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    ISSUE # 1037 1038 ISSUE # 1134

    The Douglas Post Magazine | Douglas Community Centre, Cork | IrelandTel: 089 4408242 | Email: |

    The publishers have made every effort to ensure all information is correct at time of print, however no responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions. The views expressed in the articles herein are not necessarily those of the editor or the publisher of The Douglas Post Magazine.

    The Douglas Post is published every fortnight by Douglas Community News Ltd

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    ISSUE # 1037 1038 ISSUE # 1134

    Is there a community event or fundraiser in your area? Please let us know and we will be delighted to publish it for you. Email to To ensure publication your entry should reach us before 5 PM on Mondays

    All Ireland Comhaltas success Comhaltas na Dglaise was well represented at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil last weekend. Some were in Sligo from Sunday 9th attending Scoil gise, the Ard Ullamh Dinner or visiting many Comhaltas events and exhibitions during the course of the week. The competitions were Central to the activities of the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil with huge crowds attending.

    Craobh na Dglaise members were in the medals with the all Ireland Champion flute and Tin whistle player, Joanne Quirke who teaches flute and tin whistle in the branch, taking second place in the miscellaneous playing a Fife.

    Fachra Cronin was placed third playing piano in the accompaniment section while Sinad Rinn was third in the Comhr Gaeilge. Branch teachers excelled, Paul Clesham won the concertina and the accompaniment on piano, Lucia McPartland won her fiddle airs while Timmy Collins who teaches whistle and flute won an all Ireland title-playing flute with the Shandrum Cil Band. The branch is now preparing for the season ahead, enrolling members for various classes in all instruments from beginners, improvers and accomplished. Plans for the year ahead include Cil Band, Grupa Cheoil, solo instruments & singing. Comhaltas is performing this Saturday at the Ballygarvan Agricultural show. Enquiries re classes Aislinn Cogan 087 9699 488 021 / 437 2035.

    Tidy TownsThe Carrigaline Tidy Towns committee continues working on a number of projects in and around the town. They are aware that the national Tidy Towns adjudicators may visit Carrigaline unannounced at anytime and ask all to keep up the good work keeping the place clean and tidy. A number of shop owners have painted their premises recently and Cork County Council now have a scheme in place whereby they offer grant aid to businesses on Main Street encouraging them to paint and improve their shop fronts. The Tidy Towns committee is planning improvements to the Main Street and will work closely with property owners, the Business Association and the County Council to implement their proposals in the year ahead. The annual awards night is fixed for Monday 19th October.

    Mens ShedAll the men with plots in the polytunnel and outdoors are seeing the fruits of their endeavours with a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables. The Mens Shed has plans to go to the National Ploughing championships on Wednesday 23rd September.

    CARRIGALINE Community News

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    ISSUE # 1037 1038 ISSUE # 1134

    Military re-enactment group from left:Don Maverley (German Sargeant), Colm Doyle (Major, U.S.

    airman), Adam Duggan (German SS Lieutenant), Kieran Stevens (Corporal, German Army), Gerry Lynch, (Sergeant, German

    Army), Cochise Rahametan (Private, German Army) and Margaret Philpott (U.S. Photojournalist).

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    ISSUE # 1037 1038 ISSUE # 1134

    What are the signs and symptoms of personality difficulties?Symptoms of personality issues include having difficulty making/keeping friends, spending too much time alone, not trusting others, losing your temper easily, being impulsive, worrying all the time, depending on others and being perfectionistic.

    You may also feel empty or bored inside, spaced-out when stressed, paranoid and hurt yourself at times to relieve emotional numbness or pain.

    I may have personality difficulties. What can I do?There are various effective treatments to help you overcome personality difficulties. These include Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Schema Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. A psychologist can help you decide which therapy you would be more likely to benefit from.

    A course of therapy typically consists of hourly weekly sessions for a total of 16 weeks and people often report improvements after about the 4th session. A psychologist will advise you if you are ready for therapy as you will only benefit from treatment if you are motivated to make meaningful changes in your life.

    For further information, contact Dr. Jamie O Sullivan Clinical Psychologist. T: 085 7167114 e:

    Recognising & Overcoming Personality difficulties

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    ISSUE # 1037 1038 ISSUE # 1134

    1) Lights. Well the lights work but no one is at one seems to be in it the government....Banks ....ECB....Germany....who knows and who cares.2) Brakes....Are a bit dodgy ..but if we push real hard we can stop the car...Irish tax....VAT.....USC ....Fines....Petrol...lets hit them really hard and see if we can bring the country to a standstill.3) mirrors....who needs mirrors....anyone left behind us well thats their problem....we are only concerned with going forward ....that pile up we left behind ...well let the locals clear that up....we are in a hurry to get to the euro bank.4) Tyres......well the four tyres are bald...not to worry the spare wheel is perfect...but we must save that one for the government car....cant have them driving on bald tyres.....sure they are only on 100,000 a year.5) Handbrake ....what is that...that is for losers...we are too busy god you cant use a handbrake on the Autobahn....what would the Germans think....they might think we are losers too.....Drive on.

    6) Indicators....well small problem here...whatever way you indicate the opposite one comes left is right and vice versa....So say one thing and do the exact opposite...thats how to get elected by the keeps the locals guessing...7) Electrics.....Well the the windows dont open in Ireland...but for some reason they work perfectly in main land Europe and amazingly they open when talking to bankers or bond holders...locals however will have to shout through a closed window...sorry?8) Seat belts....Well there for whimps ...who needs them...sure if we crash I have an Airbag and a government pension of only 110k a year. The rest of the passengers will have to protect themselves ...not my problem you are paying 80 percent of your income on your mortgage or that your bank or insurance company lost your pension fund or your savings on the Stock market...we have not time to investigate the gross incompetence...or Mis-selling...sure our Central Bank is flat out checking small struggling brokers to make sure they have the correct certificate up on their walls...and we will put them out of business if their is as much as a name Mis-spelt...much more important than the Millions lost by banks and insurance companies. Sure no one could understand all that smooth bullshit jargon they use to justify their incompetence. Not my problem you cant rent a place for you and your family.Hey I have idea...why dont you sleep in the you a fortune.

    RegardsCllr Joe Harris...independent089

    Cllr Joe Harris Independent089 2210574Email.

    NCT Ireland


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