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Judith HeartSong Fine Art 2011

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  • 1. Studio and Gallery
    Judith HeartSong Fine Art
  • 2. This painting originated from a red sunflower cut at Butlers Orchard in the metro DC area. Backlit in the studio amazing shades of red and orange just lit up this favorite flower of mine.
    40 x 30acrylic on canvas
    Orange Sunflower Reverse
  • 3. On a trip to Los Angeles to sign prints for the cruise lines, I rented a convertible for the trip and drove to Santa Barbara one day. Outside a mission I found this stately old agave and took reference photos for later use.
    30 x 30acrylic on canvas
  • 4. At the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles there is a shaded water garden with a koi pond. The light was perfect on the afternoon of my visit, allowing a view to the rocks at the bottom of the pond that I found inspiring.
    16 x 22acrylic on canvas
  • 5. From a lovely bundle of snapdragons purchased at the 134 year old Eastern Market in downtown Washington, DC -before the fire that ravaged the building in 2007.
    30 x 40acrylic on canvas
  • 6. Waterlilies photographed at Mystic Aquarium on a windy day became the subject for a panoramic painting that took months to complete in the studio.
    48 x 24acrylic on canvas
  • 7. One of the first goddess archetypes painted many years ago. It was shown at ArtWorks Orlando, a gallery owned by my good friend Kitty Petterson who passed away some time ago. My work won an award and a great review in the Orlando Sentinel.
    original 22.5 x 15watercolor and gold ink on dArches paper
    Goddess from the LIGHT Series
  • 8. From a fun new series of butterfly studies for 2011 painted on unbleached linen canvases.
    30 x 24acrylic on unbleached linen canvas
    Bottle Blue Butterfly
  • 9. Mixed media with antique bottle, cast glass feet, kiln-formed glass lid and silver leafed stars.
    12 x 15 x 3mixed media
    Catch a Falling Star Mixed Media Box
  • 10. A spring hyacinth purchased at Behnkes Nursery (a metro DC treasure) came back to the studio to be photographed for references for later work. Behnkes is also delighted to let artists photograph flowers on site.
    24 x 36acrylic on canvas
  • 11. Some beautiful flowers led to a bright study in the studio.
    30 x 30acrylic on canvas
    Bright Birthday Bouquet
  • 12. Painted from sunflowers cut at Butlers Orchard, these sunflowers were photographed in the studio for later paintings. This piece is one of the paintings featured on Princess Cruise Line and the Cunard Line Queen Mary 2.40 x 30acrylic on canvas
    Allegoryin Yellows
  • 13. A mixed media postcard design for a gallery show in Los Angeles in 2008.6 x 30watercolor, inks,& gold leaf ondArches paper
    Postcard Art for the i-5 Gallery ShowLos Angeles, California2008
  • 14. Photographed at the Philadelphia Flower Show for painting references I took pictures of a host of white flowers that day so fitting for the snowstorm in progress outside the convention center.40 x 30acrylic on canvas
    White Tulips
  • 15. Calla Lilies photographed on a trip to San Diego where I saw calla lilies everywhere in the art. The inspiration came home with me to the studio.
    36 x 30acrylic on canvas
  • 16. Theresa has been a good friend for many years and she asked me to create a mixed media letter for her Letter Project. I was happy to oblige her request with this piece.Mixed media with turning wheel on dArches paper
    Mixed Media Letter for Author Theresa Williams
  • 17. A watercolor still life painted during one of my Wild Watercolor Workshops. A loose and squishy painting workshop for all skill levels and abilities.30 x 22.5watercolor on dArches paper
    Lemons Still Life
  • 18. A commissioned piece for a good friend in North Carolina hangs above the stone fireplace of his house on a mountain-top.
    40 x 30acrylic on canvas
  • 19. Another goddess archetype from a series that I work on once a year or so.Watercolor and gold ink on dArches paper
    Goddess from the LIGHT Series
  • 20. Painted for the 8th annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Medal of Honor Golf Course in Quantico, Virginia by invitation.40 x 30acrylic on canvas
    Lavender Rose
  • 21. The second of a series of nautilus shells painted for prints featured on Princess Cruise Line and the Queen Mary 2.18 x 18acrylic on canvas
    Nautilus Shell
  • 22. From a tiny succulent photographed at Behnkes Nursery. The painting wraps around the canvas edges as most of my works do so that you can frame. or not.
    24 x 24acrylic on canvas
    Pale Green Succulent
  • 23. Another goddess archetype from a series that I work on once a year or so.Watercolor and gold ink on dArches paper
    Goddess from the LIGHT Series
  • 24. Some large splashy dAnjou pears painted for a watercolor demonstration for visitors to my studio.Original 30 x 22.5watercolor on dArches paper
    Pears Watercolor Demonstration
  • 25. Mixed media artist box with decoupage, original watercolor, driftwood, sea glass, Cape May diamonds, empty paint tubes, sand, urchin tests, soap box and poured acrylic.
    Summertime Mixed Media Box
  • 26. Some favorite birds of the Eastern Shore including Red Knots (lower right) and the colorful pebbles of the beaches there. This painting took months to complete.48 x 24acrylic on canvas
    Delaware Shorebirds
  • 27. Painted first as a watercolor study for a Wild Watercolor Workshop, this painting evolved from the initial study and reference photos. The Splash Bowl is by Engler Glass.40 x 30acrylic on canvas
    Summer Pears
  • 28. A sunflower field photographed here in Montgomery County, Maryland became the subject for this panoramic painting. More than 500 reference photos ensure that there will be more paintings in the series.48 x 24acrylic on canvas
    7 Sisters
  • 29. A mixed media piece assembled in a found drawer with a handmade wooden ladder, wooden egg, antique bottle and key, Italian glass tiles, and cut metal flames.
    Personal Shrine
  • 30. From a fun new series of butterfly studies for 2011 painted on unbleached linen canvases.
    30 x 24acrylic on unbleached linen canvas
    Lime Green and Blue Butterfly
  • 31. A peacock painted on a red ground that I had seen in my minds eye for a very long time eventually was licensed by the company Transformational Threads for a limited edition series of embroideries handmade in Vietnam.36 x 36acrylic on canvas
    Peacock Crimson
  • 32. From a new series of stacked stones paintings begun in 2010 from stones that I gather here, there, and everywhere in my travels.20 x 60acrylic on canvas
    Stacked Stones I
  • 33. Judith works in acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media on canvas, fine papers, wood, and found substrates. Her large-scale florals and paintings of bits and pieces of the natural world and animal kingdom have earned her a dedicated following of collectors over the span of her career - celebrating her 30th year as a professional artist in 2011.Judiths licensed images are available on the ships of Princess Cruise Line, the Cunard Line Queen Mary 2, and through Transformational Threads - with her acrylic painting Peacock Crimson offered in a limited edition series of handmade Vietnamese thread paintings featured in a Smithsonian Trunk show at the Freer + Sackler Galleries in Washington, DC in 2010. With work in numerous public and private collections, one of Judiths paintings was presented to Hillary Rodham Clinton at President Clintons first inauguration in 1993. Judith has painted a number of large-scale murals al