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World War I Virtual Museum

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  • 1.WELCOME World War I

2. Causes of WWI 3. Alliances -Forming partnerships with other countries A cause of World War I was alliances throughout the world.It started as a small conflict between 2 countries, but because of alliances, other countries had to go and help each other out.Country after country entered the war due to an obligation made in the past.Causes of WWI 4. Nationalism -Pride in ones country Nationalism in the two conflicting countries was a cause of the first World War.The people and the leaders of the countries were prideful thinking their country was better than the other creating more conflict. Causes of WWI 5. Militarism -Building up of a countries military When countries build up their militaries, the neighboring countries start to get nervous.Then those countries begin to build up militaries as well expecting an invasion.After a lot of tension between the two countries one will eventually attack the other.Causes of WWI 6. Imperialism - Competing for other colonies Empires where always looking to expand.Competition between other countries for land begin as small political disputes, and sometimes end in a war. EX: England, Africa, Bosnia Causes of WWI 7. In the trenches After a battle WWI pictures 8. After a battle WWI pictures 9. In the trenches WWI pictures 10.


WWI pictures 11. Military Alliances 12. MILITARISM Wmwnmwnwmwnnnwmwmwnwmwnwmwmnwmnwnwnmwwmnmwnwnnwmmnmwnmwnwmnwmnwmnwmwnmwnjwnwmnwjwnsjwnnmnsmwnnsmmsnwmnnwn mnwmnwmnwmnwm NEXT ROOM 13. Militaries being built up, was a major reason for WWI.When a country would build up the military surrounding colonies got nervous.Reasons for making armies larger was: 1: protection for small colonies 2: peer pressure-countries used mandatory drafts to accomplish this -Russia had the largest army, Germany had the best trained men, and Britan had the largest navy. MILITARISM 14.

  • Alliances caused a small 2 country
  • dispute to become the first world
  • war.Countries who did not want to
  • be involved in war, were required
  • to, due to alliances with other
  • countries.
  • It started as a small two country fight, then started a chain reaction between countries.One
  • country who was in a treaty with another country was forced to fight.
  • Central powers: Germany, Austria, Ottoman Empire
  • Allies: Britain, France, Russia, USA

ALIANCES 15. ALIANCES Wmwnmwnwmwnnnwmwmwnwmwnwmwmnwmnwnwnmwwmnmwnwnnwmmnmwnmwnwmnwmnwmnwmwnmwnjwnwmnwjwnsjwnnmnsmwnnsmmsnwmnnwn mnwmnwmnwmnwm 16. Sdjalkfhhdalskj sdjkhsdkljfhasdklf 17. Nationalism -Pride in ones country Nationalism in the two conflicting countries was a cause of the first World War.The people and the leaders of the countries were prideful thinking their country was better than the other creating more conflict. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated due to Bosnias anger with him and his leadership. 18. 19. USA in WWI 20.

  • -General Pershing led the U.S. troops
  • -By 1927 Germany controlled Belgium, Italy, and New France
  • -1918 Russia had a revolution and they dropped out of the war
  • Now Germany can concentrate on the western front
  • By July 1918 the U.S. have 1 million troops in the war
  • We cut off German rail lines which supplied theirtroops
  • We attackedthrough the Argonne forest.It took 47 days and 12 million soldiers lost their lives, but we were successful in cutting off supply lines
  • By October 1918 German lines are crumbling
  • In November, the Allies have captured the high ground and Germany surrenders
  • The treaty was signed on the 11 thmonth, the 11 thday, on the 11 thhour

U.S.A. in WWI 21. A diagram of trench warfare Trench Warfare 22. Soldiers miserable in the trenches Trench Warfare 23. Combat In the trenches Trench Warfare 24. Trench foot was the cause of wet conditions over a long period of time The feet of soldiers would begin to decompose, attracting rats along with it Trench Warfare 25. 26. Treaty of Versallies A;lsdkjf;alskdjf;asldkjf;asldkfjsdl;kjfas;dlkfja;sdlkfjas;dlkfja;sdlkjfa;sldkjfa;kldjfl;ksdjf;alskjdf;laskdjf;jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjasdl;kfjas;dlkjfa;slkdfja;lskdfj;slakdjf;sldkfj;asldkfja;sdlkfasdkl;jas;dlkfjas;ldkfas;ldkfjsdiasdijfpao j aoifjpsofjwepoijfspdoifjsdkljfal;kdjslkjalfkja;dlskfja;sdlkfj;asdklfjksdla;flkajs;dlfjkasdfasdf; Asdfjas;dfklja;lkdfj;asdlkfj;sdlakjfa;sdlkfjsdkl;falksdjfkasld;flkasdjf;alsdjfa;slsdkfj;kljasd;kljf;laskdjf;laskdjfldsakfa;lsdkfjlaskdjfalskdjfasldkjfalskdjflaksjdflsdkjfa;slkdfjal;kjfd;lkajsdl;kjfasl;kdjfal;ksdfjal;skdjfas;lkdfjsl;dkfja;lkdsfjajklsdfhaklsjdfhlaksdjfhlksjdfhauinrlfuksldkjfhalksjdhflasdjkhklajdfhlksdufhlasdjkfhlkasjfljkdhfkjsdhfkjsdhfjkshfhfhfhhhffhhfhfhfhffhfufheuhuhfeufeufhuefheuhfuehfeufhefefeufheufheufheuhefuheufhepoqiweproiuwqeroiqweurpioweurpqwioeurpoweiuruiwrepqwueoiruqwe46546546546546465sefgdfjhkfjdlhgsdkfjghldfkjghsldfjkghsldkfjghlsdkfjghklsjdfghkdflskjdghldfkjsghldkfjghlksdfjghldkgsldjkfghslkjdgskjdfhgljksgkjdfhgkljsdfhglglglglglglglglglldkljsdfhljksdghlkjdfghlksdjghlkdjfghkljdfshgskdfjgkdjfgkdjfghkjdfghkjdfghkdfjgdkjfghdkjfghdkfjghdkfjghdkfjghdkfjghdkfjghdfkjghdkfjghdkjfghdkfjghdfjkghdkfjghdfkgjhdfjkghfdkjghdfkjghdfkjghdfkjghdfgdfglskdfjsgsdfgdfgsdfgdsfgdfgas,djrlawdjklajkfhlskadjfhsdjklfhalskdjf Asdf;asdkl;fj Big red button 27. Treaty of Versallies 28. Treaty of Versallies 29. Treaty of Versailles

  • This treaty created new countries by splitting the current countries into pieces.
  • Russia= Poland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.
  • Austria/Hungry= Austria, Hungry, and Checkloslovakia
  • Ottoman Empire= Divided up between the allies
  • The treaty served as a punishment for Germany
  • They must take full responsibility for the war
  • They must pay for the war, $33 billon
  • They only paid, about $5billion however
  • This treaty created the League of Nations
  • - An organization of countries designed to maintain world peace

Treaty of Versallies 30. Thank you for coming!