Jobless but Not Hopeless

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  • 8/12/2019 Jobless but Not Hopeless



    Dear Blog viewers,

    Try not to become a man of success but rather

    try to become a man of value. Quotations on Integrity

    by Albert Einstein. Success definitely kisses the feet of

    those who are really passionate and dedicated towards

    their assigned goal. It is obligatory for success to give

    its sweet taste to the real deserving person who does

    not believe in day dream but in absolute action. There

    are different kinds of actions which may be ethical or

    unethical, humiliating or respectable. Everybody is

    earning money but it is important how one is earning.

    What is the medium of earning? Money may offer

    wide variety of material pleasure but it cannot always

    fetch peace and respect. It is a moral crime to sell the

    dignity at the cost of money. Money may work certain

    extent of life for accomplishing desires but it cannot be

    the sole priority of life. It is important to consider the job which considers you as a priority

    not as a mere option. It is a disaster to carry on the career where employer can terminate

    you without any further notice but you cannot complain as they are employer. It is a snub

    to be killed in each and every moment even being alive. There is no need of such kind of job

    which is full of humiliation and mental disruption as well as moral distraction. It is really

    amazing to stick to heart not mental persuasion. Winners dont wait for chances, they take

    them. So i did quit my job which bestowed with me so many things but failed to give me the

    mental satisfaction and did not permit to stay me with pride and mental virginity. I was

    successful in Meyer organics due to hard work and honesty. It gave me handsome salary

    but could not provide me the mental justice. I started working really very hard and

    working according to the directions provided by the company which made me successful.But it is a matter of regret that my hard work was not recognized absolutely as it should

    have been. The biggest hindrance was the nature of the duty and high risks of travelling.

    Customer relationship management is important but it should not be at the price of ones

    self-esteem and morality. Inspite of being attached to a MNC ,but there was mere respect

    and sense of self satisfaction. So it is better to be jobless than to be mentally raped each and

    every moment which snatches away the mental tranquility. It may or may not be wise to

    take such decisions while having so much money to be repaid to bank for educational loan.

    But it is a high risk taken by my life to challenge myself once again and time has

    approached to test myself. I am prepared to compete with myself judiciously. It is not only

    a shock to my superiors where i was working but a calamity for my immediate boss. They

    persuaded me like anything to get back but i was absolutely determined in my predestinedstrategy. Let me utilize best resources and talents of myself at max for two years. I believe

    in actions not in the word wars. It is true that i kicked out the lucrative salary but have

    started the mission of accomplishing the best and last job hunting in my life. It is the high

    time not to look back but to move ahead in the most adventurous destinations of my life.

    Sunshine may be late but sunset is sure.

    Let me challenge my destiny once again.

    Thanking you all,

    Daringly yours
  • 8/12/2019 Jobless but Not Hopeless



    Dear Blog viewers,

    It is true that

    Your beliefs become your thoughts,

    Your thoughts become your words,

    Your words become your actions,

    Your actions become your habits,

    Your habits become your values,

    Your values become your destiny.

    Mahatma Gandhi

    The basic difference between a failed person and a successful one is the cultivation of good and

    bad habits. Everyone has specific some sorts of habits which have been regularised since a long

    time. But after a long period of time, those habits become as usual activity of a person but he

    fails to understand that it was only built

    up by himself or herself. A new habit

    becomes the as usual habit of a person

    after the systematic and scientific

    practices. So everybody has got the

    specific objectives in life but may not the

    stagnate one. But we have unlimited

    wants and limited resources. If one goal

    is accomplished, then another goal

    comes and stands in front of us. So a

    wise person holds those targets of life as

    per the priority. Thus each goal is

    accompanied by specific regular

    activities. Those activities may be new

    and difficult one but it becomes a tiny

    one in front of the deadline. These are

    basically mentality and deapth of the necessity. One can achieve it if one has the strong passion

    and burning desires to find the destination. So it is rightly told that Just do it! First you makeyour habits and then your habits make you! Lucas Remmerswaal, The A-Z of 13 Habits .So

    we should start beginning whatever we desire to do, it may be good or bad. It depends on our

    decision and what we want to do. We must take initiatives to be habituated with undertaken

    new habits to knock the door of the ambition. We become what we repeatedly do. Sean

    Covey, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens. It is absolutely true that we become what we

    repeatedly do.Repetation of an activity in a regular mode is called a habit. If we make

    irregularities in our actitivity,it cannot be converted in to habit. "We are what we repeatedly

    do. Excellence then, is not an act, but habit.Aristotle.Lets know how to break up bad habits and

    form good habits as well as how to form next new habits to move ahead in life without

    remaining complacent with one mission. So it is rightly stated that "A nail is driven out by
  • 8/12/2019 Jobless but Not Hopeless


    another nail. Habit is overcome by habit."Desiderius Erasmus. There are so many people

    surrounded by so many virtues and evils. If we would like to delete a wrong habit one, we have

    to take up a good habit to nail out the wrong one .The most unique aspect of my blogging is

    about sharing my own experiences and wisdom.Once upon a time in my very early school days,i

    was associated with worst friend circles and involved with so many wrong activities. I had to

    pay the price of demotion in my studies and deprived of getting first division only due to the

    lack of seven marks.Every body was shocked at my home.Then i changed my school and study

    place. The most important fact is changing my persisting regular activities. Though it took some

    months to recover but i succeeded in my determination by nailing the bad habits with theacquisition of good virtues. Let me share another experience about losing my blogging since a

    long time. My asbm room mate, room no 1030 and Hostel no 10 reminded my blogging while

    just having his kind attention on my blog out of his busy schedule. He is none other than Mr,

    Dr.Love guru Niel.I had really procrastinated my one of the best .When i started blogging, it

    became a titanic issue and took much time to draft an article. But i am sure that it is going to

    very smooth. There was a time while i was not good enough in writing. But only blogging

    helped me to reshape my writing skills. So my desire of being a good writer became successful

    only by adopting good habits like blogging. So this is how habit habituates the destination of

    life. Let me give another example of Dr..Niel.Dr.Niel was having so much expertise in IT. He was

    an instructor of computer classes. He achieved the intelligence and knowledge in IT after his

    spontaneous and regular practice in the area of his destination.I am confident that he hashaving more skills in IT than our so called IT Profs in ASBM. The most important fact of Dr.Niel is

    his habit of finding out so many tricks on love management. He has been a perfect love

    manager as per his regular research on different aspects of love.I can throw a challenge that my

    best room mate ever seen in my hostel life can publish book on love and romance

    management. His regular invention has made him an efficient master.This called the habit of

    creating destination. It is last but not least example. It is my pleasure to introduce Mr.Nihar

    Ranjan Mohanty, My best friend. He is the most perfect example for this article. When we

    joined Indian Institute of Mass Ccommunication,Dhenkanal, Bhubaneswar, we are instructed

    not only to speak in English only but also to have so many assignments .English was taken as

    first language in IIMC, Dhenkanal. Mr. Mohanty was not that much fluency in English but hetook the initiatives of having practice in hostel. He formed a group named as Finishing School in

    hostel and electrified enthusiasm among our group to have practice for GD,PI and many more

    activities which were s

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