ISSUE NO. 1 - Annarchive Magazine #001.pdfDUNGEONŽ Adventures is a new periodical from TSR; Inc., ... Oriental Adventures modules, solo quests, tournament designs, BATTLESYSTEMŽ

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Text of ISSUE NO. 1 - Annarchive Magazine #001.pdfDUNGEONŽ Adventures is a new periodical from TSR; Inc.,...

  • COVER: Every silverlining has its cloud,as Keith Parkinsonshows in his portraitof Flame from Intothe Fire. Keith researched thetreasures in Flameshoard, borrowing from actual 14th-through 18th-centurytreasures in Europe.The enraged Flame,of course, is pureKeith.

    ISSUE NO. 1

    Out of the dungeon, into the fireOn a forgotten summer day in 1976, a college friend told me

    about a wild new game that she was playing in the local stu- dent center at the University of Kentucky. We use beans forour characters, Shelia said. Its hard to imagine that yourbean is really a wizard, but we havent got any figures to playwith yet.

    Later on, I found a small boxed copy of this game in a localhobby shop and brought it home. I read all three of the littletan booklets and didnt understand any of it. Such was myintroduction to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS gaming. I madeShelia Wise a halfling goddess in later years, in thanks forgetting me started in this mess. Now I have a chance to pass onthe favor to everyone else.

    DUNGEON Adventures is a new periodical from TSR; Inc.,in which you, the readers, may share your own adventures andscenarios from AD&D and D&D gaming with the legions ofother fantasy gamers. Each issue offers a number of fairlyshort (but often quite complicated and long-playing) modules,selected from the best we receive.

    What kind of adventures do you want to see? Were going tooffer as broad a spectrum of material as possible: dungeoncrawls, wilderness camp-outs, Oriental Adventures modules,solo quests, tournament designs, BATTLESYSTEM scenarios,and more. Of course, what we have to offer depends on whatyou send to us. (See our guidelines offer on page 60.)

    Write in and tell us what you want.

    PUBLISHER: Mike Cook CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS:EDITOR: Roger E. Moore James Holloway, Dave

    EDITORIAL ASSISTANT: LaForce, Keith Parkinson,Roger Raupp, Jim Roslof,

    Eileen Lucas, Karen Martin, Dave Sutherland, TimGeorgia Moore, Debbie Truman, Valerie ValusekPoutsch, Patrick Lucien Price PRODUCTION STAFF: LindaART DIRECTOR: Roger Bakk, Kim Lindau, CoileenRaupp OMalley, Gloria Szopinski,GRAPHIC DESIGN: Ruth Carolyn Vanderbilt Hoyer ADVERTISING: Mary Parkinson

    SUBSCRIPTIONS: HarrietMeacham, Pat Schulz

    The Readers

    Michael Ashton andLee Sperry

    Patricia Nead Elrod

    John, Nephew

    Anne Gray McCready

    Grant and DavidBoucher

    Carl Smith

    LETTERS A new magazine, a newreadership, and many new questions. .2

    THE DARK TOWER OF CABILAR A vampirehas the royal crown and youve got toget it back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

    ASSAULT ON EDDISTONE POINT Whathappened to the signal tower? Whatwaits for you in the mistymountains? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

    GRAKHIRT'S LAIR The leader of a norkeruprising is free. Go find him! . . . . . . .28

    THE ELVEN HOME A brief encounter withan unusual dwelling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

    INTO THE FIRE The solution to a15-year-old mystery lies in a volcanicmountain range. The last force sent inwas destroyed. Youre next. . . . . . . . .42

    GUARDIANS OF THE TOMB A silent forest,a lonely shrine, and no survivors. . . .61

    Sorry! I dont want any adventures, thank you. Not today.Bilbo Baggins

    The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

  • Dear editor,I see in DRAGON #107 Magazine

    issue that you still lack a name for themodule magazine youre about to pro-duce. Why not call it Wyrm?

    Wyrm, the old term for dragon, is seenin such classics as Beowulf and theNibelungenlied. A sister magazine toDRAGON magazine should have arelated name.

    The name DUNGEON had been con-sidered as a magazine title for a longtime at TSR, Inc., because it was anobvious and perfect compliment toDRAGON Magazine (thanks to the

    Wyrm gives a wonderful feeling ofantiquity, perhaps due to its unusualspelling. That aura of fantasy andantiquity fits perfectly into the contextof the AD&D game. Also, I assumethat a large part of the module maga- zines content is based on the AD&Dgame. Since DRAGON Magazine isAD&D-game based, it makes sense thata similar publication should be simi-larly named.

    the legal department.Dozens of names were discarded in the

    search, such as Chimera, Atlantis, Lab-yrinth, Tesseract, Voyager, Viking, HighAdventure, Quest, Oracle, Hoard, Para-gon, DM, Spectrum, Centaur, Arcana, Gateways, Multiverse, Orion, and Sage,as well as less serious ones likeUnleashed!, TMM, Dungeon Ears Survival Guide, and Dungeon Propa-ganda. Wyrm and several variations onthat name were also considered, butthese because of trademark restric-tions, previous usage, confusion in spell-ing or with other products, orunattractiveness were soon dropped.Perhaps 50-100 names were generatedThis brings up the next letter. . . .

    Editor:After reading the editorial in the

    latest issue of DRAGON Magazine

    DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game).Skip Williams was the first person whomentioned this title to your editor. Wehad also received several letters like theone above that all suggested the same

    Wyrm can also conceivably save onmundane printing expenses, too. Afterall, its short, only four letters long, andeasy to remember. Plus, since it is soshort, it wont block out so much of thecover art, unless you print it in hugeletters.

    name, and I have notes from meetings inwhich the name DUNGEON Adven-tures appears as a possibility. In time, itwas this name that was selected. Adungeon is an adventuring environment,and adventures are what this magazineis all about.

    The main focus of DUNGEON Adven-tures is on modules, not on gamingarticles; the latter belong in DRAGONMagazine. The letters column also serves

    (#107), I am reminded of a letter I sentas a question-and-answer column for

    to you about two years ago suggestingcorrecting errors in previously published

    the very same thing, a separate maga-modules or for clarifying and detailing

    zine containing modules and articlesways of handling certain situationsappearing in such modules. We have no

    based on the subject of modules. other regular features planned, but we.The publication would be titled

    Dungeon Magazine. I generated twoare open to suggestions.

    columns to be in each issue: a Forum- Dear sirs:type column with help for the DM calledBlue Lightning and another with

    I understand that changes in

    help on constructing homemade mod-DRAGON Magazine may see modules

    ules named Drawbridge. Your edito-published in a separate magazine. I donot favor this as modules are a feature

    rial does not address if you plan to

    Hope you take this idea under consid-eration. I cant wait for the new modulemagazine, whatever its name.

    Alan StruthersLac du Flambeau, Wisconsin

    One of my first orders of business aseditor of this periodical was to come upwith a name for it. Creating names waseasy; my own imagination was supple-mented by helpful letters and commentsfrom readers, friends, and coworkers atTSR, Inc. However, the names had tomeet the approval of the publisher and

    include text in the new magazine, or ifof DRAGON Magazine that I enjoy. If

    articles will be found in DRAGON Mag-they are published separately, I may beforced to choose between DRAGON

    azine only. But, as your editorial alsosaid, decisions still remain to be made.

    Magazine and the module magazine dueto the restrictions of my budget for such

    Randy Bisig publications.Fulton, Missouri

    DUNGEON Adventures (ISSN applied for) is published bimonthly by TSR, Inc. The mailing address for all material except subscription orders is DUNGEON Adventures, P.O. Box 110, Lake Geneva, WI 53147; the businesstelephone number is (414) 248-3625. DUNGEON Adventures is available by subscription throughout the United States and Canada. The subscription rate via second-class mail is $15 in U.S. funds for one year (six issues) sent toan address in the U.S. or Canada. Information on foreign subscriptions can be obtained by writing to: Subscription Department, DUNGEON Adventures, TSR, Inc., P.O. Box 110, Lake Geneva, WI 53147. Payment in full mustaccompany all subscription orders. Payment should be by check or money order, made payable to TSR, Inc., or by charges to valid MasterCard or VISA credit cards, Send subscription orders with payments to: TSR, Inc., P.O. Box72089, Chicago, IL 60690. The issue of expiration of each subscription is printed on the mailing label for each subscribers copy of the magazine. Changes of address for the delivery of subscription copies must be received at leastsix weeks prior to the effective date of the change, in order to assure uninterrupted delivery.

    All material published in DUNGEON Adventures becomes the exclusive property of the publisher, unless special arrangements to the contrary are made prior to publication. DUNGEON Adventures welcomes unsolicitedsubmissions of written material and artwork; however, no responsibility for such submissions can be assumed by the publisher in any event. Any submission accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope of sufficient sizewill be returned if it cannot be published. Please write for our writers guidelines before sending a module to us; send a self-addressed, stamped envelope (9 long preferred) to: Module Guidelines, DUNGEON Adventures, TSR,Inc., P.O. Box 110, Lake Geneva, WI 53147.

    DUNGEON is a trademark for the TSR role-playing adventure periodical published by TSR, Inc. All rights to the contents of this publication are reserved, and nothing may be reproduced from it in whole or in part, withoutfirst obtaining written permission from the publisher. Copyright 1988 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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