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  • 1. FUTURE TRENDSPROJECTIONS IN 2030Challenging the reflexion on transportation systems

2. TRANSITIONFrom the object vehicle to mobility services 3. END OF THE PERSONAL CARWe will no longer own a personal car 4. START SHARING OBJECTSCar will be rented, sharedand likely belong to a private entity (group / company) 5. EXTENSIVE RANGE OF SERVICESVehicles will be light, efficient, connectedPossibly electric and provided with plenty of services 6. WIDE RANGE OF CHOICESUsers will build the packages they really need 7. CLOUDS OF DATAHuge volume of informationShared data via distributed systems 8. NEW PLAYERSNew service operators will emerge 9. NEW BUSINESSESNew business models will develop 10. CONTINUITYServices will be scalable, reusableand continuous regardless of the media 11. MULTIPLICITY OF MODALITYMobility Services will offer access to a multitudeof transportation and interaction modes (private / public) 12. PRIVATE REGULATIONComplex systems - Intelligent - may pose threat to regulation authorityPublic / Private distinction may disappear... to the (economic) benefit of private 13. ANTICIPATING FROM ACCESSES TO THETHE OBJECTAND FUNCTIONFROM THE OBJECT TO THE FUNCTIONAND ACCESSESVEHICLE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE 14. READY ?Thanks to ITS, you will be on your way