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iStrategy: Deep Water Drilling

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iStrategy: Deep Water Drilling. Wednesday September 22 nd 9:55 to 10:45 Room Oglethorpe D. Agenda. Data in iStrategy Type of Data Data Hierarchies Organization of Data Source of Data New Drill Capabilities (Demo) Coming Attractions. Data Available. FY 2006 through 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of iStrategy: Deep Water Drilling

Grants: Birds of a Feather

iStrategy: Deep Water DrillingWednesday September 22nd9:55 to 10:45Room Oglethorpe D

1AgendaData in iStrategyType of DataData HierarchiesOrganization of DataSource of DataNew Drill Capabilities (Demo)Coming Attractions

2Goal of presentation --- help build a better understanding of the iStrategy system --- where the data comes from, how you can access the data, summary to detail drilling etc.

Trying to build on some areas beyond what we cover in the regular training class. Still OK for those of you that have not seen it before.

How many people have attended one of our training sessions?2Data AvailableFY 2006 through 2011*PERS_SERV_BOR 2011 onlyControlled Budgets, Commitment Control, GL Journals, AP Detail, PO Detail, Vendors, and now Payroll Detail (PERS_SERV_BOR).Use of Trees and Hierarchies Descriptions from related tables (Account, Department, Fund etc.).

3Data Hierarchies4

Account centralFund centralProgram, Class - centralDepartment institutionXXX_BI_DEPARTMENTProject - institutionAlternative Reporting

Organization of Data in iStrategyPerspectivesBudget Management, Accounts Payable, PO, Payroll, Position (Currently all reports based on Budget Management) DimensionsFund, Account, Program, Class, Department, Budget Ref, Project, Fiscal Period --- also Vendor, Position FactsJournals, Vouchers, PERS_SERV_BOR, POs something with a dollar amount attachedMeasuresBudget, Actuals, Encumbered Amt, Remaining Budget, YTD Actual, PYTD Actual, % Budget Utilized

5Perspective is a cube of data --- each perspective can have different dimensions, facts etc. For example, our AP Perspective builds actuals from AP vouchers, where Budget Management builds Actuals from GL journals. 5Source of Data in iStrategy6

HierarchyFrom departmentTree in PSoftKK_ACTIVITY_LOGLedger = APPROP_BDCalculated Field = Budget - Open Enc - Actual

Calculated Field = (Actual + Open Enc)/Budget

JRNL_HEADER and JRNL_LN, Header Status = P, UKK_AMOUNT_TYPE = 1, 7Ledger = ACTUALS


Login as Support810, 810_MACN

Demo base budget drill on School of Business note that this does include Project budgets as well. Can eliminate by removing Restricted Fund from report

Drill Encumbrance Liquidation on VP Academic Affairs KK ACTIVITY LOG

Drill PO on VP Academic Affairs Open Enc Note Actual POs, as well as payroll journals -- we do join to PO tables for details

6New Drill CapabilitiesBase vs. Enhanced Drill ActionsSSRS Reporting ToolSecondary DrillSearch / Find CapabilitySortingShow AccountingModify Report to Lower Level DetailExcel ExportPrinting

7Search by Vendor, Name, Aug10 etc.7New Drill Capabilities (Demo)Base Drill ActionsEnhanced Drill Actions

8Report DataDrill JournalEntry LinesDrill VoucherLinesReport DataJournalDataSub-Ledger DataAP Vouchers, PERS_SERV_BORDiscuss Original drills no formatting, must make a decision on whether your want journals OR AP data

Enhanced Actuals to journals --- only provides link to sub-ledger data where appropriate.

Perform Enhanced Drill on School of Business, Actuals.8New Drill Capabilities (Demo)9

Note Formatting and Header Values

Note Sorting capability --- SORT by Journal Date

Find postage, then Find AP

Show AP Drill on Membership Dues Note Check number on right of scroll

Show Accounting Entries

Drill on Payroll Journal P000536183 (SHOW ONLY IN POWERPOINT)

9New Drill Capabilities (Demo)10Payroll Detail Screen Print removed from presentationScroll to right for remaining PERS_SERV_BOR fields such as Job Code, Description, check number.10Coming AttractionsPositions by DepartmentTop 100 Vendors by Spend


My Views under SUPPORT ID --- Macon Positions by Department

ABAC Top 100 Vendors 2010 and 201111Coming AttractionsPeopleSoft Panel for Managing Dept Level Security


Page does require additional action on our side to setup userIDs in Active Directory and mark as restricted.

Use provided spreadsheet to request users. 12Thank you!Please send comments or questions to: Kurt.Collins@usg.edu13

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