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  • Optimized accounts payable invoice processing


    Processing accounts payable invoices can be a time-consuming task. Many organizations find it hard to get a grip on the invoice handling process and this is especially true for organizations with complex approval processes. AXtension Invoice Processing optimizes the accounts payable invoice process in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    The entire process can be managed from a single overview screen, which

    reduces mouse-clicks and therefore improves productivity. The visual

    control signals allow the approver to manage by exception. Using one

    main workflow for all invoice types, the customer saves money with

    shortened approval cycles, allowing them to benefit from early payment

    discounts. Its availability on the Enterprise Portal and the AXtension

    Invoice Approval App accelerate the approval process even more. No more

    piles of paper invoices on a desk waiting for workflow approval, but an

    efficient e-mail notification or a simple signal on your desktop, tablet or

    phone when invoice requires attention. This app allows the approver to

    process accounts payable invoices at their own convenience, whenever

    and wherever its required.


    AX 2012

  • What is AXtension Invoice processing?

    AXtension Invoice Processing:

    Handles the processing cycle of an invoice (from system entry to posting) from one single point.

    Supports Shared Service Center (SSC) capabilities that allow the centralized Accounts Payable functionality to service multiple companies.

    Offers an exceptional expanded standard Microsoft Dynamics AX workflow framework that can easily be tailored to fit any number of different workflows, offering maximum flexibility and accelerating the approval process.

    Allows you to view a digital copy of your invoice throughout the entire process. AXtension Enterprise Content Management enables you to see the invoices in different portal views.

    Offers a native app for your platform that allows users to easily review the Accounts Payable invoices that are assigned to them in the workflow, without having to log into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

    Makes packing slip matching an extremely user friendly process that allows you to easily select packing slip lines by PO number, packing slip or item.

    Using our Intelligent Data Capturing capability, invoice recognition is a breeze to set up.

    Enables you to use parameter settings to define allowed variances on both price and invoice level, allowing you to manage by exception.

    AXtension Invoice Processing offers the following advantages: Reduction in manpower for invoice handling and processing time, thereby reducing errors resulting from manual input. Powerfully enriched Microsoft Dynamics AX workflow giving real-time insight into the process with clearly defined steps and actions leading to early Return on Investments. Outlook integration (tasks and Email alerts) provides workflow efficiency that lets you benefit from early payment discounts. Automatic periodic accruals. For invoice approval you can use the AXtension Invoice Approval App and/or e-mail approval. Integration with AXtension Enterprise Content Management provides easy access to scanned invoices that can no longer be mislaid.

  • Instant saving in both time and capacity because of the single overview and shortened approval cycles. The fact that this solution is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX leads to an early ROI.

    You can use this App or the

    Enterprise Portal (AX2012 only) to

    approve vendor invoices at your

    own convenience, whenever and

    wherever required.

    Enter your comfort zone! Go to and request a demo on demand.

    AXtension Enterprise Content Management allows you to store digital documents in a fully controlled document management environment that offers optimized functionalities like version history, archiving and document security. Documents will follow a workflow that moves them through a status of New, In Progress and finally Archived. Your workflow defines each documents security level and specifies who is allowed to access it, for example, to approve its content. Optimize the synergy between these two processes with AXtension Enterprise Content Management.

    Combining with

    One screen that provides insight

    in the invoice process and alerts

    you of matters you need to take

    action on. Use your resources for

    value added tasks and reduce

    invoice processing cycles!

    The New Dynamics AX

  • ENTER YOUR COMFORT ZONE Our innovative business solutions are the key enablers that help companies to drive up their business performance and realize optimal process control. Our core focus is delivering solid value added enhancements that go beyond Dynamics AX.

    The technology landscape is changing faster than ever before. With the availability of new technology our work and private lives are becoming more and more integrated. This changes the way we live and work, while enabling us to keep a satisfactory balance between well-being and business performance. The AXtension business model is designed and managed to quickly address these changes and adequately translate them into solutions that enhance working capabilities, increase performance and bring peace of mind.

    The AXtension teams passion is to successfully develop and deliver solutions based on the latest technological innovations, and therefore make a major difference in our customers daily working practices. The key elements in AXtension solutions include; ease of task execution, pace, and lean working practices. The result is high quality solutions that are easy to use, fast to implement and optimally supported. This allows our customers to stay focused on their core business.

    Our long-lasting commitment to intuitive user experience, customer satisfaction and continuous development of outstanding solutions is secured through our Centre of Excellence.

    The AXtension Centre of Excellence is a dedicated group of leading industry and domain Microsoft Dynamics AX experts that bring best-in-class industry and technology practices into our solutions and services. Our experts hold positions on various Microsoft Technology Advisory boards, including the Microsoft Dynamics AX Certification board, Inner Circle and AX Partner Council. Industry best practices are continuously captured through both research and projects executed with leading customers in a large variety of industries.

    AXtension solutions are delivered and supported through both an extensive global partner network and by our own high performance services group. For many years, AXtension has been the first ISV to be market ready with new version releases of Microsoft Dynamics AX, tested and certified by Microsoft. This makes us proud and is crucial to our mission to be the worlds number one Microsoft Dynamics AX ISV of choice.


    AXTENSION Noorderpoort 215916 PJ VENLO The Netherlands +31 77 323

    AXtension is a leading global Microsoft Dynamics AX Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

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