JGI - Sound familiar?. Three Things 1. JGI Archive and Metadata Organizer (JAMO) - Metadata and archive system for the JGI - Centralized data repository.

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>JGI - Sound familiar?</p> <p>1Three Things1. JGI Archive and Metadata Organizer (JAMO)- Metadata and archive system for the JGI- Centralized data repository</p> <p>2. Modules/Repositories for in-house software- GAAG, QAQC, Kmernator, BBmap, GeneDesign - BitBucket accounts through LBNL connected directly to Genepool through the modules!</p> <p>3. Analysis In the Trenches (AIT) / High-performance Computing Study Group- Learning about HPC tools, benchmarking and profiling- Tricks &amp; tips for using NERSC supercomputers like Hopper and Edison</p> <p>2JGI Sound fun? Want to participate? Can you think of a cool name for the group?</p> <p>Join us!</p> <p>Contact: Kjiersten Fagnan, Alex Copeland and Rene Perrier3JGI developers community organizingIf you are interested in learning/discussing/teaching about the following JGI software related areas, please contact us.</p> <p>Software Good PracticesHow to increase Software Quality by using known techniques such as revision control, configuration management, test automation, unit testing, continuous integration, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), software metrics and many more.</p> <p>Inter groups communicationHow to improve communication between developers and/or applications using either new technologies (SOA, RESTful APIs, GIT, etc) or new tools/processes (JGI dev forum, JGI dev conference, JGI dev hackathon, )</p>


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