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Use of photography.

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  • 1. I have been using visuals since mycommunications career began -- rst as a photojournalist, L-R from top: Visual Studies presentations judge; attack on guest speaker; cleaning Museum dinosaur; Ram Dass and Timothy Leary exit anniversary; caring for research monkey; Phi Beta Kappa at Memorial Hall; Bishop Desmond Tutu speaking against apartheid; Kermit the Frog delivering Class Day address Life in the Big Pond.
  • 2. then as an administrator, developing visual strategies best suited for a specic time, situation, and audience. I was about to be arrested in China for carrying a suspicious package until it produced the rst Polaroid picture these airport guards had ever seen.
  • 3. I continue to conceive and implement visual concepts, especially to promote teaching, because some things take too long to explain...From Learning, following a fourth grade class.
  • 4. ...or are more powerful left unsaid.10th anniversary of school desegregation and forced busing in Boston.
  • 5. What inspires me to work in education communications is sharing the sense of wonder at the core of learning: Pondering the cosmos at a rooftop observatory.
  • 6. the curiosity that inspires students to explore depths never before imaginedUnderwater view of the NCAA Diving Championships
  • 7. on a journey to nd out who they might ultimately become. Harvard Law School student Barack Obama elected editor of the Harvard Law Review.
  • 8. Joe WrinnCommunications Counselor to Higher Education contact: