ISC/GAM 4322 ISC 6310 Multimedia Development and Programming Introduction.

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  • *Today:Learning objectivesTeacherProjectsHomeworkMidtermsSyllabusQuestionsFirst lecture: Introduction to computer graphics

  • Text BookRequired:Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach using OpenGLBy Edward Angel

    Recommended:OpenGL: A PremierBy Edward Angel


  • *Learning objectivesCreate 2D/3D graphics.Create an interactive applicationBe able to apply geometrical transformations to an object.Setup a camera and create different image projections. Apply a light source and shading to an object set material properties of an object. Create a clipped image. Display a bitmap image.Use discrete techniques (textures, blending etc).Create a vertex shaderCreate a scene graph.

  • *Basicallly you could create this:Lightsshadowstextures3d objectsAnimationBump mapscollisionsLightsLightssoundsRaah!!!clipping FogBlendingScene graphsculling

  • *InstructorAlireza TavakkoliOffice: UC 101CClass : UW 106 Tue. 7:00 9:45 pm

    Mon. 5:00 6:00 pmOffice hours: Wed. 3:00 4:00 pm or by appointment


  • *HomeworkAfter each chapter (>2) send me by Email:

    1 True/False1 multiple choice1 fill in the blank1 short answer or code

    See deadlines on website

  • *Examinationsone midtermsHalf way through the semesterTentative

    One finalAt the end of the semesterComprehensive

  • *ProjectsStart early! Start coding this week. Use the primer / read ahead. Dont wait because then you will be too late. Try the samples in the book.

    Projects are a lot of work & but the best way to learn is to practice and implement.

    Breakout (easy) Paint (hard) 3d Pinball (medium) Final project (depends on you)

  • *ProjectsSubmit your projects on time! Make sure you exe works on my machine and on the one that you will demo your project on. Let me know if you need help installing openGL/SDL/Glut/GL etc. More info in the Syllabus.

  • *SyllabusRead it carefully.

    Changes in the schedule will be posted in advance on the website but it is your responsibility to check the website regularly.

    Class Website:

  • *LecturesWe will discuss [ICG] 1-10 approximatelySections which may be skipped will be announced on the website.There may be some extra lectures not discussed in the book [SDL] The primer follows the book but it is up to you to read it.



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