-2324 • [email protected]

Region 2 NortheastPaul Feit, DDS, Sturgeon Bay

920-743-6976 • [email protected] Peter Hehli, DDS, Appleton

920-997-1557 • [email protected] Kraig, DDS, Fond du Lac

920-922-9000 • [email protected]

Region 3 Greater MilwaukeeThomas Kielma, DDS, Milwaukee

262-649-3510 • [email protected] Lepak-McSorley, DDS, Milwaukee

414-383-8787 • [email protected] Thomas Raimann, DDS, Hales Corners414-425-1510 • [email protected]

Region 4 SoutheastRyan Braden, DDS, Lake Geneva

262-248-0120 • [email protected] Hartmann, DDS, Greenfield

414-543-4700 • [email protected] Murphy, DDS, Racine

262-886-9440 • [email protected]

Region 5 SouthwestL. Stanley Brysh, DMD, Madison

608-417-6500 • [email protected] Clemens, DDS, Wisconsin Dells608-254-2345• [email protected]

Patrick Tepe, DDS, Verona 608-848-4000 • [email protected]

Region 6 Student RegionDerek Schmidt

Marquette University School of [email protected]

Speaker of the HouseRichard Lofthouse, DDS, Fennimore

608-822-3770 • [email protected]

ADA 9th District TrusteeDennis Engel, DDS, CDE, Mequon 262-242-8929 • [email protected]

Earlier Is Better is a five-year pro-gram funded by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program.

The goal of the program is to reduce the dental caries experience of Wisconsin Early Head Start children by targeting pregnant women and families with infants and toddlers up to age 3.

EIB partners include, Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, Medical College of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dental Association, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Division of Public Health, and Wisconsin Head Start Association.

Objectives include:

• Establishing an oral health EIB part-nership to ensure an effective project

• Documenting changes in oral health knowledge and behaviors for at least 50 percent of EHS programs

• Increasing dental home rates for EHS children from 50.7 percent to 71 percent

• Reducing dental caries experience in 3-year-old EHS children from 25 to 20 percent

In December 2012, EIB staff began training home visitors/parent educators as participants of the EIB oral health program.

The three-hour training program pro-

vides oral health information to pregnant women and those with children younger than age 3.

Oral health topics include, daily care, goal setting, motivational interviewing, identifying barriers and developing strate-gies to assist families with decision-mak-ing for achieving optimal oral health.

After attending training, home vis-itors and parent educators received a Parent Oral Health Educational Toolkit. It contains visual aids, a tooth-brushing model, goal-setting magnets, oral hygiene supplies and educational materials.

Additionally, EIB partners developed an instrument to evaluate the before and after training knowledge and confidence in abilities to deliver oral health educa-tion.

To date, 138 EHS staff members have been trained across 12 sites, serving approximately 1,700 EHS participants.

Among these staff, 69 home visitors and parent educators have completed knowledge assessments.

Preliminary data (based on 58 of 69 HV/PE) demonstrated an 18 percent increase in oral health knowledge and an 18.5 percent increase in confidence to deliver oral health education.

Immediately following training, 92.9 percent of home visitors and parent educa-tors indicated they were likely to provide

oral health education to EHS families. Feedback from participating sites has

been positive. One trainee remarked, “I have gone to

a lot of trainings over the years, but this oral health training is by far one of the best trainings I have ever attended.”

A supervisor trainee reported, “…the materials in the toolkit were instrumental to our success in helping a reluctant par-ent seek needed dental care for her child. The home visitors and parent educators had the knowledge to explain the need for dental care to the parent and the visual aids to guide the parent’s decision-making process.”

Trained home visitors and parent edu-cators have started providing oral health education to EHS families four times a year using the toolkit and associated techniques.

Future plans include, recruiting par-ents/caregivers to participate in this study to evaluate oral health knowledge and behavioral intentions.

Future EIB program results will be shared in issues of the WDA Journal.

Contact Diane Flanagan at 414-292-4015 or [email protected].

Earlier Is Better:Oral health program for Early Head StartDiane Flanagan, RDH Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin Oral Health Project Manager [email protected]

WDA welcomes new accounting manager

Abby Van Kerkvoorde has joined the Wisconsin Dental Association as account-ing manager.

Ms. Van Kerkvoorde will be respon-sible for supervising the accounting department staff and overseeing the day-to-day accounting functions of WDA, WDA Foundation and WDA Insurance and Services Corp. She will also provide assistance with the companies’ human resources functions.

She previously worked for Clifton-LarsonAllen as a tax senior associate.

During six years with the firm, she worked with a variety of businesses. Her duties included preparation and review of tax returns, tax planning and tax research.

Ms. Van Kerkvoorde earned her bach-elor’s in accounting from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in May 2006.

Welcome to the WDA, Abby!

If you have any feedback on WDA InSession 2013 or suggestions for future meetings, please contact a member of WDA Annual Session Committee or staff liaisons.

Dr. Fred Jaeger, chair [email protected]

Dr. Richard Bailey [email protected]

Dr. Dean [email protected]

Dr. Geoff [email protected]

Dr. Jon [email protected]

Carol [email protected]

Lani Becker, WDA Associate Executive Director [email protected]

Susan John, WDA Member Services Representative [email protected]

327 Dentists228 Dental hygienists152 Dental assistants124 Office personnel2 Lab technicians4 Dental hygiene students2 Dental assisting students29 Guests/spouses352 Exhibitors

Total: 1, 220



INSESSIONWisconsin’s Largest Dental Study Club

InSession continued from page 1

6 WDA Journal July 2013 WDA.org

New research highlighted in the April 2013 newsletter of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stresses the impor-tance of conducting a caries risk assess-ment during a 1-year-old’s first dental examination to help determine if a child is at risk of developing early childhood caries. “The 1-year or infant oral health exam is similar to a well-baby exami-nation performed by a pediatrician,” pediatric dentist and Wisconsin Dental Association Southeast Region 4 Trustee Dr. Cliff Hartmann (Greenfield) notes. “In addition to the caries risk assess-ment, anticipatory guidance is given to the parent or caregiver at the 1-year examination appointment to insure the child has optimal oral health until the next dental visit,” Dr. Hartmann says. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry provides “Guidelines on Periodicity of Examination, Preventive Dental Services, Anticipatory Guidance/ Counseling and Oral Treatment for Infants, Children and Adolescents” to help practitioners make clinical decisions about preventive oral health interven-tions, including anticipatory guidance and preventive counseling, for young patients. “The bottom line is children’s diag-nostic visits should be repeated every six months or as indicated by the individual patient’s susceptibility to disease,” pedi-

atric dentist and WDA Public Relations Committee member Dr. William Horton (Marshfield) explains after reviewing the AAPD guidelines.

“Individual children should have more frequent preventive visits the higher their caries risk. For example, every three months for high risk and even more often for fluoride treatments if white spot lesions or other high-risk situations are present,” Dr. Horton adds. Caries risk assessment is among the topics discussed in the 33-minute instruc-tional WDA Dental Home continuing education DVD. Available on WDA.org (login required), each chapter is posted separately to allow for easy download and viewing by dentists and their dental teams.

Topics include: 1. The Dental Home (TRT 5:01) 2. Early Childhood Caries (TRT: 4:00) 3. Caries Risk Assessment (TRT: 2:05) 4. The Knee-to-Knee Examination (TRT: 3:33) 5. Anticipatory Guidance for Infant & Young Child (TRT: 7:08) 6. Diagnosis & Treatment (TRT: 5:13) 7. Anticipatory Guidance for Expectant Parents (TRT: 3:28) 8. ADA Coding (TRT: 1:12)

The WDA Dental Home Sub-committee created caries risk assessment and preventive recommendations forms especially for use by general dental prac-tices. These forms are available for pur-chase from WDA Professional Services’ The Dental Record. “I have been doing 1-year-old exams since 2009 when the WDA Dental Home kit was mailed to all members,” WDA PR Committee member and gen-eral dentist Dr. Patricia McConnell (Appleton) shares. “Parents and I are continually amazed at how much plaque is on their children’s teeth. Young patients are also often using valve sippy cups and pacifiers, and par-ents are struggling with thumb sucking and providing proper oral hygiene,” she said. “All my 1-year-old patients are on six-month recare, because there is always

so much age-appropriate education and reinforcement of parents’ efforts to brush their children’s teeth needed. This is working very well and we’ve never had a parent or insurance company com-plain,” Dr. McConnell adds. The Medicaid program requires early and periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment or EPSDT services – section 1905(r) of the Social Security Act – for most individuals under age 21. Specific services and how often they are provided is established at the state level. In Wisconsin, Medicaid and Badger Care Plus programs have sub-scribed to the AAPD periodicity table (http://bit.ly/11x0mwi) since November 2008.

Wisconsin’s Youth Apprenticeship program is nationally-recognized as a leader in work-based learning. It pro-vides high school juniors and seniors with integrated academic and occupa-tional instruction that results in a high school diploma and a state skill certifi-cate. All participating students learn specif-ic occupational, valuable employability, interpersonal skills and general knowl-edge of the world of work. Students who successfully complete the program have the option of entering the workforce directly after high school or enrolling in a technical college or university. At the state level, the YA program is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Locally, youth apprenticeship pro-grams are administered by a local con-sortium of partners representing school districts, technical colleges and employ-ers. Interested students are recruited and apply to programs available in their area. Students are interviewed and hired by

participating employers. Local YA consortia coordinate both on-the-job training and classroom learn-ing. Students are held to high levels of responsibility at school and with their employers in order to continue in the program. In turn, employers pay, train and men-tor the students while at the worksite. Since its inception in 1991, the pro-gram has served more than 15,000 stu-dents from 300 school districts. There are more than 30 different occupational programs working for 8,000 different employers. As one employer stated, “YA has helped us to stay competitive nation-ally and globally. That’s not easy in this economy.” Furthermore, a former YA student stated, “In the classroom, I would won-der, ‘When am I going to use this?’ I never questioned that about the appren-ticeship program. It was clear when I was going to use the training and learn-ing.” According to a 2005 study by the Center for Education and Work,

approximately 81 percent of participat-ing employers offered full-time or part-time job opportunities to YA graduates and 55 percent of graduates reported accepting the opportunity. The most frequent reason given for refusing a job offer was the reported graduate’s intention to pursue further education. This past year, the Wisconsin Dental Association helped to create a YA pro-gram for dental assisting. WDA Immediate Past-President Dr. Steve Stoll (Neenah), WDA Northwest Region 1 Trustee Dr. Jeffery Nehring (Mercer), along with WDA Dental Practice and Government Relations Associate Erika Valadez assisted in developing the program’s curriculum. Several employers and technical col-lege faculty across the state also gave input for this new program. Beginning fall 2013, dental practices can enroll students to learn, practice and master dental assistant skills. Visit 1.usa.gov/A8h5i2 to sign up as a participating employer and to learn more.

1 and done…now what?

Dental assisting added to state’s youth apprenticeship program

Carol Weber, APR WDA Director of Public Relations [email protected]

Robin Kroyer-Kubicek Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]

BUSINESS of Dentistry

Dr. Kathy Roth (West Bend) demonstrates a knee-to-knee exam in the WDA Dental Home continu-ing education materials.

WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 7

Oct. 1 is approaching quickly, and most of us have heard the bantering in the media regarding what is or is not going to happen. I have hesitated to add my opinion to the pile. However, I realize as the person respon-sible for a rather large association group health plan in which numerous members have participated and supported for quite a long time, I can no longer remain silent on this topic. First, let me state that I believe insurance carriers are not to blame for the high cost of medical care. I also believe insurance was never meant to pay for or cover everything. It was meant to cover catastrophic events. Once we removed the connection between the real cost of medical care and the consumer’s wallet, all real incentive for the consumer to remain involved with their health care and wellness was lost. A large majority of Americans believe, they will be able to obtain free health insur-

ance after Oct. 1. They don’t understand how the exchanges will work, the subsidies, the penalty system, the application system or what a “navigator” is. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is still trying to raise money to fund the massive public rela-tions effort necessary to educate the very people this program is supposed to provide for. These efforts began in March 2013, and were reported by The Washington Post and by numerous other news agencies recently. The American Academy of Actuaries has stated that changes coming in 2014 to health insurance premiums are reflective of several factors and could vary considerably across states and amongst individuals. If you want to read the brief, it is available at www.actuary.org. Rates are supposed to be filed in July 2013, so we should have some idea of what to expect - if that deadline holds. I have always thought this plan was

ill-conceived, grossly underfunded and used as a talking point for re-election. Not enough thought was given to the overall damage it would do to an entire industry or our economy. The business community continues to struggle with implementation of the various provisions being forced upon them. If Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security continue to be run so poorly by the gov-ernment, why would anyone add another program of such enormity to the mix and expect that it could be run with better results? We will manage the chaos as best we can at the agency level and advise our clients to the best of our ability as we always have done. We are constantly monitoring the various government and industry sites for updates and remain in close contact with our carri-ers to ensure we are able to relay important information in a timely manner.

One of the most stressful dental emer-gencies that the general practitioner will be faced with is the traumatic injury of a young patient’s teeth. These situations are fraught with anxiety and stress from both the child and their parent. The dentist not only has to provide excellent care, but they must also reduce the fear, anxiety and stress of the patient and the family. This article is not intended to be com-prehensive in content due to the large volume of information, but will provide the dental team with readily available free resources that will assist in the delivery of excellent care with the best possible out-comes. The dentist must first ensure that a comprehensive medical, dental and social history is available. A detailed history of the traumatic event and any previous events is also crucial. This information should be recorded in a systematic manner so that nothing is over-looked or missed. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has a comprehensive form (Assessment of Acute Traumatic Injuries) available free at http://bit.ly/11aMomG. All injuries, however minor, should be documented to provide a complete picture for future treatment needs and/or medical-legal-insurance purposes. Tetanus immunization status is also an important question to ask the par-ent/guardian. Any loss of consciousness requires neurologic evaluation by a physi-cian. A thorough extra-oral exam, intra-oral exam, radiographic exam and occlusion evaluation are essential to document all injuries. Palpation of facial bones for stepping,

swelling and/or tenderness is required. Dried blood on the face from extra-oral or intra-oral origin should be gently removed to reveal any potential extra-oral lacera-tions.

Moist gauze placed over the dried blood and left in place for five to 10 minutes will greatly assist in the dried blood’s removal. The above mentioned trauma assess-ment form will greatly assist in organizing this information.

Diagnosis and treatment When a patient suffers a traumatic injury to a tooth, it must be remembered that all of the supporting structures for that tooth/teeth will have absorbed some of the force of that trauma. The alveolar bone, periodontal liga-ment, supra-gingival periodontal fibers

and the gingiva have all been traumatized to some degree. A correct diagnosis of the degree of traumatic injury to these tissues is important to provide appropriate prog-nosis and anticipatory guidance to future

growth and development. The treatment for each type of trauma and injury varies from simple observation for concussion injuries to re-implanta-tion and stabilization for severe displac-ing and avulsion injuries. These are summarized in numerous textbooks, but unless the dental practi-tioner has these books available in the office they are of little use in these acute situations. Thankfully, the textbook “Essentials of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth” by Drs. Jens Andreasen and Frances Andreasen has been placed online through the grants and donations from several orga-nizations and governments. This is accessible for free at www.den-taltraumaguide.org. This digital resource provides comprehensive, step-by-step directions for evaluating, diagnosing and treating a wide variety of dental injuries as well as information on the prognosis

of each injury. The diagrams and photographs are an excellent aid to patient education and understanding of the injury they or their child suffered. With this information readily available in all computerized dental offices, the suc-cessful clinical management of most trau-matic dental injuries can be accomplished by any dental practitioner. This will greatly assist in building rap-port and trust in your abilities as these patients receive the excellent care and best possible outcomes from the treat-ments that you provide.

It’s ‘A Brave New World’

Traumatic injuries to primary and permanent teeth in children

Mara T. Roberts, CLU, RHU, REBC WDAISC President [email protected]

Brian D. Hodgson, DDS MUSOD Assistant professor and pediatric dentist [email protected]

Key takeaways...

• Review instructional dental home continuing education segments on WDA.org• New dental assisting youth apprenticeship program starting fall 2013• Free resources available to assist in treating dental emergencies • License renewal deadline is Sept. 30, 2013


Dental practice FAQ The Wisconsin Dental Associa-tion staff receives a multitude of phone calls and emails on a daily basis. Questions come from mem-ber dentists, member hygienists, assistants, office managers, other organizations and patients who are looking for answers to a vari-ety of topics related to dentistry. In 2013, a frequently asked den-tal practice question and answer will run frequently in the WDA Journal. For more information, visit WDA.org or review FAQs in the WDA Sourcebook. Q. How many continuing educa-tion credits is required for dentists and dental hygienists? If I earn more CE than needed, can I carry them over into the next renewal period? Must dentists pay for licensed staff to obtain their entire CE?

A. For dentists, 30 hours of con-tinuing education must be com-pleted (five of which may be nonclinical) every two years. Dental hygienists are required to obtain 12 credits during the previous licensure period. These must include a minimum of two hours of infection control CE and a maximum of two hours in car-diopulmonary resuscitation train-ing. All licensees are required to obtain certification in hands-on CPR and automated external defi-brillator training. It is up to the licensee as to whether to attribute the documentedtime spent in CPR-AED training toward their CE requirements. Certificates of completion of course must be retained for six years. Extra CE credits do not carry-over into the next two year renewal period. And, although a great benefit of employment, dentists and den-tal hygienists are responsible for obtaining their own CE; employ-ers are not required to pay for courses.

8 WDA Journal July 2013 WDA.org

Focus on:

Thanks to your generosity, the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation has improved and strengthened for 56 years! Originally created to assist dental-related nonprofits serving the needs of the less-fortunate in our

state, we have grown to encompass a three-pronged mission. While we continue to support worthy nonprofits through our grant program, we also assist future dental professionals through scholarships and current members through programs that help in times of crisis. Our third focus, treatment service programs, extends the foundation’s reach directly to patients in need. All of this has come to be because of you! Unrestricted donations, those that can be used wherever the need is greatest, keep the WDA Foundation strong today and for future generations. Here are several simple and affordable ways you can help with a tax-deductible donation:

• ANNUALDUES STATEMENT - Making a donation via your annual dues statement is the easiest way to make your gift. Last year, 31.7 percent of WDA members donated this way. If every member made the suggested $60 donation, your foundation could raise nearly $180,000 annually to help the less-fortunate who need oral health care or dental colleagues facing personal challenges.

•ANNUALPLEDGE - Take your individual giving to a new level by making an annual pledge to the foundation in addition to your annual dues statement gift. Consider starting at a pledge of $100, payable on a schedule that is convenient for you.

•ONE-TIME INDIVIDUALGIFT - Make an individual gift by check or credit card by completing and mailing the dona-tion form located on this page or use the secure online donation link at http://wda.org/wda-foundation.

• PLANNED GIVING - Become a member of the WDA Foundation Legacy Society by including the foundation in your will or listing it as a beneficiary of your 401(k), individual retire-ment account, life insurance or retirement plan. This option allows you to establish a permanent memorial in the dental community. To learn more, contact WDA Foundation Executive Director Vicki Bohman at [email protected] or 800-364-7646.

Together (and affordably), we can all make a substantial dif-ference for Wisconsin residents in need. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and your support.

YOUR foundation succeeds because of you!

YES! I want to make a commitment to support the good work of the WDA Foundation in addition to my annual dues statement donation!

Enclosed is my one time gift of: ___$500 (President’s Circle) ___$200 (Patron) ___$100 (Sponsor) ___$50 (Sustaining Member) ___$25 (Participant)

I want to show my ongoing support of the projects and programs of the WDA Foundation with an annual pledge: I pledge $____________ to be paid between July 2013 and June 2014. This pledge is made in addition to my annual dues

statement donation.

I will pay my annual pledge: ____Quarterly (August, November, February and May) ____Biannually (August and February) ____In one installment (please specify month) ________________________

I plan to pay my annual pledge by check. Please send appropriate reminders to the following email address: ______________________________________@_____________________________________________

I would like to pay my annual pledge by credit card. Please charge my card on the: __1st of the month __15th of the month (based on the schedule above.)

___ MasterCard ___ Visa ___ Discover

Credit Card #:______________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _________ C V V #:________

Billing Address: ____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ____________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________

Name: __________________________________________________

____ Please send me information about how to include the WDA Foundation in my estate planning.

Mail to: WDA Foundation, 6737 W. Washington, WI, Suite 2360, West Allis, WI 53214


It’s amazing what your scrap metal can do After removing old crowns and bridges, it’s not unusual for the metals to be set aside and forgotten. Those small pieces of gold and silver may not mean much to you, but they can mean a great deal to the less fortunate of Wisconsin through the Scientific Metals Precious Scrap Metal donation program. “I have always given my patients a choice of either keeping their older crowns or let-ting the office keep them. Most leave the metals with the office,” Dr. Michael Casey (Waterford) said. Scientific Metals, a Wisconsin Dental Association-endorsed company, refines a wide variety of precious metals including gold, platinum, palladium and silver. Through the Scientific Metals program, you can designate that all or a portion of your proceeds be donated directly to the WDA Foundation. Simply indicate your desired percent-age (from one to 100) on the back of the information form included with your refining kit and submit it with your precious scrap metal. Scientific Metals will handle all the details. Dr. Casey and his staff were doing some spring cleaning when they found a bag of sterilized precious metals. After placing them in recycling box provided by Scientific Metals, they noticed proceeds could be donated to the WDA Foundation. They decided to give 100 percent of the proceeds to the WDA Foundation. ”In all honesty, I was surprised at the value of the scrap metals. It is an easy, convenient and painless way to give back to the commu-nity. I would urge other Wisconsin dentists to consider this option when recycling metals,“ Dr. Casey said.

Have you registered for the Wisconsin State Dental Golf Tournament? The outing is set for Monday, Sept. 9, 2013 at North Hills Country Club in Menomonee Falls – rain or shine. Proceeds benefit the programs of the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation. Your registration fee of $185, includes use of a golf cart, 18 holes of golf, a buf-fet lunch and dinner, a cash bar and an awards program following the round. Golfers of all ages and abilities are invited to participate. The WDA Foundation is also seeking sponsors for the event. Sponsorships begin at $150, so local dental societies and dental groups are urged to consider a sponsorship. Registration forms and sponsorship infor-mation is available at www.wda.org/wda-foundation under the events and activities tab.

Kids at The Boys and Girls Club of Fond du Lac are all smiles after participating in the club’s Cavity-Free Zone Program. The club recently received a foundation grant to provide oral hygiene education.


Dr. Anthony M. Sciascia Dr. Loren C. SwansonPresident, WDA Foundation Vice President, WDA Foundation

P.S. See page 4 to read more about the WDA Foundation in this month’s president’s message and editorial.

WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 9

More than $51,000 awarded to 20 dental health programs

Ten students receive scholarship awards





Seeking foundation board members

Through your generosity...

The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation extends its charitable reach across the state by annually distributing

grant funding to worthy organizations. For 2013, the WDA Foundation is awarding $51,050 in grants and designated funding to 20 programs that bring oral health care to low-income Wisconsin resi-dents and provide other dentistry-related services. This year’s recipients include: Madison’s AIDS Network will use a $4,000 gift to purchase needed dental clinic supplies and pay laboratory fees. In Milwaukee, the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin will use a $5,000 award to help pay for patients’ dentures and prosthodontic procedures. The Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac is receiving $500 in support of its Cavity-Free Zone Program. The club part-ners with local dental offices to provide fun oral hygiene education activities after school to an estimated 200 elementary school students. The Bread of Healing Clinic serves more than 1,500 low-income individu-als with chronic health conditions from Milwaukee’s north central neighbor-hoods annually. Its $3,000 grant will help purchase dental operatory equipment, so more needed extractions and restorative care can be provided. Brown County Oral Health

Partnership is receiving $3,000 to help underwrite a semipermanent dental clinic in a new early childhood education center in Green Bay. The goal is to see 150 children and com-plete 50 percent of treatment plans during the new clinic’s first school year of operation. Community Dental Clinic of Jefferson County will use its $4,000 grant to purchase much needed con-sumable supplies. Located in Fort Atkinson, the clinic treats some 3,400 low-income patients annually. HealthNet of Rock County in Janesville serves low-income county residents. The clinic, which is staffed by volunteer dentists, will use its $3,000 foundation grant to purchase equipment and supplies. Racine’s Health Care Network is get-ting $3,000 toward the purchase of den-tal restoration materials. More than 440 low-income individuals were cared for by a team of 63 volunteers, including 49 dentists, during a recent 12-month period. Lincoln County Health Department in Merrill is receiving $1,200 in support of its dental sealant program for area second, third and fifth graders. School families also receive oral health education. Portage Community School District is receiving $1,000 to help expand basic oral hygiene education to all first graders. Each student gets a toothbrush, fluoridat-

ed toothpaste, brushing timer, dental floss and hands- on instruction in brushing, flossing and healthy diet practices. Parents receive oral health education materials. The Smiles for Sister Lucille Program at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee is receiving $2,000 toward purchase of a portable suction machine. The center serves children, adults with disabilities and the frail elderly, 75 percent of whom can’t swallow or spit as needed when receiving dental care. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Dental Clinic will use a $1,000 grant to help purchase new treatment equipment. The largely-

Mission Statement As the philanthropic arm of the Wisconsin Dental Association , the WDA Foundation is committed to making a difference by improving the oral health of Wisconsin residents through its support of projects that provide dental care for the disadvantaged while meeting the current and future needs of the dental profession.

The WDA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Its programs include Donated Dental Services, Mission of Mercy, the annual Foundation grant and scholarship programs, Dentists Concerned for Dentists and the Emergency Relief Fund.

The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation is constantly strengthening and expanding. To continue that positive growth, we are looking for WDA members who want to help the foundation move to the next level. If you believe in the programs of the foundation, this is your opportunity to become involved in a meaningful way. The WDA Foundation Board of Directors is the policymaking arm of the nonprofit organization. It is composed of two representatives from each region, at-large (non-dentist) members and the executive committee. Currently, the foundation is seeking two WDA members to serve as direc-tors (one from the Greater Milwaukee Region 3 and one from Southwest Region 5) and help shape its future. Board term is three years and can be renewed for two consecutive terms (subject to vote). Terms begin on Jan. 1, 2014. If interested, send your resume/ curriculum vitae and a paragraph on why you are interested in serving by Sept. 30, 2013. Contact WDA Foundation Executive Director Vicki Bohman at [email protected] or 414-755-4198 for more information or to submit your applica-tion.

Today’s dental students face a difficult financial road. With the cost of attending dental school approaching $200,000, every dollar received helps make the journey a little easier. And while costs are not on the same level, dental hygiene students face upward of $10,000 to complete their chosen degree. Your donations to the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation helped lighten the higher educa-tion financial load of 10 dental and dental hygiene students in the state in 2013. Four state residents who are enter-ing their fourth year at Marquette University School of Dentistry this fall received $2,500 each on the basis of academic achievement, motivation, character and financial need. Luisa Campos of Menasha wants Hispanics to better understand the impor-tance of oral health. She chose her career after her mother suffered a dental infec-tion and had trouble finding care shortly after the family immigrated to the United States from Mexico. She plans to teach and volunteer with outreach programs. Ellen Handel of Medford decided on a career in dentistry at age 12, because she liked having “squeaky clean teeth”! Her goal is to be a private-practice general dentist in a Wisconsin community.

Elizabeth Minard of Wauwatosa became interested in a health career in her early teens while serving as a personal caregiver for her severely disabled cousin. With smokers in her family, Ms. Minard says, “I look forward to speaking with patients about smoking cessation and having the potential to change their lives.” Brock Radich of Neenah frequently “tagged along” when his older sister shad-owed dentists as part of her dental career strategy. Mr. Radich plans to specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery and practice in “Packerland”. He’ll give back to the profession by mentoring future dentists.

Kristine Schedler of Neenah is in her second year at MUSOD and received the $1,000 WDA Foundation/Alliance Scholarship. Funding for this award was donat-ed by the now-disbanded Women’s Alliance of the WDA. It is given to a married Wisconsin resident in his or her second, third or fourth year of dental school. Service is an important part of Ms. Schedler’s life and dentistry will enable her to help those facing barriers to care. Five students enrolled in Wisconsin technical college den-tal hygiene programs received $500 each to help defray costs. Hygiene scholarship recipients must be state residents with aca-

demic achievement and financial need. The WDA Foundation Hygiene Scholarship recipients for 2013 are: • Chippewa Valley Technical College – Jordyn Becker (city unknown) • Fox Valley Technical College – Katie S. Klein of Appleton • Northcentral Technical College – Ashley A. King of Ringle • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College – Amanda Przybylski of Pulaski • Waukesha County Technical College – Christina Sprenger of Howard’s Grove

continued on page 15...

in patient care provided through Mission of Mercy

awarded through more than 200 annual grants and scholarships since 2003

patients received dental care through Donated Dental Services since 1998

awarded to dentists and their families through the Relief Fund since 2000

The WDA Foundation awarded the Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic a grant for its new adult dental program.

The foundation’s 2013 dental student scholarships were award-ed at a luncheon in May.

10 WDA Journal July 2013 WDA.org

Names in the newsMUSOD associate dean receives honorary doctorate Dr. Denis Lynch (Milwaukee), Marquette University School of Dentistry professor and associate dean, received an honorary doctorate from Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara in Romania.

Madison dental hygienist elected WDHA president Lisa Bell, RDH, MPH (Madison) was elected president of the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association in April 2013. Ms. Bell is also executive director of the Madison’s Dental Initiative dental

clinic at the Salvation Army building in Madison.

Midwest Dental provides free oral cancer exams In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April, Midwest Dental offices throughout the state provided 60 free visual head and neck oral cancer exams.

Pierre Fauchard Academy inductees Dr. Steve Stoll (Neenah) received the Distinguished Dentist Award at the annual meeting of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Wisconsin Section on May 3 in the Wisconsin Dells.

The meeting was held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Dental Association’s 2013 InSession. Highlights included induction of 12 new fellows.

Back row: (from left) PFA Chair Dr. Gene Shoemaker and fellows, Drs. Jeremy Hoffman (Marathon), Ken Geiger (Sheboygan), Phil Florek (Neenah), Robert Darling (Sheboygan).

Front row: (from left) Drs. Pamela Hanson (Waukesha), Jennifer Peglow (Stevens Point), Lisa Koenig (Brookfield) and Paula Crum (Green Bay). Not pictured are fellows Drs. Heidi Eggers-Ulve (Green Bay),

Lynn Lepak-McSorley (Milwaukee), Robert Melugin (Nashotah) and Sandra Piefer-Tomczak (Sheboygan Falls).

A 59-year-old female was referred to a general practitioner for a large swelling of her right mandibular vestibule of several weeks duration, mimicking an odontogenic infec-tion.

The clinical examination revealed an asymptomatic and firm, (non-fluc-tuant) fixed (non-movable) soft tissue lesion. The patient additionally presented with an advanced periodontal disease, however there was no communica-tion between the periodontal pockets and the swelling upon the periodontal probing. Further evaluation revealed an ill-defined osteolytic lesion of bicuspid and molar region (Figure #1). Aspiration revealed no exudates. Patient additionally complained of numbness in the area that had started a month prior to her dental visit.


1- What would you consider in your differential diagnosis?

A. Intrabony infection (osteomyelitis)

B. Odontogenic lesions (cyst or tumor)

C. Non-odontogenic lesions D. Primary or metastatic tumor E. All of the above

2- What would you do to make a definitive diagnosis?

A. Incisional biopsyB. Excisional biopsyC. Review the medical historyD. Brush biopsyE. Needle biopsy

Answers on page 15FIGURE #1

Public relations and membership efforts recognized In May 2013, the Wisconsin Dental Association received a 2013 Paragon Communications Award of Excellence for “creativity and outstanding work” on the WDA.org website renovation project from the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The WDA also recently earned its sev-enth bronze Telly® Award in the health and wellness category for local/regional tele-vision commercials. Working with Group One Marketing and Endless Productions, the Public Relations Committee, Dental Home Subcommittee and WDA staff created the “Baby’s First Birthday” TV spot for year three of the stra-

tegic, statewide Baby Teeth Matter public awareness campaign. The WDA also received an award for the greatest net gain in membership for a society with 2,001-3,500 members at the American Dental Association Annual Conference on Membership Recruitment and Retention in Chicago in April.

TOP LEFT PHOTO: The WDA accepted a PRSA Paragon Award at a luncheon on May 21 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. Representing the team included: from left), Mark Paget, executive director; Keith Grzegorek, Punch Digital Marketing; Kelly Isackson, former WDA electronic communications coordi-

nator; Emily Bultman, WDA communica-tions coordinator; Amanda Brezgel, WDA electronic communications coordinator; Rick Brandtjen, Group One Marketing; and Carol Weber, WDA director of pub-lic relations. Not pictured is Dr. Neill Luebke (Brookfield), former Electronic Communications Subcommittee chair and Matt Collins, SunAnt Interactive.

BOTOM RIGHT PHOTO:WDA membership team (from left) Amy Landis, member relations coordinator; Susan John, member services representa-tive; Christine Peacy, member services representative; and Lani Becker, associate executive director.


presented by

Ezedin M. Sadeghi, DDS, MS, MUSOD Associate Professor and Oral Pathology Director [email protected]



DY #


WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 11

WDAIP honored with insurance award

The WDAIP Property and Casualty Division includes (from left) Linda Welker, Carla Saltzman-Young, Kim Sobanski, Sherry Brushafer, Amanda Gorman and Nancy Wuenne.

The WDA Insurance Programs was honored by West Bend Mutual Insurance Company with the $1 Million in Premium Milestone Award. The property and casualty team worked hard to reach this milestone. They look forward to many more years of partnership with West Bend.

Consider a memorial gift There are many ways to honor a dental professional who has passed away, but there is one sure way to continue his or her legacy in dentistry. A memorial gift to the Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation is a thoughtful and meaningful expres-sion of sympathy for someone who has dedicated his or her life to helping others maintain good oral health. It ensures the tradition of helping others will continue for years to come. Additionally, if you would like to make sure that your legacy continues, be sure to inform your loved ones that a donation to the WDA Foundation is an honor you would appreciate.

12 WDA Journal July 2013 WDA.org


Practice WantedEdge Advisors has 15 and counting dental practices for sale! Want to sell your real estate with the practice? Contact Jessica at [email protected] or call 715-379-1796 to find out about how to sell both at the lowest price in the industry. #11-2012-09

WesternU.P.practice,nearWisconsinborder,will gross buyer over $300,000 the first year, after debt service. Contact Mark Breit, Paragon Dental Transitions, 906-250-9666 or [email protected]. #04-2013-05

Madison - Dental condo unit for sale or lease. 3 operatories, front office, private office, sterilization area. Ideal for a new startup. In a well-established dental building (with an orthodontist) in a desirable east Madison neighborhood. Contact [email protected] or call 608-217-1727. #02-2013-09

General dentist seeking a practioners, preferably with own patient base, to share office space. Ideally suited for general dentist, prosthodontist, periodontist or orthodontist. Four operatories and laboratory available. Respond to Wisconsin Dental Association, Blind Box 0403, 6737 W. Washington St., Ste. 2360, West Allis, WI 53214. #04-2013-03

A dentist is available with advanced skills and ability to work in high-pace environment. Willing to come in another office once a week or once a month with instruments for extractions, perio, laser or mini-implant procedures. Contact [email protected] or 414-364-3004. #06-2013-06

Dentist with five years of experience seeking Madison area associate position with potential for partnership or ownership. Please reply to [email protected]. #05-2013-02

Practice for Sale/Lease

Dentist Available/Position Wanted

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Dentist seeking associate position (with buy-in potential) or practice to purchase on Madison’s west side or surrounding suburbs. Respond to Wisconsin Dental Association, Blind Box 0301, 6737 W. Washington St., Ste. 2360, West Allis, WI 53214 #03-2013-01

Two general dentists with 10 years clinical experience seeking the purchase of a metro Milwaukee area dental practice. 4-5 ops desirable but will consider other options, real estate purchase also desired. Please contact [email protected], 414-241-8175 or [email protected], 503-954-5488 or [email protected]. #06-2013-07

#WI500 – Madison Area Practice Wanted – Buyer interested in acquiring a satellite practice with owner willing to stay as associate. Are you looking to slow down and let someone else deal with the business management of your practice? You just want to treat patients and leave without a worry of the day-to-day management of the practice? This may be the perfect time to transition your practice! Call Deanna Wright at Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions at 800-730-8883 or email [email protected] for more information on how we can help. #02-2013-15

Beloit/Janesville Associate Dentist Wanted – Partners in Care, LLC, which currently has 4 office locations, is looking to expand and purchase 3 additional offices in 2013, in Southeastern Wisconsin. We currently have 3 offices in Illinois located in Elmhurst, Bloomingdale and St. Charles, and one office in Wisconsin located in Lake Geneva. If you visit our website, www.chicagolanddentists.com, you will be able to view our wonderful offices. We currently employ 12 General dentists, and offer the services of two oral surgeons, an endodontist, a periodontist and an orthodontist. We take great pride in our excellent reputation and longstanding commitment to our patients. Our first office, Elmhurst Dental, has been serving the Elmhurst Community for 40 years. We are currently looking to purchase practices in Janesville and Beloit, Wisconsin and are looking for Associate General Dentists with at least 3 years experience for these practices. We offer excellent benefits and a minimum pay guarantee to start. If interested, please forward resume/CV to [email protected]. #06-2013-03


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Associate Position - Looking for a motivated PT or FT General Dentist to join our growing practice in Greenfield. 2 years experience with molar endo and extractions preferred. Please fax resume to 414-327-7551. #07-2013-11

Associate Dentist – State of the Art Dental Facility located in Wauwatosa, WI has an opportunity for an experienced dentist to join our dedicated staff. Full-time with benefit package or part-time available. No evenings or weekends. Respond to Wisconsin Dental Association, Blind Box 0510, 6737 W. Washington St., Ste. 2360, West Allis, WI 53214.#05-2013-10

Greater Madison Area

Midwest Dental is seeking candidates for a practice opportunity in the greater Madison area. Our philosophy of preserving and supporting the traditional private practice setting provides a great work-life balance, excellent compensation and benefits, and unlimited opportunity for professional growth. Our comprehensive support team provides you the freedom to focus on your patients, your skills and lead your team. If you possess a passion for providing full-service quality dental care and are in search of a rewarding practice opportunity, we’d enjoy the opportunity to learn about your practice philosophy, career goals and expectations. For more information and practice specifics, please contact Laura Anderson Laehn by phone at 715-225-9126 or email [email protected]. You may also visit us online at www.midwest-dental.com. #06-2013-01

DNT Inc. seeks a General Dentist for its Mitchell St. Office. Must have a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from a accredited University and license to practice dentistry in the state of Wisconsin. Interested candidates should send/email resume directly to; Mr. Don Lee, DNT Inc., 710 West Historic Mitchell Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204 or [email protected]. #07-2013-04

Appleton, WI – Associate position available for 2 Dr. practice looking to add a 3rd Dr. 3,000 patient base. Sign-on bonus and no non-compete initially. Buy-in option available. Please call 920-225-0123. #02-2013-14.

Associate opportunity in busy Fox Valley general dental practice with equal partnership potential. Apply in confidence to [email protected]. #07-2013-03

Properties/Office Space Available

Practice PositionOpportunity

WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 13

To pLace a dispLaY or cLassified ad, pLease conTacT

emiLY BULTman aT [email protected].

General Dentist – Kenosha, WI Excellent opportunity for a General Dentist to establish a new Affordable Dentures practice in Kenosha, WI. No personal financial investment required and outstanding income and equity potential. Affordable Dentures practices are niche practices oriented towards serving primarily a lower income, elderly population as well as value conscious patients. The practices focus on providing removable prosthetics, extraction services, and implants for denture stabilization. A number of affiliated practices provide sedation services and same day crowns using CADCAM technology. In addition to an exceptional income package, there is a full benefits package which includes a variety of insurance options plus an outstanding 401k plan with a generous match. The practice also provides paid vacation time / 9 holidays, license and DEA renewals, annual CE allowance, and professional liability insurance. The practice will be equipped with a fully staffed on-site laboratory operation enabling same day service for most patients. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm with no evenings and no weekends. In addition to outstanding income, you will enjoy the benefits of a professionally gratifying and personally rewarding career. Affiliation with Affordable Care as your Dental Services Organization relieves the administrative burden of operating a busy dental practice, and allows the general dentist to spend more time providing quality patient care. Learn what current affiliated practice owners already know our unique business model allows you to do good for others while doing well for yourself. Contact: Alan Wallace 800-313-3863 ext. 2234 or Email: [email protected]. #06-2013-08

Position available. Associate wanted in Eau Claire – Two Doctor general dental practice seeking associate to partnership candidate. Excellent salary guarantee/benefits. Reply in confidence to [email protected]. #07-2013-07

Keystone Life Core Surgical Implant Kit W & H implant med intelligent drive unit plus handpiece. 22 plants and 9 abutments. $6,500. Contact [email protected] or 920-284-7982. #07-2013-13

Antique dental cabinet – Mahogany, dark green marble, beveled mirror and glass. Purchased used in 1947, probably fabricated in the 1920s. 22 drawers, 5 doors. 62”H x 30”Wx14”D. Beautifully restored. $2,450. Contact [email protected] or 920-379-7521. #05-2013-03

Mike Bark – The ONLY accredited “Instituteof Dental CPA’s” certified Wisconsin CPA/Accountant and best valued. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help you improve your situation. Contact 414-759-9629 or [email protected]. #11-2012-11


Office Equipment for Sale

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the WDA Journal!AFTCO ............................................... 15 www.aftco.net Delta Dental ........................................ 15 www.deltadentalwi.comEdge Advisors .................................... 13 www.edgeadvise.comKeller .................................................. 10 www.kellerbuilds.com Lord’s Dental Studio ................................ 2 www.lordsdental.com Midwest Dental .................................... 11 www.midwest-dental.comParagon .............................................. 12 www.paragon.us.comScientific Metals ........................................ 11 www.ScientificMetals.com/org West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. ............ 16 www.thesilverlining.com

Recently remodeled 2 doctor practice in southeastern Wisconsin. Fully digital, all the latest technology including CEREC and CBCT. Full service practice, refer out almost nothing. Full or part-time associate needed ASAP. Competitive compensation package with guaranteed minimum salary. Great opportunity for new dentist. Email resume to [email protected].#04-2013-02

FULL-TIMEDENTISTPOSITION:Heartland Dental Care is seeking affiliate opportunities for a General Dentist in the central Wisconsin area. We offer excellent compensation and benefits package as well as continuing educational opportunities, as well as a sign on bonus and relocation package. If you’re an outgoing, positive Dentist looking for career satisfaction and continuing education opportunities, join the HDC family. For more information on affiliate opportunities in central Wisconsin, call 866-903-6426 or email [email protected]. #07-2013-02


Do you have a passion for patient care? Do you enjoy new challenges and desire a flexible work environment? We want to talk with you! Our team is looking for doctors with open personalities who are interested in covering maternity leaves, military leaves, and extended vacations in our Fee for Service practices. If you’ve ever considered the benefits of temporary coverage, give us a call. With us, you can work as much or as little as desired. We have practices located in various communities throughout WI, MN, IL, and IA. To learn more, please contact Laura Anderson Laehn at 715-926-5050 or [email protected]. Visit online at www.midwest-dental.com and www.mountaindental.com. #06-2010-01

Wisconsin Health Fund is looking for an Oral Surgeon to work in our well-established, fee-for-service dental clinic. This oral surgeon will work within the dental care delivery system to provide care for patients for 4-5 hours/ week. Please send resume to G. Stelmaszewski, WHF 6200 W. Bluemound Rd, Milwaukee WI 53213, email [email protected], fax 414-771-2540. Check us out on the web at www.whfund.org. #07-2013-01

ForwardDental is in search of exceptional Dentists to join our busy Wisconsin practices. Positions offer competitive compensation, enhanced benefits and the opportunity for ownership! Contact Kelly at [email protected]. #10-2011-05

La CrosseMidwest Dental is seeking candidates for the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. Since 1968, our philosophy of supporting doctors and staff has lead to unmatched consistency and paved the way for future growth. We pride ourselves on providing doctors the ability to practice in a traditional, non-HMO practice environment coupled with the flexibility and rewards that a group can offer. We are currently working on new opportunities in La Crosse. We’d enjoy the opportunity to learn about your practice philosophy, career goals and expectations. To learn more, please contact Andrew Lockie at 715-579-4076 or email [email protected]. Visit us online at www.midwest-dental.com. #07-2013-11

Green Bay – I am in need of an associate to perform all phases of general dentistry in a well-established practice in Green Bay. This will quickly lead to a full-time position. Buy-in/buy-out is available and will be discussed and decided prior to employment. Contact Dr. Stephen A. Sevenich at 1551 Park Place Suite 300, Green Bay, WI 54304 or 920-737-7619. #03-2013-03


Midwest Dental is seeking a full time dentist in our Wausau and Merrill practices. We offer the opportunity to lead your own clinical team without the administrative and financial burdens.Our philosophy of preserving and supporting the traditional private practice setting provides a great work-life balance, excellent compensation and benefits, and unlimited opportunity for professional development. If you possess a passion for providing quality care and are looking for a rewarding practice opportunity in the Wausau or Merrill areas, please contact us at 715-926-5050 or email [email protected]. Visit us online at www.midwest-dental.com. #07-2013-10

Dental Dreams desires motivated, quality oriented associate dentists for its offices in IL (Chicago & suburbs), DC, LA, MI, MA, MD, NM, PA, SC, TX and VA. We provide quality general FAMILY dentistry in a technologically advanced setting. Our valued dentists earn on average $230,000/yr plus benefits. New graduates encouraged! Call 312-274-4524 or email [email protected]. #03-2013-05

Outstanding Opportunity: Partners in Care is seeking a part-time general dentist, 3 and a half days per week, for our new Southeastern Wisconsin location. We offer excellent benefits and a minimum pay guarantee to start. We are looking for candidates with at least two full years of experience to be a part of our dedicated team of professionals. Visit our website at: www.chicagolanddentists.com to see our other four locations. Email Resume/CV to [email protected]. #04-2012-11

Opportunities Available - Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health has detailed information on general and specialty dentist positions in both smaller towns and larger cities located throughout Wisconsin. Most of these positions qualify for the $50,000 loan repayment program from the State of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Office of Rural Health has recently added a Dentist Placement Program to our successful Physician Placement Program. Located at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, we are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping improve the quality of health care for the people of Wisconsin. For information, call Marsha Siik at 800-385-0005, email [email protected], or fax CV to 608-261-1893. #03-2013-06

MOREREASONSTOSMILE! We’ve always believed in putting patients first. In fact, Dental Associates was built on the notion that everyone deserves access to affordable dental care of the highest caliber. From a small solo practice that launched more than 35 years ago, Dental Associates has grown to 10 multispecialty dental centers. We’re proud to bring quality, progressive treatment to communities across with the day-to-day business tasks. Put all your focus back on your patients and you will enjoy more of those rewarding moments! We’d love to have you join us. Visit our website at dentalassociates.com, call or send resume/CV in confidence to: [email protected] or Dental Associates Attn: Susan Bullen, 11711 W. Burleigh St., Wauwatosa, WI 53222, 800-315-71107, 414-456-9911(fax). #02-2013-02

Are you happy in your current office? Before you make a move or accept another offer, be sure to check us out! Our dental practice, located in Southern Wisconsin, is looking for a long term associate to join our steadily growing practice and community. We service all aspects of general dentistry, including implant placement and restoration. Come and be a part of our fun, talented and enthusiastic team! We are offering a top base salary, production bonus program, and a generous benefits package. Please submit CV/resume to: [email protected]. #03-2013-04


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13WDA Insurance Programs Risk Management Seminar Radisson Inn Paper Valley Appleton Visit www.insuranceformembers.com for more information“Photo Documentation: Simplifying Photography and Case Presentation” Dennis Braunston, BS3 CE credits Visit www.marquette.edu/dentsitry for more information

18Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition statewide meeting Stevens Point

20“Oral Cancer: What Happens to Your Patients After You Make the Diagnosis” Denis Lynch, DDS, Ph.D.; Michelle Michael, M.D.; Bruce Campbell, M.D.; Becky Massey, M.D.; Christopher Schultz, M.D.; Stuart Wong, M.D.; and Amir Sifi, DDS, Ph.D.6 CE credits Visit www.marquette.edu/dentsitry for more information

27-28WDA Board of Trustees meeting Crowne Plaza • Wauwatosa

Summer HoursWDA offices will be closed Monday May 27 for Memorial Day observance. Following Memorial Day, WDA Executive and Legislative offices will be open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. to noon through Aug. 31.


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JULY4-5WDA offices closed for Independence Day and floating holiday 10Dentistry Examining Board 8:30 a.m. 1400 E. Washington Ave., Rm 121ADepartment of Safety and Professional ServicesMadison

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AUGUST13“OSHA and Infection Control Update”Dr. Katherine Schrubbe 3 CE credits Visit www.marquette.edu/dentsitry for more information

16“OSHA and Infection Control Update”Dr. Katherine Schrubbe 3 CE credits Visit www.marquette.edu/dentsitry for more information

SEPTEMBER2 WDA offices closed for Labor Day4Dentistry Examining Board8:30 a.m.1400 E. Washington Ave., Rm 121ADepartment of Safety and ProfessionalServices • Madison6“The Christensen Bottom Line”Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, Ph.D. Presented by MUSOD and Lord’s Dental 6 CE creditsVisit www.marquette.edu/dentsitry for more information 9Wisconsin State Dental Golf Tournament North Hills Country Club Menomonee FallsVisit WDA.org for more information

Reminder!License renewal deadline for Wisconsin dentists and dental hygienists is Sept. 30, 2013. Visit www.dsps.wi.gov for more information.

WDA.org July 2013 WDA Journal 15

1) e

2) a & c

Case study continued from page 10

Foundation continued from page 9


Final Diagnosis: Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the breast

DiscussionMetastatic malignant tumor to the

oral cavity is uncommon but clinically very important. The majority of the metastases from primary lesions else-where in the body to the oral cavity occur in the mandible particularly the molar region, although maxilla and tongue can also be affected.

Although the metastatic lesions can be asymptomatic, most patients experi-ence pain, unilateral numbness and discomfort.

Teeth associated with the meta-static tumor may become mobile. Radiographic features of the metastatic tumor in mandible may range from ill-defined radiolucency to an irregular radiopacity, or sometimes a mixed radiolucent and radiopaque lesion.

Majority of the metastatic tumors to the jaws are adenocarcinomas origi-nating from: breast (30 percent), lung (20 percent), kidney (15 percent), thy-roid, prostate, colon and stomach (5 percent) each.

The lesions can be easily mistaken with the odontogenic infections and periodontal diseases, and for the cor-rect diagnosis and management they must be biopsied.

Acknowledgement: This case was contributed by Dr. Andrew Mork of Winona, Minn., who graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry.

Ezedin M. Sadeghi, DDS, MS Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologist Associate Professor, Marquette University School of Dentistry Referral and Consultation: 414-288-6559. Biopsy Service: 414- 805-8440.

volunteer clinic provides free dental ser-vices to low-income children and adults from Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine and Waukesha counties. Shawano County Healthy Smiles’ $650 grant will purchase preventive den-tal health and personal oral hygiene sup-plies for use in area schools. Shawano County Dental Society volunteers assist with screenings, sealant and fluoride var-nish treatments and oral hygiene educa-tion. Tri-County Community Dental Clinic depends on volunteer dental professionals to treat underserved residents of Calumet, Outagamie and Winnebago counties. TCCDC’s Focus on the Children school-based program is getting $5,000 so stu-dents can receive oral health education and preventive and restorative care. A $5,000 grant supports Waukesha County Community Dental Clinic’s

new Adult Dental Program. Waukesha County Dental Society volunteers help part-time staff dentists deliver preventive care and restorative treatment to low-income residents. The fifth WDA Mission of Mercy, held late June in Walworth County received $3,000 in funding to help defray costs associated with the two-day clinic. The Donated Dental Services pro-gram will use $3,000 to continue provid-ing free, comprehensive dental care to Wisconsin adults who cannot work due to a permanent disability, chronic illness or advanced age, and whose needs are not met by public aid programs. American Dental Association and WDA educational materials valued at $1,700 will be made available to first-year Marquette UniversitySchoolofDentistry students at orientation. The MUSODbuildingexpansionproj-

ect gets $1,000 as part of a multiple-year foundation pledge. Dentists Concerned for Dentists will

use $1,000 to help those struggling with problems associated with alcohol or chemical dependency, depression, infectious diseases and other well-being issues. The grant program is by applica-tion only. Each request is thoroughly reviewed by the WDA Foundation’s Finance and Allocation Committee to determine if it meets the strict cri-teria. The committee’s recommended program grants are then sent to the foundation’s Board of Directors for approval. The deadline for 2014 grant applica-tions is July 31, 2013. Visit WDA.org, call 414-755-4198 or send email to [email protected] for more infor-mation.

Dr. Tyler Brown (Neenah), right, shares a smile with a Donated Dental Services’ patient.

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In May 2012, Milwaukee’s 5th District Alderman James Bohl intro-duced a proposal to stop fluoridation of the city’s municipal water supply. The Wisconsin Dental Association quickly responded by working with the state’s Division of Public Health, Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Marquette University School of Dentistry, Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition and American Dental Association. Although the dental community suc-cessfully defeated the legislation, we learned through this experience that there is not a “one size fits all” solution for defending fluoridation. Out of our challenge came the Wisconsin Fluoride Response Team, which includes representation from the Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association, Wisconsin Water Works,

DHS and WOHC. The team’s goal is to defend and expand the practice of community water fluoridation by notifying members of local activity, sending letters of support, identifying and training spokespersons and coordinating testimony at public hearings. In April 2012, the ADA hosted a fluoridation training and the WDA sent four representatives, including Drs. David Clemens (Wisconsin Dells), WDA Southwest Region 5 trustee; Cliff Hartmann (Greenfield), WDA Southeast Region 4 trustee; and BrianHodgson (Milwaukee), MUSOD associ-ate professor and pediatric dentist, along with Erika Valadez, WDA dental prac-tice and government services associate. “The training was a great opportu-nity to review the scientific basis for the current recommendation for water fluoridation. It also provided a solid basic understanding of how to respond

Wisconsin Fluoride Reponse Team expands efforts Emily Bultman WDA Communications Coordinator [email protected]

Fluoride movements in Wisconsin 2011-13


to requests for comments from news report-ers,” Dr. Hodgson said. It is important that professionals be trained on fluoridation issues in advance of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ release of the final recom-mendation on the optimal level of fluoride in drinking water so that this recommenda-tion can be accurately explained to deci-sion makers and the public. In order to expand the number of people in the U.S. who receive the benefits of fluoridated water, it is not only necessary to initiate new fluoridation programs but also maintain current programs. It is anticipated that the HHS announcement will cause an increase in activity designed to end success-ful fluoridation programs. “Although I recognized the importance of fluoride, I didn’t realize how poor oral health was in the pre-fluoride era. We don’t see nearly the disease today as was seen in the 1940s. The efforts of dentistry to improve oral health have been successful. I didn’t realize how close to home some of these fluoride issues were. In Antigo, Wis., fluoride was removed from the water in 1960. Within four years, decay rates were right back where they were in the pre-fluoride era,” Dr. Hartmann said. Training provided participants the sci-ence base for fluoridation as well as advo-cacy strategies designed to meet both chal-lenges. DHS Sealant and Fluoridation Program Coordinator Robbyn Kuester, RDH, BSDH and the Alliance’s Associate Director Matt Crespin, RDH, MPH (Milwaukee) also attended the ADA training. “I chose to attend because I wanted to continue learning how to address fluorida-tion concerns when talking with decision makers and the media. I enjoyed the vari-ous new ways of discussing these issues and learning new ways to explain how fluo-ride works and why the myths that those opposed to fluoride don’t hold up. Many in the dental community are not well versed in this area and therefore the general public is not either. We need to be more proac-tive in educating people on the safety and benefits rather than always being on the defensive when an issue arises in our com-munity,” Mr. Crespin said. Dr. Clemens credits the WDA and ADA for providing resources on water fluoridation. “If anyone has a local issue with fluori-dation, which seems to be happening often these days, utilize the tools available,” he said. In fact, the WDA Fluoridation Communications Plan’s goal is to raise awareness of facts and important health benefits of community water fluoridation among Wisconsin municipal leaders and prepare those who support fluoridation to advocate for it in their communities. A variety of fact-based materials have been developed, including an infographic and myth vs. fact statements in print and electronic publications. Fluoride messaging also has been maximized on social media channels for “Fluoride Fridays”. “Wisconsin needs to raise awareness of the public health benefits of community water fluoridation by training profession-als who are passionate and willing to be fluoride spokespersons who can effectively frame science based fluoride messages in ways that is positive and easy to under-stand,” Ms. Kuester said. Contact Ms. Valadez for more informa-tion at [email protected] or 888-538-8932.