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Text of Jim Constantine Senior Enterprise Architect Sun Microsystems jim.constantine@sun.com

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  • Jim Constantine Senior Enterprise Architect Sun Microsystems jim.constantine@sun.com
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  • Java Quo Vadis ? Java Forum Stuttgart 1 July 1999
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  • JavaOne 1999 The Numbers: 21,000 attendees 669 speakers 1.7 million Java developers Java developers will surpass C++ developers by 2000 40,000 Java licensees through the Sun Community Source License
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  • JavaOne Impressions Last year what we will do This year what we did Lots of mature products with mature vendors More reality and less hype
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  • JavaOne 1999 Cool Stuff 10,000 PalmVs sold for $199 each to attendees. Pre-loaded with the K virtual machine (J2ME). Real-time Java demo by IBM Jini controlled Lego Mindstorm robots
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  • JavaOne 1999 Key Announcements New Java Editions J2EE, J2SE, J2ME. Roadmap for the next few releases of Java 2. Java Community Process. Misc.
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  • The Old View
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  • The New View
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  • Application Profiles A way to add support for domain specific requirements. Specifies exactly what support is provided to applications in terms of features, APIs, classes and (optionally) frameworks. Test Suite
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  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Current JDK stuff : CORBA, IIOP, Messaging, Transactions, RMI, JDBC, JNI, + EJB + Servlets + Java Server Pages New Packaging and Deployment Ideas
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  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition Consists of: J2EE Specification J2EE Application Programming Model (best practices) J2EE Reference Implementation J2EE Compatibility Test Suite
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  • J2EE Concepts Components: EJB Containers: web, application Web for JSP, Servlets Application for EJBs XML deployment descriptor idea extended to support JSP, Servlets, web content Connectors: for talking to legacy systems such as CICS and SAP
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  • J2EE Deployathon Demo Showed the same used car eCommerce application EJB code running without *ANY* changes in: Oracle App. Server IBM WebSphere Netscape NAS BEA WebLogic Gemstone J and others
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  • Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) What we all think of as the JDK Targeted at desktop PCs and workstations Next major release will include HotSpot Netscape 5.0 will have J2SE built in via OJI and the Plug-in
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  • Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Targets high volume consumer devices Highly optimized runtime with newly written JVM called K-Java 40kb in size, with libs 128kb suited for 16/32b RISC/CISC 16+ Mhz written with Motorola, 3Com, Bull, Fujitsu Palm V is reference platform Psion has announced support
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  • Java 2 Roadmap Cricket Release (1.2.2) due out July 1999 bug fixes Plug-in: - RSA signing - HTTPS support - silent install - 50% smaller download (5M) - fixed cookie support
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  • Java 2 Roadmap Kestrel Release (1.2.3) due out Q1/2000 http 1.1 RMI over IIOP 25% faster startup 20% smaller footprint GUI performance focus HotSpot for client Plug-in: - sticky applets and standard extensions
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  • Java 2 Roadmap Post Kestrel Java 3 ??? Q1/2001 new I/O API Plug-in - support for multiple JVMs (not committed)
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  • Java Community Process The way by which anyone can contribute to Java 20 proposals underway Audited by the independent auditing firm of Price-Waterhouse
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  • Java Community Process Java Specification Requests (JSR): Orthogonal Persistence J2EE Connector Architecture Unified Printing API Parameterized Types See: http ://java.sun.com/aboutjava/communityproce ss
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  • HotSpot Source will be available via SCSL Built in to J2EE Future releases promise an additional 40% performance improvement.
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  • Bill Joy Keynote Quoted Arthur C. Clarke: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Your phone should have common sense reasoning about context: e.g. It should not ring when in a meeting.
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  • com Thanks!
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  • Services Paging VOIP Entertainment Travel Navigation Mail Shopping Internet Chat Instant Messaging Back Office Dial-Up Wireless Broadband The Service Driven Network
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  • datacenter.com
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  • The Service Driven Network webtop.com datacenter.com
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  • The Service Driven Network ConsumerIndustryBusiness Purchasing Travel ERP E-mail Utilities Manufacturing Chat Order Systems Telecommunications Education Data Warehousing Navigation Shopping Calendar Personal Finance Government Inventory Shipping Supply Chain ConsumerIndustryBusiness portal.com datacenter.com webtop.com
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  • Large Enterprises & ISPs Customers Partners & Suppliers Industry Portals Business Portals Consumer Portals The Net Economy iPlanet
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  • How i-Planet Works Enters URL in browser anywhere Authenticates and accesses their corporate desktop Does work using all desktop & enterprise resources according to user privileges Any designated user anywhere Connects & disconnects at will
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  • com


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