iPads in the Classroom

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iPads in the Classroom. a primer. Todays Topics. The cart iPad 101 iOS 5 new features Meaningful engagement Check for understanding Turning work in. The Cart. Wheel locks Combination DO NOT SHARE Plugs are testy Plug in cart plug in iPads flick red switch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>iPads in the Classrooma primer</p></li><li><p>Todays TopicsThe cartiPad 101iOS 5 new featuresMeaningful engagementCheck for understandingTurning work in</p></li><li><p>The CartWheel locksCombination DO NOT SHAREPlugs are testyPlug in cart plug in iPads flick red switchView lights on top and on back panel</p></li><li><p>The CartWheel locks</p></li><li><p>The CartCombination DO NOT SHAREPlugs are testy wait for the beep</p></li><li><p>The CartPlug in cart plug in iPads flick red switchView lights on top and on back panel</p></li><li><p>iPad 101The Basics of Our Latest Toy - - for Teachers Who Dont Have a Lot of Time</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overviewturning on &amp; turning off the iPad; starting an app; recharging iPad; main features</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview:Whats New in iOS 5</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview:Whats New in iOS 5</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview:Whats New in iOS 5</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview:Whats New in iOS 5</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>iPad Overview</p></li><li><p>Making a Pass Code WHS iPads already have a passcode. You shouldnt need it since, once unlocked, students can enter a new passcode, making your life a living hell. But if you ask me I will tell you only if you PROMISE not to tell a student for the sake of expediency or to be their friend.</p></li><li><p>Using the toggle to hook to LCD projector for presentation other optionsuse iPad as remote mouse: must be on wirelessuse iPad as remote whiteboard: dittosync-ing type apps such as Join.Me: double ditto</p></li><li><p>Setting a custom background</p></li><li><p>email - accessing school email account?teachers need to know their "school abbreviation ####" email password they use to log on to the current Remote Access Mail site, called "EMU Mail." 2 ways around it: [1] use Mail to get email, or[2] Spoof an account through Google or Yahoo! and use the Internet to get mail.</p></li><li><p>email</p><p>[2] </p><p>[1]</p></li><li><p>PrintingApple has included AirPrint on iPad 2's - - getting connected is another storyHighest-rated paid printing apps: Print Central &amp; Printopia - both work only now &amp; then on the district networkPrintShare: free app - gotta tweak your teacher PC a bit but it does workNEW HP app - works for HP printers</p></li><li><p>Choosing a wireless network - access wireless networks while at *or* away from school. WVUSD iPads are set to join wireless networks automatically, and student iPads are already logged on to the wireless network.</p></li><li><p>How to add &amp; delete &amp; move appsManual sync, PLEASESharing files with students (and vice versa!)UploadingIt.com / DropBox.com FileShare appBlackboards Digital DropboxTaking a screenshot: Home + Wake/Sleep EmailingIs there a clear-cut guideline? No.</p></li><li><p>Keeping iPads Safe During Student Use</p><p>4 hour snoozeDO NOT SHARE any passcodesDid I mention not sharing passcodes?Custom wallpaperExit ticket - great summary activityGive yourself time; its not electronic babysitting as usualDONT SHARE THE PASSCODE </p></li><li><p>Scheduling / Checking Out/ RestrictingScheduling - solutions varyRoom check out / check in - use the roster # matches iPad # techniqueRestrictions - use the pass code to change them as needed</p></li><li><p>- iPad User's Guide-OR- you can log on to DropBox.com and use wvusdstaff@gmail.com and walnut2020 to download a free copy and read it in iBooks even when you are offline!</p></li><li><p>- Free iPad Tips &amp; Tricks app</p></li><li><p>Using iPads in Your ClassroomUses:Standalone Apps to reinforce / explore / practiceSoftware Apps to research &amp; createMeaningful engagementCheck for understanding / exit ticket Turn work in</p></li><li><p>Meaningful EngagementStandalone App based: TourWristMath AppsScience appsEnglish / Reading appsSocial Science appsELL appsiBooks / CK-12 books Goal: find standalone apps to minimize wireless bottleneck</p></li><li><p>Meaningful EngagementWi-Fi based:Poll Everywhere.comt.socrative.comOn-the-fly questionsQuizlet.comGoogle writing form on a web pageGoogle presentation/ CloudOn (needs work)TourWrist as a cross-content writing promptHTML-based Virtual Tours (walnutresources.com)Edmodo: assignments, polls, push out links &amp; files iBooks / CK-12 books Goal: find non-Flash based ways to work</p></li><li><p>Checking for UnderstandingWi-Fi based:Poll Everywhere.comt.socrative.comQuizExit ticketQuizlet gameGoogle homework form on a web pageEdmodo: quizzes, polls, assignment remindersChalkboard itEduCreations - on the device or create an upload solution </p></li><li><p>Example: Socrative</p></li><li><p>Example: Socrative</p></li><li><p>Example: Socrative</p></li><li><p>Example: Socrative</p></li><li><p>Turning Student Work InOptions include:Email attachmentsUploadingIt / DropBoxDigital Dropbox in BlackBoard - still researchingGoogle forms online - http://tannerhomework.jimdo.com Khan Academy - still researchingEduCreations app - need a spoofed email plus your own email before you use in classDataDirector online quizzes - iPad friendly!</p></li><li><p>Review Todays TopicsThe cartiPad 101iOS 5 new featuresMeaningful engagementCheck for understandingTurning work in</p></li><li><p>Thank you!</p></li></ul>