It has taken an entire semester to uncover the definition… lets see what it has come to…

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Text of It has taken an entire semester to uncover the definition… lets see what it has come to…

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It has taken an entire semester to uncover the definition lets see what it has come to Slide 2 Digital diversity refers to the various forms of technology that is used.. Slide 3 .. And how they are used. Digital media can be used in many different forms. This includes the way in which the content is used, who it is used by, production usage, web applications and services and the interactive forms brought forth by producers. Slide 4 Well how exactly is digital media used? Slide 5 In the form of interactions Media usage in todays generation is used as a social tool to increase the ties in networks and connection between people across the world. With the introduction of emails, web cam, online chatting, text messaging and phones. The personal interaction with people have decreased; causing much of todays world to rely on digital technology for interactions. Slide 6 Forms of interaction People in todays generation rarely have face to face meeting or conversations. The common way of communication applies some form of technology. For example this could be over the phone, through text messages, sending an email or chatting online through a social network. Slide 7 What is the world coming to? Is this going to be the way the world is forced to communicate with one another??? Slide 8 Content users Other ways in which content user can use technology is with the use of cameras, through printing, copying, scanning, general computer use, watching movies online including DVDs, video games, phone applications and anything of such. Slide 9 Who digital media is directed towards Modern inventions of digital technological forms are targeted towards men and women between the ages of 20- 30 (with a great amount of variation) Slide 10 Slide 11 The digital divide The digital divide refers to the gap between individuals and geographic areas with regard to their opportunities to access information and communication technologies and to their use of the internet for a wide variety of activities. Typically reflecting on gender, age, race and income. This divide is place in the world through generation gaps. The divide increases its gap when the older generations are not introduced to the forms of technologies, and the younger generations are not only catching on at a faster paste but developing new ways to stay engaged in such opportunities. Slide 12 Young verses old divide Slide 13 Production usage The way in which production usage relates to digital diversity refers to the economic side of mass production. As the technological world is steadily growing companies must keep up in order to compete in the business. The way that companies go about doing so must be in a diverse way, so that products differ in style and content. Although more than one company has come up with the same idea there are variation in the product to make it different from the others. More so companies are looking for a way for their product to stand out and gain attention. Slide 14 The CHANGE!!! Over the years the cell phone has decreased in size while they have increase in its capability. The computer was once called a typewriter now they have advanced to laptop computers. Slide 15 Web applications and services Digital diversity has brought about several new web applications and services used on various digital media devices. Many social networks have been made and remade to better satisfy its users. The use of DVDs have been made more useful along with online movies and videos. Applications to phone devices are being made so its like having a computer right on your phone with all of its necessities. This better provides services on the go at a fast paste. So that people are able to multi-task along with other daily functions. Slide 16 Applications and services Slide 17 Interactions within the digital divide There are several ways in which people interact in the digital world including. Social networks such as Facebook, twitter Web cam- Skype, ooVoo Video clips such as youtube Online chatting Slide 18 Our Generation In our current generation we are looked upon as being introverted. Overly consumed with ourselves in the digital world. We want people to know exactly what we are doing when were doing it. And producers have found many way to help us express ourselves in this manner. Our generation spends countless hours on social networking sites, connected to phones, listening to iPods, surfing internet, or general use on computers. Our generation are victims of technological consumption, being that we are consequently connected to the digital world. Slide 19 So in a nutshell what is digital diversity?? Slide 20 Digital diversity Digital diversity refers to everything digital in variation. The ways in production, usage, consumption, users, services provided and interactions within. Slide 21 Jalisa Williams DTC 475 May 5 th, 2011