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A biannual magazine of the Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing


  • Serving Others

    a biannual publication ofi n d i a n a w e s l e y a nu n i v e r s i t y

    nurs ngempowering nursesIWU changing the worldFALL 2014

    Introducing Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing

    IWU SON Signs MOUs with Indiana National Guard, Shenyang Medical College

    + plusSON Aroundthe Worldpages 6-7

  • School of Nursing FALL 2014 2


    e d i t o rK e l s e y m i t c h e n e r


    Vol. 7 Issue 2facebook.com/iwusofn

    NewsNew Title, Award, Responsibilities for Ihrkewritten by Kelsey mitchener

    IWU School of Nursing Partners with Indiana National Guardwritten by susan draine

    IWU Signs MOU with Shenyang Medical Collegewritten by shelli rowley

    School of Nursing Conferenceswritten by susan draine, Bev schaefer, + ruth eby

    Non-Residential Campuses Benefit Students written by carson castleman




    i n d i a n a w e s l e y a n u n i v e r s i t y , F a l l 2 0 1 4


    nursingIWUC o n t r i b u t o r s m a r c i e B a i r dc a r O l B e n c et y a n n e B r e w e rc a r s O n c a s t l e m a nd u s t i n d i l l e rs u s a n d r a i n er u t h e B ys a r a h G r e e n t r e en a n c y h a l d e r m a n

    B a r B a r a i h r K er e n e e l e h r i a nK e l s e y m i t c h e n e rJ e r n e l s e n r h O n d a O l d h a md e B p a r K e rs h e l l i r O w l e yB e v s c h a e F e rc l a r a s p i n a s s ir e B e c c a w h i t e s e l


    13 5FeaturesService Members in the School of Nursing | the sOn celebrates its active and inactive military service members. written by sarah Greentree

    SON Around the World | sOn travelers share their recent trips to Jamaica, india, haiti, and the appalachians, as well as this falls trip to Zambia. written by deb parker, dustin diller, renee lehrian, rhonda Oldham, + marcie Baird

    Profile: Dr. Stephen Julian | team-building consultant stephen Julian helped facilitate the recent transition to Ott hall. written by sarah Greentree

    Introducing Ott Hall of Sciences and Nursing | the state-of-the-art facility on the marion campus is named for iwu friends Gary and connie Ott.written by rebecca whitesel

    All Things Are Possible | tyanne Brewer shares her journey as a nursing student. written by tyanne Brewer







    In EveryIssueFrom the vps desk | pg. 3Overheard on Facebook school of nursing news | pg. 14upcoming events | pg. 14

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    Overheard on FacebookJoin the conversation at facebook.com/IWUSofN.

    in Overheard on Facebook, we share what youve been saying on the school of nursings social media page. Follow the conversation in real time on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/iwusofn. +

    New Title, Award, Responsibilities for Ihrke

    dr. Barbara ihrke, phd, rn was recently named the vice president of academic affairs for the school of nursing. she was formerly dean of the sOn. the new position places her more in line with the global focus of the school of nursing, including the number of programs offered and students enrolled within the sOn. the vpaa is responsible for planning, institutional effectiveness, academ-ic assessments, and direction and super-vision of all school of nursing academic areas, programs, and personnel.

    dr. ihrkes leadership is a blessing to the sOn, a point which was underscored in august, when she was named a recipient of the prestigious presidents award for Outstanding leadership at indiana wesleyan.

    recipients lead by example in their own teach-ing, research, and collegial activities but have also been a major catalyst in improving aspects of academic life at iwu. the sOn has seen signif-icant growth under dr. ihrkes leadership, with enrollment growth of 34% and the development and implementation of multiple new programs.

    with her leadership, sOn continues to grow and thrive, president dr. david wright noted at the annual all-employee convocation. Barbara has a tremendous passion for the lord, for iwu, for healthcare education here at home and for the world. dr. ihrke was presented with a desk set and a $2,000 stipend in appreciation for her good work. +

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    Jennifer Hirschy Gentry After my time at IWU (Marion College), I completed my degree, earned a masters, became an NP, and went on to be the president of a national nursing organization. Thanks, IWU.

    from the

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    We have new faculty (see page 15), a new building (see page 9), and new incoming students, and global trips are in the making (see pages 6-8 for this past years trav-els). All of our divisions are working side-by-side and a new community is being built. We have these reasons and more to be joyful and blessed by our established relationships and educational programs, such as our re-lationship with the National Guard (see page 4). SON is excited to grow deeper, grow wider, and grow together with our students, staff, and faculty this academic year. As we continue to grow, we look to the Lord. Together, with the Lords guidance, we seek His will as we work to provide the best educational experience possible. +

    With a new academic year approaching, Indiana Wesleyan School of Nursing (SON) has many reasons to be joyful.

    Dr. Barbara Ihrke, PhD, RNVPAA, IWU School of Nursing

    P.S. How have you been? Let me know at nursing.info@indwes.edu or barbara.ihrke@indwes.edu!

    VPS DESKFrom the vps desk | pg. 3Overheard on Facebook school of nursing news | pg. 14upcoming events | pg. 14

  • 4As the demand for nurse practitioners increases within the health care system under the Affordable Care Act, so does the demand for nurse practitioner education. However, finding preceptors and clinical sites can be challenging for students. That is why the Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing is so excited about its newest contracted clinical experience!

    Graduate nursing students enrolled in the Primary Care, Family Nurse Practitioner track of the MSN program have the oppor-tunity to sharpen their health assessment skills by working with military preceptors at the Johnson County Armory in Franklin, Indiana, conducting physicals during train-ing weekends.

    As registered nurses with active licenses, the MSN students are uniquely qualified to assist the Indiana National Guard providers to perform thorough health assessments of new recruits and guard members. From their preceptors, students will receive individualized coaching for refining their physical assess-ment skills.

    According to the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between IWU and the Indiana National Guard, stu-dents will complete a six-hour day with a physician or nurse practitioner and will encounter approximately 100 guardsmen and -women per day. Prior to beginning their day, students will receive HIPAA training and will be

    written by Susan Draine

    IWU School of NUrSINg partNerS WIth INdIaNa NatIoNal gUard

    dr. Barbara ihrke and pre-licensure student Karli harlan are shown with indiana army national Guard members maj. christopher williams, cpt todd hostetler, and cpt tracy Furnas.

    Overheard on FacebookJoin the conversation at facebook.com/IWUSofN.

    Dayle Lynne Walsh IWU nursing gave me the confidence to continue on and work on my masters and hopefully my doctorate. I would like to give back to my fellow veterans. I have my eye on the new VA in Baltimore that has a womens clinic that cares for veterans across all phases of life. Our female veterans are younger than ever and they deserve the finest healthcare anyone can offer.

    School of Nursing FALL 2014

    oriented to the guards documentation requirements. The first weekend of each month is typically the drill weekend; however, it may shift to the second weekend of the month to accommodate for holidays or extremely harsh weath-er. Up to six students can be accommodated per month during the drill weekend.

    Students were notified of this new opportunity by email and have responded with enthusiasm. If you are interested in being a part of this endeavor or know of another option for students to engage in a precepted clinical experience, please contact Beverly Penrod by email at beverly.penrod@indwes.edu. +

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    ServIce MeMberS IN the School of NUrSINg written by Sarah Greentree

    Araceli Correa, alumna Araceli served on active duty in the Army from 2004-2007 and was stationed in

    Louisiana, Texas, and Afghanistan. Her official job title in the Army was Wheeled Vehicle Operator, but she was mainly responsible for the distribution, trans-

    portation, and accountability of ammunition. She graduated from the nursing program in August, and while she is no longer serving in the military, Araceli says

    she would love to go back in as a nurse at some point. +

    top to bottom: matt ramey and his wife, lindsay; araceli correa; su-san draine and her husband, chuck; dot clark-Ott. Photos provided by service members.

    Indiana Wesleyan Universitys School of Nursing is proud of the many military servicemen and -women, both active and inactive, who are a part of the SON. They include faculty, staff, students, and alumni, and they have served faith-fully in every branch of the armed forces. Featured are a few of these individuals and their stories. The School of Nurs-ing thanks all of its military service members for their service!

    susan draine, Associate Dean, Graduate NursingSusan is a Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves Nurse Corp and has completed 30 years of service. She has served as a flight nurse (C-130), Aero-medical Staging Facility nurse, Critical Care Aeromedical Transport Team (CCATT) member, and Staff Assistant Visitor (SAV) for 22nd Air Force medical units. +

    Matt ramey, alumnusMatt has served in the Army Reserves for 11 years. He began as a medic; in Pan-ama he provided care to civilians and construction crews building schools. He then became IWUs first ROTC nursing degree graduate. Today he is a 1st Lieu-tenant in the Armys Nursing Corp and the Administrative Director of Medical/Surgical Unit and Telemetry Unit at Marion General Hospital. +

    dot Clark-ott, Assistant Professor, NursingDot served in the United States Air Force, retiring after

    20 years of active and reserve service. Her assign-ments included flight nursing and executive officer du-ties in an Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, operating

    room nursing in three stateside facilities, and military training and education responsibilities. +

  • Eleven students traveled to Chennai, India, in May for the students transcultural experience. They were led by Dustin Diller, Kendra Diller, Nirup Alphonse, and Hannah Alphonse. Their main objective was to experience medical care in the country of India and spend time with the girls who live at the Home of Love orphanage.

    The team had the opportunity to shadow world-renowned thoracic surgeon Dr. Rajan Santosham during their time at Santosham Chest Hospital (a hospital for the poor popu-lation in the inner-city of Chennai). They formed lasting relationships with local physicians and nurses, with amaz-ing opportunities for future trips. In addition to this, they spent time with 12 of the 98 girls who live at the orphanage, laughing with and loving them. These girls were left at the home over break, as their relatives were unable or unwilling to pick them up.

    The team was also able to visit the Chennai office of the Internation-al Justice Mission (IJM) and Christian Mission Charitable Trust (CMCT). +

    Indiawritten by Dustin Diller

    Jamaicawritten by Deb Parker

    Sixteen residential nursing students and two nursing facul-ty members, Joy Reed and Debra Parker, arrived in Jamaica in March. They traveled three hours inland into the moun-tains to reach their destination in High Gate, Port Maria, where they were guests at the Mission House for Christian Service International (CSI).

    While in Jamaica, the team provided education on proper hand hygiene, oral care, optimal nutrition and exercise, hypertention risk factors, and more. They also provided blood pressure and vision screenings, wound care, and other services in a variety of venues, including the Pringles Chil-drens Home, Port Maria Infirmary, St. Cyriprane Elementary School, and High Gate Gospel Chapel, where the team con-ducted a nine-station health screening clinic.

    The team shared devotionals and worship music with residents and made home visits to meet and assess chil-dren with disabilities. They completed their experience in Montego Bay, enjoying snorkeling, shopping, and the first hot shower in a week. Many students voiced their love for the community and the Jamaican people and shared that the highlight of the week was the three-hour church service they attended together. +



    empowering nurses | changing the world

    iwu sOn teams served on a variety of transcultural experiences this past year. clockwise, beginning top left: the Jamaica team by the caribbean sea; teresa Bell and pat nixon providing care in haiti; the india team with girls at the home of love orphanage; the Kentucky team touching a lucky brick from the home of Florence nightingale at Frontier nursing service; and students on a prior years trip to Zambia. Photos provided by team members.


    Find more online.

    6 School of Nursing FALL 2014

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    Kentucky, USA

    written by Rhonda Oldham

    written by Marcie Baird

    written by Renee Lehrian

    In May, seven School of Nursing faculty and students traveled to La Gonve, Haiti. Team leaders included Martha Hawkins, Rhonda Oldham, and Beth Bailey.

    The team spent time in the La Gonve Wesleyan Hospital assisting the nurses with physical assessments and proce-dures. The team provided education to the nursing staff and learned how care is provided in a hospital with little elec-tricity and no running water. One afternoon was spent in an orphanage assessing children and providing education on hand-washing and teeth-brushing. One day the team trav-eled to the mountains with members of the Decaid Project to provide health assessment and basic medical treatment to several Haitian families.

    The clinical opportunities were vast, but the cultural inter-changes were greater. The team worshipped with Haitians in a local church and praised God in English with the mission-aries. They comforted babies, held hands with the hurting, and exchanged hugs with many. The team was able to give in a small way to the people of La Gonve, but the blessings received were much greater! +

    The Zambia semester abroad is a highlight for IWU Pre-li-censure students. During fall 2014, the Zambia team will be led by Marcie Baird and Hannah Cromer. Sixteen nursing students will complete Leadership and Management in Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Transcultural Practi-cum, Professional Transitions, and Zambia History.

    Students will engage with Zambians in weekly worship and...