IOS 8 Accessibility Features Presenter: Sharon Day, M.S,CCC-SLP June 9, 2015 Marathon High School Day 2015

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iOS 8 Accessibility Features

iOS 8Accessibility FeaturesPresenter:Sharon Day, M.S,CCC-SLPJune 9, 2015Marathon High School

Day 2015Apple has gone to INCREDIBLE lengths to make the iPad usable for people with vision, hearing, or other physical impairments. And dont forget about SIRI !Day 2015Lets start with SIRI:Siri is iPads famous, voice recognition technologyFirst it is dictation where the tablet types out everything you say.Second, it is like a voice controlled minion. You can say, Wake me up at 6, or Whats the weather in Boston this weekend? Or how long till Christmas . Or even, play some classical musicNote: Siri requires an internet connection. When your iPad isnt in a WiFi hotspot or cellular, you cannot use this feature. Also requires an iPad that is newer than the iPad 2.

Day 2015How to use Siri

Hold down the home button until you hear a double-beep. The iPad does not have to be unlocked or awakeOr you can hold the HOME button down the entire time you are speaking. That way you know SIRI wont attempt to execute your command before you are finished saying it.When you are finished speaking, be quiet. The iPad double-beeps at a higher pitch; meaning that it got it processing your requestTo rephrase your question or cancel or start over, tap the screen or just say cancel.

Day 2015Hands Free Siri

The iPad doesnt respond to Hey Siri unless you have met the following conditionsOpen Settings- General-Siri and turn on Hey Siri Note: This uses a lot of power.The iPad has to be chargingAt this point, you are good to go. Anytime you want to ask Siri something, just say. Hey Siri, at the sound of the double beep, say your thing

Day 2015Tips: What are general categories of things to say to SIRI:Opening apps. Example: Open Keynote or Play Angry Birds or Launch Calendar, Turn on Bluetooth, turn off WifiFace Time- Start Face time with DianaShow me Catherines email addressPlaying music- Play some Classical musicShow me the Wikipedia page on Hot air balloonsWhat is on cycling this weekend?

Day 2015Lets get going with Accessibility features:Start by opening Settings- General- Accessibility

Features we will look at:

Voice Over which is essentially a screen readerZoomingInvert colors and Gray scaleSpeechLarger/bold textIncrease ContrastHearing AssistanceMedia (Subtitle Options)Guided AccessSwitch ControlAssistive Touch

Day 2015Voice OverVoice over is screen reader that makes the iPad speak everything you touch. An important feature for the blind.The iPad can accept input from a Bluetooth Braille Keyboard and in iOS 8, you can type in Braille too.Voice Over is especially good at reading iBooks as well.Day 2015ZoomingThe Zoom command was overhauled in iOS 8. It lets you magnify the screen up to 500%To turn on Master Zoom switch go to settings-General- AccessibilityLook at the Zoom Region controlIf it is set to Windows Zoom, then zooming will produce a movable rectangular magnifying lensIf it is set to FULL SCREEN ZOOM, it will magnify the entire screen

Tip: You can move the rectangular lens around the screen by dragging the white oval handle on its lower edge.

Day 2015Invert Colors and GrayscaleBy reversing the screens colors from black for white, like a film negative, you create a higher-contrast effect that some people find easier on the eyes.Settings- General-Accessibility and turn on INVERT COLORS. Grayscale; new on iOS8, removes all color from the screen. Everything looks like a black and white photo. Again, it helps people with poor vision.Day 2015SpeechYour iPad can read to you aloud: an email message, a Web page, a text message.Speak Selection puts a SPEAK command into the button bar that appears whenever you highlight text in any app. Tap that button to make the iPad read the selected text.Speak Screen, new in iOS 8, simply reads everything on the screen, top to bottom, when you swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers.Speak Auto-text. You know how iPad suggests a word as you type? This option makes the iPad speak each suggestion.Day 2015Larger TextThis option is the central control panel for iOSs Dynamic Type feature. It is a game changer.Using the slider, you can choose a larger type size for all text the iPad displays in apps like Mail, iBooks, and messagesDay 2015Hearing AssistanceGo to SETTINGS- GENERAL- ACCESSIBILITYThis is dedicated to people with hearing loss.

Hearing AidsThis settings panel lets you pair your iPad with a Made for iPad hearing aid. These wireless hearing aids are designed to sound great and not drain the battery.

Mono AudioIf you are deaf in one ear, then listening to any music thats a stereo mix can be frustrating: you might be missing half of the orchestra. Mono Audio- Settings- General- Accessibility. Now you can hear the entire mix in one ear.