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ISSUE: 612 July/August 2017 | ... · PDF file the DIY, hardware, architectural ironmongery and building & furniture manufacturing markets. The range comprises many variations of screws

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Text of ISSUE: 612 July/August 2017 | ... · PDF file the DIY, hardware, architectural ironmongery and...

  • BUILDING UPDATE | @Publishing_2016F

    Established in 2011 by Dominic Meakins, Demon Designs is an award winning glass contractor specialising in offering completely bespoke and tailor made products to a wide range of customers. Based in Arundel, near West Sussex, the glass and metal specialists supply and fit expertly designed staircases, balustrades, splashbacks, shop fronts, walk-on glass floors/bridges, glass ceilings, glass roofs and aluminium curtain walling.

    In addition, the experienced team can create custom- made door solutions, automatic entrances, sliding glass

    doors and even glass canopies. Their services cover everything from CAD design services to toughened glass, laminated glass, glass worktops and coloured splashbacks, balustrades, juliette balconies, bespoke shower screens, sliding glass doors and flush glazed doors. Their high quality toughened glass can be from 4mm thick to 19mm, whilst laminated glass is from 6.4mm to 21.5mm.

    For those seeking structural glass solutions, Demon Designs’ can design, manufacture and install everything from shower screens to shop fronts. They also provide labour, design and lifting solutions for glazing contractors and partition companies, as well as practical and technical advice if needed. They work closely together with clients to ensure that their specific needs are met with tailor made solutions. Their consultations are always highly professional but personable as well, involving in-depth discussions specifying project requirements and producing detailed quotations.

    Having over twenty years of rich experience together with a highly talented skill set, the in-house team has been particularly praised for their unsurpassed knowledge in glass product development and creation.

    They supply and deliver all types of glass and, thanks

    to their buying power, can offer high competitive rates and fast turnaround times. When it comes to anything glass and metal, Demon Designs is the one stop shop clients need.

    To find out how you can benefit from Demon Designs’ services, get in touch with the contact information below.

    Contact T +44 (0)1903 733206 [email protected]

    QuickScale is the easy, simple and accurate way to take measurements from 2D drawings on your PC.

    QuickScale can take line, path and area measurements from a 2D drawing in PDF or other image format without printing the drawing.

    Measure drawings, scanned documents, photos, maps, etc. saved as PDF or other image format.

    It can measure in metres, millimetres, feet, inches, miles, kilometres and microns.

    You can export the measurements to a spreadsheet to complete your estimates.

    You can print the whole drawing, or any part of it, to scale on A3 or A4 printers – even if the original drawing was on A0 paper and even if the drawing has no scale!

    No need for expensive CAD software, plotters or large format printers.

    Try it today – free 30 day trial

    Please contact 07791 550167, email [email protected] or visit

    Hedera Screens see them on......IV

    PS Monograms see them on......VIII

    Bulmer Brick & Tile see them on......V

    Storth Machinery see them on......IX

    Premier Guarantee see them on......XII

    ISSUE: 612 July/August 2017 |

    Measuring and estimating made simple Officially established in 2010, QuickScale is an award winning programme designed for taking areas and measurements off pdf drawings. Simple, user friendly and competitively priced, the system was created for those who work from home with limited PC knowledge or with no access to IT departments.

    It was originally invented for the needs of the building and construction industry, but, over the years has become extremely popular with ship building and marine insurance, event planning, CCTV and communications – any business that would calculate

    areas and measurements from a pdf drawing or photograph.

    In previous years, drawings were posted out to the subcontractor and measured with a scale rule. Today, drawings are emailed as a pdf and are not always to scale or don’t have

    any scale at all. They have to be sent to a printer or 3rd party to have them printed to scale and this happens every time the drawings are revised or amended. With QuickScale, you simply open the pdf in QuickScale and click on the points and corners of the areas and dimensions to calculate them.

    For more information on QuickScale and how it can benefit you, contact the company on: +44 (0)7791 550167, email: [email protected] or visit the website at:

    Who is Premier Guarantee? Premier Guarantee is a leading provider of Structural Warranties and Building Control. Set up in 1997, the company has grown substantially over the past 20 years and has become one of the country’s leading Structural Warranty providers.

    With more than 300 employees that work across the length and breadth of the county, Premier Guarantee support their clients with construction projects and help to deliver structural warranty solutions for all types of residential and commercial builds.

    As a company we pride ourselves on ‘working with customers to aid them in bringing the best possible product to the market.’

    Premier Guarantee achieves this through our flexible technical approach and support on site, dedicated Account Managers to assist on any queries or problems and local surveyors so that clients are always well supported.

    Based on the Wirral, where the majority of the Premier Guarantee team reside, the company also operates out of a number of regional offices across the country.

    The company is split into a number of areas including Account Managers, Technical Experts, Building Control Experts, a Dedicated Plan Review Team, Customer Service Team, Marketing and a National Network of Surveyors.

    Our Surveyor network is made up of over 100 surveyors ensuring that clients are always supported by local surveyors who know their area and can be on site promptly when required. The surveying team keep in regular contact with the customer service team on site and off site to ensure that a first class service is delivered.

    By combining our services, you can be sure that you will be meeting the requirements of what is expected from compliance with Building Regulations.

    T 0800 107 8446 [email protected]

    Award winning glazing contractor

  • II Demon Design sponsors this issue of Building Update: see them on page III

    Health & Safety News

    Your Friend in the Trade for over 30 Years Situated in Cradley Heath in the West Midlands, Screw Shop is an industrial company that has been operating for more than three decades. Extensive experience working within the trade has enabled the business to become an exemplary provider of first rate solutions developed specifically for the DIY, hardware, architectural ironmongery and building & furniture manufacturing markets.

    The range comprises many variations of screws and associated

    components. The products are separated into the following categories: Woodscrews, Multi- Purpose & High Performance Screws (Yellow), Self-Drilling Screws & Window Screws, Outdoor Screws & Drywall Screws, Brass, Nickel, Chrome Woodscrews & Mirror Screws, Stainless Steel Screws & Fasteners, Addax Drill Bits, Driver Bits & Blades, Wallplugs, Cover Caps & Plasterboard Fixings, Surface Screw Cups & Brass Turned Pattern Sockets, Buildings & Construction Products, Nails, Bolts, Nuts & Washers, Ironmongery & Brackets, Plumbing & Electrical, Furniture Fittings, Hanging Packs & Packaging and Assortment Packs & Cases.

    This comprehensive selection has secured the organisation’s status as a one-stop-shop able to supply screws fixings and fasteners on a no-hassle basis. Customers can rest assured that they will find the solution they are looking for and what’s more, they can make the most of a next day delivery service (regardless of where they are based in the UK). If preferred, individuals can pick up their order from the trade counter after it has been purchased online and processed ready for collection.

    Screw Shop can accommodate all individual requests – there is no minimum or maximum order restricting customers – and any special requirements can met as appropriate. To find out more please get in touch.

    Contact T +44 (0)1215 598866

    Rungbuddy Limited has highlighted an accident black spot at the transition point on extension ladders, and with an OSHA report showing death has occurred at this point. Rungbuddy has patented a Safety Rung to widen the first single rung down, allowing a safer angle of descent. The foot gains over 100% more landing space at this transition point eliminating that ‘front of foot connection.’ For ladders of 350mm (13 ¾inch) and 452mm (18 inch) widths, a reverse screw clamp holds it securely in place, the toggle bar stays in one position, it does not protrude from the unit. As a plus, Rungbuddy Safety Rungs have the added ability of being used as a comfort platform, able to fit to any shaped rung on any ladder, even in various positions between stiles. A press button spring loaded Universal model is also now available, able to fit all ladders up to 482mm (19ins) wide.

    Safety Rung/Work Platform | [email protected]

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