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Interoperability in Digital Camera Capture The CinemaDNG Initiative April 12, 2011 NAB 2011, Las Vegas

Interoperability in Digital Camera Capture · 2020-03-20 · delta penelope, mirror-reflex digital camera, internal CinemaDNG recorder 1 obsolescence-free mirror-reflex head, with

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Text of Interoperability in Digital Camera Capture · 2020-03-20 · delta penelope, mirror-reflex digital...

  • Interoperability in Digital Camera Capture

    The CinemaDNG Initiative

    April 12, 2011 NAB 2011, Las Vegas

  • Welcome


      Today’s program

      Background for the CinemaDNG Initiative

      Leading vendors supporting CinemaDNG

      Q & A


  • Lars Borg | Principal Scientist, Adobe [email protected]

    The CinemaDNG File Format

  • From sensor data to final image

    “Digital Inverse” Bayer matrix

    Final image Still or Video

    When processed in camera: - Original is lost - JPEG or Video workflow

    When processed in post: - Original is preserved - RAW workflow

    Raw digital sensor data

    (magnified 100x) Image processing


    Most steps are “lossy”!

  • The RAW image

      … captures the digital camera’s sensor data with no processing in the camera

      Opportunity for better final quality

      Excellent for green-screen work

      70 % of professional photographers shoot RAW


      Proprietary image formats come and go – now at 200+

    ➜ The DNG format for still photography, CinemaDNG for motion

  • How do you stay fully connected with proprietary


    Cinematography Workflows with Multiple RAW Formats

    Vendor RAW


    Each application must read many file formats











  • Adding CinemaDNG to Cinematography Workflows

    Connect all products through one file format

    Capture in Vendor RAW or


    Ingest CinemaDNG


    Deliver in CinemaDNG


  • CinemaDNG Objectives

      Define a universal, high-quality RAW motion picture camera file format

      Using an open, documented format for digital RAW image data

      Leveraging existing standards (DNG, MXF)

      Unrestricted use

      No patents, no intellectual property rights encumbrances

      No license fees

      No non-disclosure agreements

      Free source code, software kits, tools

      64 companies participating, including 21 camera vendors

      The only open alternative to proprietary RAW format


  • Example Workflow - Camera to Academy IIF

    Capture RAW data Ingest to IIF

    Deliver in CinemaDNG

    Edit in RGB

    Grade in CinemaDNG

  • The Promise of The CinemaDNG File Format


      An open, unified RAW image format for motion picture capture   Retains the user benefits found in proprietary RAW formats   Adds Interoperability, Metadata, Longevity

    What’s not to like about this?

  • Introducing Leading CinemaDNG Sponsors


  • Pascal Grillére | Senior Software Engineer Booth C6744


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • delta penelope, mirror-reflex digital camera,

    internal CinemaDNG recorder

    1 obsolescence-free mirror-reflex head, with interchangeable digibacks. 2 simultaneous recording of uncompressed RAW and edit-ready proxies. 3 less than 4 seconds boot-up, low power (

  • delta pack internal CinemaDNG

    SSD recorder

    1 four SSD in RAID-0. 2 up to 600MBytes/sec. 3 40min/TB CinemaDNG RAW recording. 4 universal non proprietary disk format (FAT32). 5 small and lightweight: 350 grams. 6 slides in one standard 3.5” HD dock.


  • ergon ®



    1 backups Aaton delta packs.

    2 debayers CinemaDNG 4K in realtime.

    3 handles high speed clip searching.

    4 applies delta-penelope embedded 3DLUTs.

    5 generates color ‘best-light’ proxies.

    6 runs within any GPU equipped PCs.


  • Peter Gustafsson Booth C9545


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • A-Cam dll - Small and light- CCD sensor with global shutter- Uncompressed RAW in CinemaDNG in full HD- Onboard recording to a 160 GB flashcard- Onboard viewfinder and battery- PL, IMS, C & Leica M mount.

    - See us in booth #C9545

    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • Johann Horvat Booth C11540


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • Digital Film Cameras

      Indiecam builds modular digital camera systems

      Camera-heads, recorders, monitoring devices and accessories

      Lightweight handheld configurations

      Detached configuration for SFX and POV production

      Great for 3D: Native support for 2 channels

      We use DNG since 2005 for recording digital film!

  •   Introducing new Camera-Head at NAB Show 2011

      Global Shutter CMOS in 2k

      3G HD-SDI output



      Up to 120 fps


      Tiny housing


      Connectors, Communication Protocol (RS 485) and Housing stays the same with our current camera


  • indieSHUTTLE

      3D Dual Channel 3G HD-SDI recorder

      CinemaDNG Sequences

      CinemaDNG MXF (upgrade)

      Uncompressed 4:2:2

      RGB 4:4:4 (upgrade)

      2 SSD drives (no RAID, FAT32) 180 MB/s each, one for each channel

      Not only a recorder, but all camera-controls integrated

      Integrated 3D workflow functions (calibration, previewing)

      Lightweight 2.5 kg

  • Lars Borg | Principal Scientist [email protected] Booth SL3320


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • Adobe Supports CinemaDNG

      Adobe products include CinemaDNG support

      Single images (Photoshop and Lightroom)

      Image sequences and MXF (After Effects and Premiere)


  • Adobe Supports CinemaDNG

    For use with full-screen images or diagrams that look good on gray


  • Ron Wallace | Senior Consulting Engineer, Office of the CTO Booth SU902


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • Avid Supports The CinemaDNG Initiative

      Avid’s goal is to be file format agnostic and open

      Offer flexible support for file formats and codecs based on customer demand

      Offer open interfaces for integration

      Support standardization

      Reasons we like CinemaDNG

      It’s an open standard

      It’s based on other open standards

      A common format allows us to support more capture devices and applications

      We are exploring how to best support CinemaDNG in Media Composer

      One possibility is via Avid Media Access


  • Peter Chamberlain | DaVinci Resolve Product Manager Booth SL220

    Blackmagic Design

    We Love CinemaDNG!

    Adding to the long list of supported native camera and file formats as of NAB 2011 DaVinci Resolve now decodes CinemaDNG files. Using a GPU debayer developed by Blackmagic Design, Cinema DNG images can be previewed, played and graded in real time on a MacPro or Linux single GPU system. Live demonstrations can be seen at the Blackmagic Design stand, SL220.

  • Blackmagic Design


  • Patrick Palmer Booth SL7927

    Patrick offered $1000 for anyone who could tell where the split was between ARRIRAW and CinemaDNG, clips shown in split-screen mode in Iridas SpeedGrade NX. No takers!


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • Gregor Zander Booth SL1414


    We Love CinemaDNG!

  • MXF4mac Supports CinemaDNG


  • MXF4mac Supports CinemaDNG


  • MXF4mac Supports CinemaDNG

    Slide template for use with full-screen images or diagrams that look good on gray

    Product shot? Screen shot? CinemaDNG support in product

    New, launched at NAB 2011! Visit booth SX1999!


  • CinemaDNG at NAB 2011


      Meet vendor representatives here   Visit the following booths for demos and more information

      Aaton Booth C6744   Adobe Booth SL3320   Avid Booth SU902   Blackmagic Design Booth SL220   Ikonoskop Booth C9545   INDIECAM Booth C11540   IRIDAS Booth SL7927   MXF4mac Booth SL1414

      Look for the CinemaDNG logo

      Thanks for attending!

  •   Demo of clips from various CinemaDNG sources on same time line   Time lapse from Canon camera, shot in RAW, converted to DNG sequence

      Clips from INDIECAM

      Clips from Ikonoskop