Judith Francis - CTA STI Youth strategy

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  • 1. CTA and S, T& : I Engaging ACP Young P h Ann Fr ancisrof essionalsJ uditSenior Pr ogr amme Coor dinat orS &T Policy, CTA, TheNet her lands

2. CTA and S,T&I - at a GlanceLaunched in 2003 Objective To support the ACP region in their efforts to harnessscience, technology and innovation (ST&I) for enhanced agriculturalperformance, sustainable rural development and socio-economicdevelopmentPurpose - ACP researchers, academics and civil society mobilized andempowered and influencing ST&I policy and decision-making processesand related programme implementation in support of agricultural and ruraldevelopmentApproach - Partnerships with key ACP / EU organizations, scientists,women and young professionals and facilitating their continuousengagement through face to face expert consultations, training workshopsand greater integration of ICTs Focus on young professionals (18-35) in 2004 3. CTA and S,T&I - at a Glance3 Strategic Focal PointsFacilitating the ST&I policy dialogue for ARD national, regional, ACP and ACP-EUInformation and communication management dedicated ST&I web portal http://knowledge.cta.int/ Capacity building for enhancing participation inand for informing ST&I policy processes S&T Youth activities competitions, regionalworkshops, training, publications, networkingsupport (AYFST & PAEPARD) 4. Why Young Pr of essionals?Transformational change needed ACP region is facing a knowledge and skills gap ageing researchers, academicians, technocrats etc Continued underinvestment in science / research -< 1% GDP investedHighest ranking ACP university in the world 336 th(University of Cape Town). UWI 784th and UNPG 9803th Empowerment a priority & a necessity 5. Why Young Pr of essionals?Global challenges = Interconnected solutionsNew competencies needed - rapid advances in science andtechnology e.g. biotechnology, nanotechnology, ICTsResearch needed to monitor changes, develop newproducts, improve systems, understand issues, provideevidence for policy etc e.g. Climate changeInnovation needed in all spheres policy, product,processes, finance, markets e.g. Green economic growthInterconnected thinking, inter-disciplinary approaches, sciencepolicy-society 6. Innovation more than S&T An Interactive processCreating, using and exploiting ideas, knowledge (scientific & traditional), technologies & marketsResourcesProducts, Services, Jobs Learning Competition, Failures, Opportunities, Threats 7. Multif aceted - Complex and dynamic 8. CTA ST& and YoungICapacity Building FocusP essionals rof Competitions (essays, scientific/research papers,videos) Scientific Writing & Editing Policy advocacy Communication Production of films/videos Publications Networking opportunities Mentorship, self-mobilizationGiving Young prof essionals a Voice Raising their prof ile 9. CTA ST& and Young ISome FeedbackP essionals rof Raised standard of articles additional publicationsDeveloped skills inter-personal, networking,communication, research methods}Professional growthFunding opportunities PhD study, research funds I have become a mentor to young scientists and have been ableto source funding to the tune of US $1,500,000, Ayuk Tambe, IRAD Cameroon CTA - Empowering Young prof essionals 10. Some f eedback : Af rica- wideScience CompetitionsReasons for ParticipationAnswer Options 1(strongly disagree)2 3 45(strongly agree) Response CountTo improve the quality0 6 5 4 21 36and relevance of yourresearchTo have your work22 6 1314 37publishedTo increase10 4 6 28 39recognition of thepotential of yourresearch activities toagricultural and ruraldevelopmentTo have an 10 4 1518 38opportunity toinfluence agriculturalscience and researchpolicy processesTo have an 10 7 1315 36opportunity to set theagendas foragricultural researchand development.To network 01 7 8 21 37To solicit or advocate 53 4 1120 38for increasedinvestment/funding forresearchTo travel to another 20 6 3 72 34country for the firsttimeTo win the prize 60 5 8 17 37 Nkobou, 2012. CTA Report 11. Some development Af rica- wideProfessional Feedback: Science Competitions Nkobou, 2012. CTA Report 12. ConclusionWe need new approaches toaddress the complex challengesconfronting society& theagricultural and rural sectors - Enhance the ST&I policy & institutional framework Improve university and S&T infrastructure Increase research outputs Develop human resource base Share information, knowledge & experience Promote best practice & learning Encourage enquiry, creativity, innovation and foresight Invest in young professionals empower them give them voice