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Disha. N.Shah Purvita. R.Sagar Nidhi. S.Popat Dharmishtha. V.Kamani Ankit. H.Shah Keval. V.Oza Nimit. B.Sanghavi Romik. P.Patel Pankaj. Moradiya Hardik. Sutariya


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Was set up in 1993 Naresh Goyal is founder & chairman Most preferred airline in India Operate 380 flights, 43 destination Operate flights to U.K, U.S.A., Canada, Belgium, China, Thailand, Nepal, Sri- Lanka, etc.

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Premium domestic airlines By, 2005 it had been listed on Indian Stock Exchange Obtained permission to operate international flights.

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Its plan to further extends Introduction of wide body aircraft. Scale of operation & Expected future business growth Business consolidation & sustained leadership Increase the number of concurrent users


The system werent able to interact with finance and inventory systems. The inefficiencies of the system were wasting the time of its engineers and money that can be used in maintaining planes instead of using it in excess maintaining inventory. The system werent able to interact one another therefore there is delay in decision making



Jet airways uses three system i.e. 1). Citrix system 2). BW system 3). ERP system` `

Thus by implementing all these system jet airways can increase its productivity and efficiency and can provide best services to their customer.

1). What problems does jet airways hope that citrix technologies will solve?

2). How does citrix systems improve operational efficiency and decision making? Give example of three decision supported by the citrix system. What information does the system provide to support each of these decisions?