Introduction Though there are thousands of creatures ranging from small sizes to large, creatures named Daphnia seem to be distinctive. While other creatures

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Text of Introduction Though there are thousands of creatures ranging from small sizes to large, creatures...

  • IntroductionThough there are thousands of creatures ranging from small sizes to large, creatures named Daphnia seem to be distinctive. While other creatures hold dark, opaque bodies, the Daphnia have a transparent, unique anatomy. Daphnia are groups of crustaceans which serve as filter feeders and relate to lobsters. They are also denser than water which helps them settle at the bottom of any tank or etc. Even though they are very small and delicate, some Daphnia come to be carnivores. Due to Daphnias transparent bodies, the inner compartments of the creatures are revealed. The Daphnia consists of multiple legs while they also hold a body ranging from 0.2mm to 6mm. Where are they found? Daphnia are usually found among lakes or ponds and tend to settle at the bottom when not active. Not only that, but the Daphnia can also carry eggs for more than one week before it hatches. With such, one can imagine the unique feature such creature holds. At normal rates, the Daphnia usually hold an average heart rate of 180bpm. With the advantages of having translucent outer bodies, the Daphnia make it possible for others to experiment the effects of certain liquids. Though the Daphnia usually live throughout water, they can easily adapt to many different environments. The lifespan for the Daphnia usually expand to several months, but never over a year. They are also very dependant since their location takes an important part for their survival. Daphnia are also important for researchers since they hold a unique anatomy allowing dozens of successful experiments. For years and years, caffeine has been an important ingredient for many drinks around the world. What truly is caffeine? Pure caffeine is basically a white crystalline powder that usually is very, very bitter. Even though many deny such, caffeine is considered a drug. What kind of drug? Caffeine can be known as a stimulant since it holds an effect that increases performance and heart rate beats. It is also known that caffeine can be very addictive, certainly when used as a habit; such as drinking coffee every morning. Though it can be healthy, there are many side effects to caffeine. If caffeine is used without caution, it can manipulate channels throughout ones brain this in which is very similar to the effects of cocaine. One of the advantages of using caffeine includes that it can help decrease weight, but when used too much, caffeine can cause your metabolism to crave for more. Caffeine is very common throughout the nation since it is found in soft drinks, cafes, and anywhere offering energy drinks. Since caffeine is considered a stimulant or upper, when it is consumed, the heart rate increases. Without doubt one can see the exceptional anatomy of the Daphnia and disadvantages of using caffeine as a daily habit.


    ConclusionsThe result for the effects of caffeine on Daphnia came to prove my hypothesis. After the caffeine was added to the Daphnias environment, the Daphnias heartbeat started to increase in speed. Such meant that the hypothesis came to be true; the effects of caffeine increase the Daphnias heart rate. Such also proves that caffeine is truly a stimulant or upper.

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    For further informationPlease contact for further information on this subject. Information on Daphnia is also available throughout the web.

    Materials Daphnia, caffeine, water, Microscope, Energy Drink (contains caffeine) Coffee

    ProceduresProcedures:Test the Daphnias Heartbeats-six seconds long Add caffeine to the Daphnia Repeat step 1Add energy drink and repeat step 1Compare and contrast both caffeine and energy drink Analyze InformationRepeat whole process to see difference Hypothesis: If we add any type of caffeine to the Daphnia, then the heartbeat of the Daphnia will start to speed up.