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For generations, Chesterfield County has been a special place the epitome of gracious, southern living. Today the county is changing, growing, and adapting. While Chesterfield County continues to prepare for tomorrow, it hasnt forgotten yesterday. Chesterfield Living Magazine combines the best of the past with all the excitement of the future. The result is a magazine for todays Chesterfield County familiesfamilies who have chosen Chesterfield as the place to live, to work, to play, and to shop. Chesterfield Living Magazine, unlike any other publication, truly captures Todays Southern Lifestyle.


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Its yoUr life. 804.358.1000 come lose WeiGht/Gain strenGth at ZG!</p><p>happy neW year! from all the staff and members at ZG</p></li><li><p>5January / February 2013 | RichmondnavigatoR.com</p></li><li><p>AT BRANDERMILL WOODS, YOU DONT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TO HAVE A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN.Lively happy hours, gourmet dining, and dance nights will keep your social calendar humming. And, we dont require any long-term commitments* to be a part of our community, so youre free to follow wherever life leads.</p><p>Redefine retirement at Brandermill Woods. Find out more about our full continuum of care by visiting www.brandermillwoods.com, liking us on Facebook, or calling (804) 744-0141 to schedule a visit. </p><p>* Subject to terms of 12 month lease</p></li><li><p>Look good, feeL good features12 New You for the New Year14 eveNts to traiN for iN 201317 fitNess Q&amp;a with Mark reiNke19 warM up with healthY Meals</p><p>County ConneCtion10 Happy new year, Chesterfield County resident!</p><p>gLitZ25 Local, handcrafted candies are Delectable Delights </p><p>fLavor27 restaurant Highlights28 Learn the scoop about urban farmhouse and flyin pig in scoop du Jour32 We Went in search of soups, stews &amp; Chilis34 richmond Navideals37 the secrets in the sauce at Chopstix38 Places around town for Cozy Dining</p><p>WHats HaPPening40 Calendar of events</p><p>WHats Cook in?41 steve Cooks Doo Doo Diligence</p><p>faMiLy44 your children will love family-friendly Museums</p><p>destinations46 travel with your sweetheart to romantic suites</p><p>senior Living50 tips for aging Gracefully: how we spend</p><p>HoMe53 ah! a home spa!59 diy diversion: Chalkboard paint</p><p>january + february 2013</p><p>44</p><p>53</p><p>28</p><p>7January / February 2013 | RichmondnavigatoR.com</p></li><li><p>a PubLICaTIOn OF</p><p>Chesterfield Living magazine is published bi-monthly. Comments and</p><p>suggestions are welcome by emailing info@Richmondnavigator.com.</p><p>all rights reserved. any reproduction in whole or in part of any text, photograph or illustration without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. all articles and contents of this magazine are not necessarily the opinions or thoughts of Chesterfield Living magazine, advertising Concepts, Inc. or the publisher.</p><p>PRESidEnt/PUBLiShER</p><p>William J. Davis, Jr.</p><p>vicE-PRESidEnt/PUBLiShER</p><p>Cheryl T. Davis</p><p>managing EditoR</p><p>alaina rauth</p><p>cREativE diREctoRS</p><p>Lorraine MeadeTrey Tyler</p><p>advERtiSing conSULtantS</p><p>Jared Davisann Small</p><p>contRiBUtoRS</p><p>Vicki Oneal, aSID, CID, VSLDSteve Cookemily JonesDon Kappel Meagan MooreKellie MurphyJennifer SaundersTammie Wersinger</p><p>PhotogRaPhERS</p><p>Tim Hillrobert ThomasLiz reese</p><p>6301 Harbourside Drive, Suite 100Midlothian, Va 23112. </p><p>(804) 639-9994 (804) 739-9549 Fax Richmondnavigator.com</p><p>facebook.com/Richmondnavigator</p><p>GIFT CARD</p><p>After working with numerous weight-loss patients over the past ten years, i have found there are multiple facets involved in being successful. </p><p>Many who are struggling with weight loss </p><p>may not have considered some important </p><p>factors.</p><p>some of the main components of </p><p>weight loss involve hormones. other com-</p><p>ponentssuch as sleep, pain, constipation, </p><p>or medicationscan stimulate one or more </p><p>of the three fat-storing hormones. no mat-</p><p>ter how youre dieting or exercising, it can </p><p>be difficult to reach your goals unless these </p><p>issues are addressed. </p><p>Learning the triggers of fat storing </p><p>and fat burning is one of the first concepts </p><p>that my patients need to grasp. it is the in-</p><p>flammation of hormone-producing glands </p><p>and organs that cause symptoms, such as </p><p>fat storage. the fat surrounds organs in or-</p><p>der to insulate and protect them until they </p><p>are healed. once the stress and inflamma-</p><p>tion are eliminated, the organ systems can </p><p>start to repairand the symptoms, such as </p><p>weight gain, go away.</p><p>there is no one-size-fits-all approach to </p><p>exercise and diet. therefore, we develop an </p><p>individualized plan for each patient in order </p><p>to ensure success! for more information, call </p><p>804-897-0008 or visit www.drkranskiwork-</p><p>shop.com today. n</p><p>Got Belly fat?by dr. klinton J. kranski, dC, aCn</p><p>our cover:Warm up by the fire with a hearty bowl of French Onion Soup at Ruths Chris. Find other soups, stews and chilis featured on page 32.</p><p>Photo by Liz Reese.</p><p>8 RichmondnavigatoR.com | January / February 2013</p></li><li><p>as the new year rings in, people around the world start striving for a fresh new look. the winter is a slow season that provides a great time for cosmetic surgery with </p><p>more down time for an easy recovery. </p><p>People are often put off by the word face-</p><p>lift, as memories of the procedure from our </p><p>mothers generation bring to mind several days </p><p>in the hospital, a long recovery, and drastic </p><p>changes in appearance. However, todays face-</p><p>lift surgery has come a long way in subtlety and </p><p>customization. the procedure can be performed </p><p>with iv sedation instead of general anesthesia.</p><p>at an average age of 52, many patients </p><p>have received a minor procedure such as BotoX </p><p>or fillers in the past and are ready to move up to </p><p>the next level. Because they have maintained a </p><p>youthful appearance, the change after a facelift </p><p>is much less dramatic. friends often comment </p><p>that they look more rested, but cant identify </p><p>what is different.</p><p>fully accredited surgery centers, such as dr. </p><p>Joe niamtus, meet the same standards of a hos-</p><p>pital, but with added privacy and convenience. </p><p>the procedure only takes about two hours, al-</p><p>lowing the patient to return home the same </p><p>day. depending on the patient and procedure, </p><p>the recovery time can be as fast as two weeks. </p><p>Many make use of the downtime and undergo </p><p>multiple treatments at the same surgical ap-</p><p>pointmentsuch as a facelift, eyelid tuck, brow </p><p>lift, and laser skin resurfacing.</p><p>When choosing a facelift surgeon, experi-</p><p>ence is critical. dr. Joe niamtu has performed </p><p>nearly 1,000 facelifts and treated patients from </p><p>around the globe. even after performing this </p><p>many procedures, says dr. niamtu, seeing </p><p>the happiness and renewed confidence that is </p><p>brought to the patient never gets old. nJoe Niamtu, iii, D.M.D., Cosmetic facial surgeon</p><p>934-faCe (3223) | lovethatface.com</p><p>s P o n s o r e d M e s s a g e</p><p>a New eraof Cosmetic surgery</p><p>Actual patient of Dr. Niamtu</p><p>WithAngela CarpenterThursdays6:00 PM</p><p>At Studio D Yoga1811 Huguenot Rdwww.ShapeShifterscva.com804-814-7099</p><p>RichmondnavigatoR.com | January / February 2013 9January / February 2013 | RichmondnavigatoR.com</p></li><li><p>happy new Year, chesterfield county Resident!Lets Stay in touch in 2013</p><p>Don J. Kappel, Director of Public Affairs, Chesterfield County, Virginia</p><p>First Choice is a bi-monthly information column provided for the citizens of Chesterfield County</p><p>Youve resolved to diet and exercise more. thats good, be-cause nothing is more important than taking care of your health and your familys health. thats why this year you should make one more resolutionto stay in touch with your </p><p>county government in 2013.</p><p>Why? on a day-to-day basis, local government impacts your </p><p>life more than does the federal or state government. things like po-</p><p>lice, fire and emergency medical services, building code and zon-</p><p>ing enforcement, animal control, restaurant inspections, libraries, </p><p>parks and recreation, economic development and more affect your </p><p>personal safety, health, employment opportunities, emotional and </p><p>financial well being and overall quality of life. these all are county </p><p>programs and services.</p><p>staying in touch is easy to do. you can stay aware of whats </p><p>happening where you live by visiting the countys website at http://</p><p>www.chesterfield.gov, by listening to the countys public-informa-</p><p>tion radio network at 1630 aM in your vehicle, or by visiting us at </p><p>www.facebook.com/Chesterfieldva</p><p> you also can subscribe to Currents, the countys quarterly e-</p><p>newsletter, at www.chesterfield.gov/currents.</p><p> youll receive regular updates on road projects, new commer-</p><p>cial and residential development, scheduled public meetings and </p><p>much more.</p><p>all public meetings of the Board of supervisors, Planning Com-</p><p>mission and other county bodies are advertised by local media out-</p><p>lets. We hope to see you if your schedule permits. otherwise, you </p><p>can watch Board of supervisors or Planning Commission meetings </p><p>live, or see the archived meetings, by visiting the chesterfield.gov </p><p>website and clicking on the CCtv tab. Comcast and verizon also </p><p>broadcast the meetings. the county also sends information to the </p><p>media almost daily about events, programs and services.</p><p>We know that communications need to be two-way to be ef-</p><p>fective, and your feedback is crucial to the countys decision-mak-</p><p>ing process. you can provide your input by contacting any county </p><p>department, or the countys elected leaders or administration. all of </p><p>the contact information is on the chesterfield.gov website, or you </p><p>can call the county switchboard at (804) 748-1000 to be connected </p><p>with any department or elected official.</p><p>Parents: visit this Positive Parenting link for april 11, 2013, re-</p><p>gional kindergarten registration details, and for information about </p><p>the virginia star Quality initiative which you should know about in </p><p>this new year regarding early care and education programs (www.</p><p>chesterfield.gov/parenting).</p><p>remember, lets stay in touch! and good luck with the diet and </p><p>exercise! n</p><p>Women as investors are You Ready?</p><p>I have had the pleasure of guiding many families toward achieving financial freedom, and while working with them i have observed something of a female financial paradox: an overwhelming per-centage of women identify themselves as the chief bill-payer and shop-</p><p>per for the household, yet lag behind the men in actions crucial to man-</p><p>aging wealth and gaining financial independence.</p><p>in years past it wasnt uncommon for the husband to be totally in </p><p>charge of investing for retirement. in fact, many times only the husband </p><p>came for our initial interview, saying my wife isnt interested. Consider, </p><p>however, some facts reported in Newsweek: 27% of women out-earn </p><p>their husbands, own 89% of all us bank accounts, control 48% of es-</p><p>tates worth more than $5 million, and will inherit 70% of the $41 trillion </p><p>in wealth transfers expected over the next 40 years. </p><p>according to Newsmax Magazine, 50% of all marriages end in di-</p><p>vorce and women outlive men by 5-7 years. in fact, the average age at </p><p>which women become widowed is 56. all things considered, 90% of </p><p>women will be solely responsible for their own finances at some point </p><p>in their lives. so it makes much more sense to get involved early in the </p><p>process rather than being thrust into it suddenly by death or divorce.</p><p>thats why weve made it mandatory for wives to accompany their </p><p>husbands at every stage of an engagement with us. additionally, i have </p><p>a very bright and talented woman partner who works hand-in-hand </p><p>with me taking care of all our clients needs. </p><p>in my opinion, women are more amenable to outsourcing financial </p><p>planning and investment management, but they want to be educated </p><p>and to trust their advisor. education helps us make better informed de-</p><p>cisions. it empowers us. Weve also learned that women make better </p><p>investment decisions than men. Women tend to research more and are </p><p>infinitely more patient. the job at hand is more daunting than ever, but </p><p>together we can plan for your future. n</p><p>keeP tHe faitH. faitH is tHe sPirit.Written by g. Carl...</p></li></ul>