ISAAA India Ingenuity, Innovation & Implementation

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  • ISAAA India Ingenuity, Innovation & Implementation

  • My world, your world & our world Indomitable task of feeding global society in the near, mid & long term Growing # of food-deficit countries Imbalance in demand-supply of foodPopulation growth vs food productionGrowing appetite vs pervasive poverty Knowledge-information divide - rights or wrongs, pros & cons and for & againstScience illiteracy vs societal engagementAdversarial vs consensual approach

  • New world order Cleaner and greener worldKey priorities include climate change, sustainability and bio-securityAdvances in economy, environment and ecology to be driven by innovative approaches Technological intensive sectors including food & agricultureTrade and development to be measured on a new scale such as carbon emission, child labor, SPS and traceability etc

  • Changing market dynamics Increased interdependence among countries particularly in the area of food, agriculture, S&T, trade and security Capital intensive R&D and product developmentCrop & trait specific products with global appeal Increased S&T collaboration & technology transfers Seamless market interface among countriesStandardized biosafety data and harmonisation of global regulatory practicesCountry specific regulatory approvals and technology stewardshipTechnology-safety-ownership-societal context to dominate approval & adoption

  • In pursuit of excellence Technological innovationBusiness innovation Entrepreneurial innovation Social enterprise innovation Competitiveness based on the national comparative advantages to drive frugal innovation Innovation to achieve inclusive development- producing more from less for more (Indias population stand1.21 billion)

  • Bridging the knowledge gap between science & society A-year long engagement Major contribution to Annual Brief 42: contributed significantly in writing three new chapters, editing & proofreading the Annual BriefMega CBU subscriber List: a total of 56,785 new CBU subscribers added, double than the target of 30,000 for 2010Launched ISAAA-India BIC website: a user-friendly, easy to navigate and interactive website about ISAAA India BIC Bt Cotton in India: A Country Profile- First in Biotech Crop Profile Series

  • Bridging the knowledge gap between science & society ISAAA Campaign: A Million Healing Hands to Help a Billion Hungry: conceived and developed a new attractive promotional ad featuring Norman Borlaug Legacy aimed at adding more subscribers to the CBU Released two short videos- 14 years of Biotech Agriculture" and "Global Biotech Crops Report 2009Clive James Speaks Video: Released a high quality video Clive James Speaks that highlights the adoption, impact and future of biotech crops globally. Contributed major chapter- Biotech Science Communication in India: Bridging Science and Society to ISAAA publication Communication Challenges and Convergence in Crop Biotechnology

  • ISAAA Knowledge CampaignA Million Healing Hands to Help a Billion Hungry

  • Bridging the knowledge gap between science & societyParticipation in more than 35 conferences related to agriculture, food security and biotechnology.Display ISAAA Exhibits in major conferences Distribution of ISAAA publications and country specific resource materialsAct as Biotech Think Tank provide inputs cum briefing notes for govt officials/ regulators/ ministries/industryISAAA becomes A must visit destination in Delhi for visitors from inside and outside the country Excel in regularly contributing CBU articles ISAAA info is a trigger for media articles in leading newspapers of the country Regular visits to biotech crops field to gain first hand experience of the performance of crops

  • ISAAA India BICA one-stop-shop forreliable information on biotech crops

  • ISAAA India BICA one-stop-shop forreliable information on biotech crops

  • ISAAA India BICA one-stop-shop forreliable information on biotech crops

  • Bridging the knowledge gap New Approach Next Generation Conceived, authored, illustrated & produced Worlds first, ISAAAs first & ours first An Educational Cartoon Publication on Biotech/GM Crops Mandy & Fanny The Future of Sustainable Agriculture Mandy & Fanny are the new generation educational cartoon of biotech cropsMandy, a masculine character impersonates biotech maize whereas feminine figure 'Fanny' mimics biotech cotton

  • Bridging the knowledge gap New Approach Next Generation The World is full of erroneous information which is confusing the public about the attributes, and the significant economic & environmental benefits of biotech crops Growing volume of scientifically un-validated and misleading information in the popular media, particularly on the internet, is a cause of concern, because of its potential to negatively influence policy makersUntimely and unjustified delays in the introduction of well-tested, safe and proven biotechnology applications in crop productionThese delays are particularly important at a time of rising food prices which now preclude and threaten poor peoples right to affordable food

  • Bridging the knowledge gap New Approach Next Generation The publication aims to address the knowledge divide that precludes society in developing countries access to authoritative knowledge on biotech crops Multiple products including Promos, short/long duration animated videos & publication Promotional material includes Stickers, t-shirts, panels, posters, hats/caps, flags, bookmarks Targeted to adults & learning institutions, policy makers & general public Worldwide market - translations & reproduction to suit country specific requirements Penetration in new generation internet based social media

  • Can we popularize Mandy & Fanny as the Tom & Jerry of biotech agriculture??An ISAAA approach yes we can Its my Mandy, Its my Fanny, Its our Mandy & Fanny - OwnershipISAAA-KC-BICs levels of penetration in society wider reach, deep impact Coherence amongst BICs led by KC/ISAAA Branding/Brand equity Glue to Mandy & Fannys new slogan Biotech Agriculture is Sustainable Agriculture Tap social media and other internet based knowledge conduits to enlarge our reachTarget schools and institute of higher learning

  • Bridging the knowledge gap New Approach Next Generation

  • Bridging the knowledge gap New Approach Next Generation