Is Technology Making World Better?

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  • 1. Is technology making world better?Hal Seki19 Nov 2011Rakuten Technology Conference

2. Hal Seki (@hal_sk) Geo DeveloperCEO of[Side activities] 3. Agree or disagree?Technologymake theworld betterto live. 4. I have seenA lot of web services havebeen built rapidly inresponse to the Great EastJapan Earthquake. 5. Yahoo! JAPAN 6. Google Crisis Response 7. Person Finder/ 8. Tasukeai Japan 9. MAP 10. I have seenA lot of talented peoplegathered to help thevictims of the Earthquake. 11. JAWS + Amazon EC2 12. Safecast 13. Volunteer Info 14. Crisis Mappingin OpenStreetMap500+ users wrote500,000+ ways in two months.Natori Ohtsuchi 15. Ive been impressed in peoplespower through operating belowprojects.2 16. 17. 18. ...... 19. MissionProvide and aggregatedisaster information byformatting them usinggeolocation data. 20. Geotagged reporting system 21. Geotagged reporting system 22. Geotagged reporting system 23. 95%+ of reports have been collectedfrom Twitter 95% 24. APISpreading data via Open API 25. Ushashidi OSSBased on Open Source Software Ushahidi 26. Operating by volunteers Total number Currently activeModerator100+ 3Developer100+ 3Translator 10+0And supported by: 27. Tickets 439/489resolved/tickets 28. Tickets 439/489resolved/tickets 29. Usage12,000+ reports1,000,000+ PV in first one month650,000+ unique visitorsMost viewed from Sendai* not include API access 30. Each pointrepresentsa personsvoice. 31. Is there anything I can do? 32. Getting over the companies barriers 33. Ideathon 34. Hackathon 35. Make projects and support them 36. Radiation data viewer for Android 37. Crowdsourcing photo retouching service 38. Volunteer needs management system 39. Open geiger counter hackathon 40. AfterWebsite renewal project 41. Building internet cafe in desaster areas 42. 5/21 Hack For Memorial photo application for Android 43. Disaster areas need technlogypeople. 44. Now on sale / 11,000 45. H4J Lessons leaned from and H4JSpeed and feedback is important.Crowdsourcing could make a big thing.Open collabolation makes a project strong. 46. Matz (Ruby father) saidAlmost all persons are searchingthe good problem having a suitablesize and complexity. 47. Common problems we often faced Hard to hear peoples feedback to anidea. For many people, keeping motivationon long term is difficult. 48. Who has problems and long term motivations? 49. Governments 50. NPONon Profit Organizations 51. Citizens 52. IT 53. Technology can make the world better to live. 54. But most important thigis... 55. YOU! 56. You make the world better to live. 57. Why dont you getstarted. 58. Connectingtechnologies to problems 59. Next Hack-a-thon Dec 17th-18thIshinomaki bus toursupported by METI() 60. Thank you for your timefeedback welcome (Japan.recovering) {we.hack();}