International Bioacoustics Congress 2017 Banff National Park Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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<ul><li><p>International Bioacoustics Congress 2017Banff National ParkBanff, Alberta, Canada</p></li><li><p>Local organizing committeeAndrew Iwaniuk (University of Lethbridge)James Hare (University of Manitoba)Susan Lingle (University of Winnipeg)David Logue (University of Lethbridge)Shannon Digweed (MacEwan University)Hugh Notman (Athabasca University)</p></li><li><p>Where is Banff?</p></li><li><p>Why Banff?IBAC has never been held in Canadaeasy accesswildlifespectacular scenerylisted in 1,000 Places to Visit Before You Dieworld class conference facility</p></li><li><p>Easy accessCalgary International Airportdirect flights from over 20 international locations including: Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Frankfurt, Houston, London, LA, Manchester, New York, Newark, Paris, Seattle and TokyoBanff Airporter provides direct access from the airport to the Banff Centre (approx. 2 hours door to door)car rentals are also available</p></li><li><p>Return Airfares to CalgaryDirect flights*Frankfurt: $1,700Paris: $1,400Heathrow: $1,800Amsterdam: $1,200</p><p>Tokyo: $1,200</p><p>Chicago: $600LAX: $400JFK: $650Dallas: $500</p><p>1-2 stops*Rio de Janeiro: $1,500Mexico City: $600</p><p>Sydney: $1,500</p><p>Beijing: $1,200</p><p>*All prices in CAN$</p></li><li><p>Airport Transfer15% discount for conference: $105.23 per person (return)water, powered outlets, reclining seatstransfers available approx. every 90 minutes</p><p></p></li><li><p>full conference servicesseating for 350state of the art acoustics systemmultiple adjoining meeting roomslarge reception area</p></li><li><p>several dining options available onsiteother dining options available in Banff (20-30 min walk or 5 min taxi)</p></li><li><p>Accommodationmore than 400 rooms available on siterange of rooms from basic to multi-bedroom units with kitchenettessecured 150 twin-share rooms and suites for IBAC</p></li><li><p>IBAC 2017Potential dates: 28 May - 3 June20-26 AugustSundayarrival and opening reception (light meal, wine and beer) at the Kinnear Centre</p></li><li><p>General organizationBreakfast on siteGeneral sessionsLunch on siteAfternoons: general session or postersWed: afternoon free for tours or exploring BanffFriday: evening reception</p></li><li><p>Sponsorship Support</p></li><li><p>Registration and Accommodationregistration includes opening reception, coffee breaks, breakfasts and lunchesaccommodation includes national parks pass, wifi and all taxes</p><p>CAN$US$PI registration700525475350Student registration300225205150Banquet75575038AccommodationBasic18514012593Superior235177160118</p></li><li><p>Things to do in Banff</p></li><li><p>Banff Hot Springs</p></li><li><p>Organized afternoon toursDiscover Banff: Bow Falls, Hoodoos, Lake Minnewanka and Banff GondolaEvening Wildlife Safari: bears, elk, mountain sheep, moose, mountain goats, deerHorseback riding (1-3 hours)Banff GondolaMt. Norquay via FerrataDiscover Lake Louise</p></li><li><p>Pre- and Post-congress ToursWhitewater raftingHiking Tours: Lake Louise and Kootenay National ParkSpray Valley Horseback RidingDiscover Grizzly Bears tour: Lake Louise, Takkakaw Falls, grizzly bear refuge, gondola rideColumbia Icefields ParkwayLake LouiseMountain Lakes and Waterfalls TourSightseeing Tour to Jasper National Park(*combination packages also available)</p></li><li><p>So Why Banff?easy and direct accessall services provided on siteregistration includes meals packageaccommodation is discounted for peak seasonamazing scenerylots of outdoors activities and wildlifeCanadians</p><p>We would like put forward a bid to host the 2017 IBAC in Banff, Canada. It is a remarkable location for a conference and has all of the facilities necessary to support the activities of the meeting and provide a memorable meeting.*Our local organizing committee is comprised of 6 researchers who are all active in bioacoustics research. James Hare and Andrew Iwaniuk are the principal organizers with support provided by Susan Lingle, David Logue, Shannon Digweed and Hugh Notman. We have already received substantial interest from other researchers in Canada, leading us to believe that this would be a highly successful location for a meeting.*A bit about Banff itself. Banff is located in western Canada on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains.*The town of Banff is 1-1.5 hours from Calgary, a rapidly growing city with a relatively large number of international flights as I will detail later.*What makes Banff unique is that it is within Banff National Park, Canadas oldest national park. Founded in 1885, Banff National Park is over 6,000 km2 of preserved boreal forest and montane regions holding a wide diversity of wildlife.*Why hold a meeting here? First, IBAC has never been held in Canada, despite the popularity of bioacoustics among Canadian researchers. Second, it is easy to access. As I will show, this somewhat remote location is easily accessed from around the world. Third, a diverse and fairly dense population of mammals and birds means ample wildlife viewing opportunities for biologists. Fourth, the spectacular scenery. You will be surrounded by the Canadian Rocky Mountains, including postcard views of mountain tops, lakes and glaciers. Fifth, the scenery and wildlife made Banff a listing in 1,000 places to visit before you die. And last, Banff township has a world class conference facility that can support an IBAC.*Easy access. The Calgary airport receives direct flights from over 20 international destinations and through these, Calgary can be readily accessed from anywhere in the world with only 1 or 2 connections at most. In addition, we have secured a service to provide specific transport for IBAC attendees directly from the airport to the conference facility. For those keen on exploring, a wide range of car rental agencies are also on site and the drive to Banff is both scenic and simple.*In terms of costs, estimates of current flights are as shown here. These costs are significantly lower than travel to the recent Ethology Congress in Cairns, Australia and Calgary has the advantage of several direct flights from Europe, Japan and the US.*As I mentioned, we have secured direct transport for conference attendees. The Banff Airporter has generously offered a 15% discount that they will hold through until 2017. The transfers will occur approximately every 90 minutes and you will be dropped off at the front door of the conference facility. The drive itself takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on traffic leaving Calgary.*No trip to Banff is complete without mentioning the wildlife and the scenery.*During summer, a wide range of mammals can be observed relatively easily within the township of Banff and the surrounding area. This includes marmots, coyotes, both black and grizzly bears, mountain sheep and goats, moose, elks and, of course, beavers. It is Canada after all.*Bird life is also abundant in the Banff area. For birders, Banff has 2 species of hummingbirds throughout the summer, several grouse and ptarmigan species and the very colourful Harlequin Duck shown at the top of the slides.*Again, we have to emphasize the scenery. And just to prove that anyone can get amazing photos there, this one I took myself in May of last year.*Within Banff itself, you can even take a gondola up Sulphur Mountain to get a mountain top view of the Bow Valley and surrounding area. The gondola is within minutes of the conference facility and during summer is open during evening hours.*The conference centre itself is the Banff Centre. You can see it here on the left of the slide, just across the river from Banff township. Although marginally separated from town, you can be in the middle of Banff within a 15 minute walk.*The Banff Centre offers a full complement of conference services. In fact, we have already engaged their conference planning services in preparing this presentation. They have several meeting rooms and auditoriums, the largest of which can accommodate up to 350 attendees. For the purposes of IBAC, you will be pleased to know that they have a state of the art acoustics system and regularly hold concerts there, so we can be assured of good sound (although I make no promises about Mac-PC interchangeability). Off of the large auditorium, there are several meeting rooms for 20-50 people that are ideal for break-out session, workshops and demos. Lastly, there is a large reception area that is suitable for poster presentations and our opening reception.*Several dining options are also available onsite. There are three restaurants within the Banff Centre, one of which will be providing breakfasts and lunches for attendees throughout the meeting. A wide range of other dining options, including wild game and top Japanese restaurants can be found in town, which is only 20 min away walking or a very short taxi ride.*For the IBAC, we have secured a minimum of 150 rooms onsite. Most of these are twin-share or single rooms, with about 50 suites set aside as well. Again, all of the rooms are on site, providing everyone with easy access to the meeting or back to your room to finish writing your talk.*For the purposes of preparing this presentation, we have come up with two potential weeks in 2017 for the meeting. They were selected based on avoiding conflicts with other meetings (e.g., Ethology Congress), long weekends, other events at the Banff Centre and beginning of the academic year for our organizing committee. The meeting will begin on a Sunday with a light meal, opening remarks and wine and beer in the reception area.*Again, breakfast and lunch can be provided on site and will ensure that attendees are suitably fed and caffeinated before the sessions begin. In our draft schedule, we would like to see oral sessions in the morning and early afternoon, including plenary lectures, with the Monday and Thursday late afternoons reserved for poster sessions (with snacks and wine/beer). Wed afternoon will be free for tours or exploring Banff. Friday will mark the end of the meeting with an evening reception/banquet.*To help offset the costs of the meeting, especially the food and drink, we have secured support from several sources. If our bid is successful, we anticipate obtaining more support, which help bring down costs.*With our current sponsorship support and estimates from the Banff Centre, we have developed the following for registration fees and accommodation costs. Note that registration includes the opening reception, all coffee breaks, breakfasts and lunches for Mon-Fri, so is actually quite reasonable when you factor meals into the equation. The accommodation includes all taxes and wifi as well as a national parks pass, which is mandatory for everyone visiting Banff. These are upper estimates and we anticipate we can bring them down through sponsorship as well as booking up all of the rooms we have secured at the Banff Centre.*Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention all of the things to do in and around Banff prior to, during and after the meeting. First, there is the gondola that I mentioned already, which is a short distance from the Banff Centre.*Also near the gondola is the Banff Springs Hotel, the hot springs and a golf course.*Within Banff township, and yes this photo is in town, you can rent canoes, kayaks and paddle boards on Vermillion Lakes.*There are also lots of hiking trails to take advantage of, some of which connect directly with the Banff Centre, as well as horseback riding, mountain biking and white water rafting. All tour operators offer pick up at the Banff Centre.*Within a 45 minute drive of Banff is Lake Louise, an iconic lake close to where the royal couple went on honeymoon and site of the alpine events of the 1988 winter olympics.*Many short hikes with breath taking views can be found around the Lake Louise area.*To assist attendees in making the most out of their trip to Banff, we have contacted one of the tour operators who can offer the following as potential afternoon tours. Further, the evening wildlife safari leaves after our sessions finish each day, so attendees can go looking for moose, bears and elk at the end of each day. Costs for these tours vary between about $65 and $165.*Pre and post-congress tours are also available. Again, the operator can you pick you up at the door and whisk you away for white water rafting, hiking, looking for grizzlies, scenic tours of the Icefields Parkway or even transport you to Jasper National Park to the north of Banff. Jasper is over 10,000km2 and provides a different perspective on Canadian Rockies because it is further north.*In summary, why should the IBAC be in Banff? First, we can provide easy and direct access to the conference facility. Second, all services, accommodation, food and talks, can be held on a single site. Third, we have negotiated an excellent meals package with fresh, local ingredients (read wild salmon) so that attendees can stay at the venue. Fourth, we have secured accommodation and it is at a lower rate than the hotels in town for peak season. Fifth, we have the amazing scenery. Sixth, we can provide lots of opportunities for outdoor activities and wildlife viewing. And last Canadians. With such polite and friendly people hosting the meeting, how can you possibly say no?Thank you.*</p></li></ul>


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