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Jeanine's Wallpapers

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  • was the

    first word that came

    to my mind when I

    saw the picture from

    which I was inspired

    Every element in the

    picture is there on


    A Sweet girl in the

    Spring of Her Life

    receives messages

    from an Old Tree

    who looks after her

    from the Distance.

    GLAM & SAND It fascinates me how

    every choice you wear

    expresses a delicate

    and simple yet

    glamorous sense of style

    A Princess must never

    dress according to the


    SHE must be a Trendsetter.

    GIPSY I can tell your Soul

    doesnt really belong to a place but to the


    I often forget how

    young you are when I

    talk to you, but then I

    remember youve always been Special.

    Here, there, up and


    Stronger than You


    Sweeter than

    anybody knows.

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  • jeanine

  • jeanine