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  • Evaluation of Creative process
    Jack Stuchbury
    BRIEF: Continuity task involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character, with whom she/he then exchanges a couple of lines of dialogue. This task should demonstrate match on action,
    shot/reverse shot and the 180-degree rule.
    My group consists of Oli, Kaleigh and myself.
    Oli will complete the editing process and I will be in charge of Mise en Scene.
    Kaleigh will operate the camera with assistance from Oli and myself.
    Casting decision resulted in Oli and myself acting in our extract due to previous experience with shot composition.
  • Mise en Scene
    I was responsible for Mise en Scene and controlled and decided the following:
    Actors: Oli and Myself will play strange adolescent students.
    Location: We will shoot in the Glass Room due to its mix of natural lighting in the daytime and overhead lighting when it is dark meaning we can maximize productivity.
    Set: Our set will consist of two chairs facing each other.
    Costume: We will wear our normal college clothes as it fits the conventions of the genre we chose. (Comedy, see coming slides)
    Props: We do not need any props for such a small clip or for any fulfilment of comedy conventions.
  • Genre and Audience
    We decided to choose the genre of comedy due to our low budget and the expected size of the clip. (20-30 seconds)
    We researched other comedy films and thought we would follow the example of Anchorman and Zombieland in giving our extract a surreal fell in terms of dialogue and performance. We also believe the two aforementioned films have a similar target audience to us
    Our target audience is predominantly male and aged 16-25. They will most likely be in education and alternative in appearance and humour.
    We believe our average audience member would look like the image on the right.
  • Dialogue
    After a discussion we came to a decision that our dialogue would be:
    Oli: Hello, how was your weekend?
    Jack: It was alright, I dont remember anything though. How are you anyway?
    Oli: Im okay, but doesnt it feel like we are being watched though?
    Jack: YES!
  • Potential problems
    As part of the task we had to take into consideration the following:
    180 rule if we cross an imaginary line between the actors in our extract, the images will not make sense to our audience as the characters positions will have switched (see top)
    Match on action cutting from one shot to another with the shots matching in terms of action from one to another (see middle)
    Shot reverse shot When two characters are having a conversation and looking at each other the change of shots needs to make clear to the audience that the two characters are looking at each other. (see bottom)
  • Experimentation
    On Monday 24th January 2011 we experimented with the cameras to gain an understanding of them and their limitations.
    We played around with different camera angles and shot types. We particularly experimented with over the shoulder shots and shots of a door being opened in order to practise the 180 rule, match on action and shot reverse shot.
    We amended our storyboard as we included a pan that was not achievable as it did not adhere to the match on
    action rule or the 180 rule. We decided upon a cut
    between shots to replace this. However we decided
    that a mid-shot was appropriate for the dialogue.
    We came to a collective decision about
    shots for our next lesson.
  • The real thing
    All of our filming was completed on Wednesday 26th January 2011. We discussed continuity, camera angles, the 180 degree rule and came to a collective decision as to the composition of shots.
    I controlled the lighting as the day drew to an end so that the set was well lit. I also made sure of continuity with regards to clothing and body position so that our extract flowed correctly with no errors.
    We all completed our allocated roles successfully with aid from other group members.
    We uploaded the footage onto iMovie and decided we would not use any editing techniques other than a simple cut due to the fact we had good footage that flowed well with purely cuts between
    shots. At a later date we decided that fading
    to black at the end of the extract would bring
    a more natural end to it.
    To watch extract CLICK HERE
  • Evaluation of Preliminary Task
    I think our preliminary task went well. We got all of our filming done to an acceptable standard in one lesson and benefited from a practise session. We will consider this when filming our main task
    We successfully fulfilled conventions of the comedy genre.
    We will probably use the same room to film our main task and the background noise interfered with the quality of the dialogue so we will take this into consideration.
    Our extract had minimal action; our main task will have more action to excite our audience.
    Brief: the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes.
    Oli will operate the camera.
    Kayleigh will control Mise en scene.
    I will edit our extract upon completion using iMovie and also act.
    Our friend Alex will act in our extract
  • Genre and Audience
    We chose the genre sci-fi for our two-minute opening to a film.
    We discussed conventions associated with sci-fi genre and discussed colours, costumes, lighting, edits, location and props. We understand that all these things contribute to an audience understanding the genre. We will achieve these conventions through decisions based on these discussions (see coming slides)
    Researched conventions of sci-fi films from short films like The Courier (2009) as well as an extract from the film Raven(2010) which helped us realise that sci-fi films are recognisable due to repertoire of elements such as extra-terrestrial life and science based storyline and iconography such as technology and a male lead hero.
    Based upon the clips we watched we decided our extract like our preliminary task would be aimed at 16-25 year olds that are predominately male. They will most likely be in education and alternative in appearance and humour. We believe they would look like the young man (pictured right)
  • Mise en scene
    After a discussion we decided our extract would stick to sci-fi conventions.
    Colours White, bright colours. The inside the building will emphasize emphasize cleanliness and organisation of institution (A.R.S.E) and grey for outside to contrast the two.
    Lighting Natural lighting. The office and lighting from the environment around college will fulfil sci-fi conventions
    Props Gun, Office Equipment, Technology. All shall be included and are relevant to genre, aiding iconography.
    Costumes Office wear. We will contrast with casual wear.
  • Set
    We will shoot in the Glass Room again. This time due to its adherence to sci-fi conventions. The glass room is:
    • Well lit
    • Modern
    • Bright in colour (naturally)
    Our set will
    We came to a decision that I would take the role of the Older Male as I have appropriate costume and our friend Alex would take the role of the Younger male as it would fit his character well.
    Alex will wear his normal casual clothes and I will wear office-wear to fulfil my role as an authority figure.
  • Storyboard + Notes
    For storyboard: CLICK HERE and enlarge/ zoom on image.
    For typed up class notes: CLICK HERE
  • Dialogue
    Dialogue 1
    Jack: Late are we?
    Alex: Yes Sorry Boss.
    Jack: See you in a minute!
    Dialogue 2
    Jack: Do you understand the seriousness of todays mission?
    Alex: Yes. I have been waiting for this opportunity!
    Jack: We have a problem in North-West Wales. They have landed.
    Alex: I can handle this boss! (Exits)
  • Potential Problems
    We have a very low budget which could be detrimental to the quality of our extract due to the reliance on technology and effects as aa massive factor in an audience determining a sci-fi film.
    We are going to film an increased amount of footage and therefore we may have problems with time; we are going to have to film a couple of weeks at a time.
  • Shooting Schedule
    Mondays lesson : 09:00 11:00
    Mondays four hour free : 11:00 15:00
    Wednesdays free two hours : 13:00 15:00
    Wednesdays lesson : 15:00 17:00
    As and when Alex is available to help us
  • Filming
    We completed around 90% of our filming on Monday 14th March and then uploaded our footage to iMovie. Oli operated the camera and our friend Alex acted for us along with myself. Kayleigh kept a picture record of our shooting on a mobile phone.