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Intelligent Ion Chromatography - Metrohm · PDF file Professional ion chromatography Metrohm ion chromatography Metrohm guarantees optimal solutions in ion chroma-tography based on

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  • 850 Professional IC 872 Extension Module 858 Professional Sample Processor

    Intelligent Ion Chromatography

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    Professional ion chromatography

    Metrohm ion chromatography

    Metrohm guarantees optimal solutions in ion chroma-

    tography based on innovative and creative solutions

    through out the last twenty years – with high-tech, many

    years of application know-how, Swiss quality standards

    and a reasonable pricing policy, both in acquisition and

    running costs. Metrohm 850 Professional IC, 872 Exten-

    sion Module and 858 Professional Sample Processor are

    Swiss Engineered and Swiss Made.

    Built-in intelligence

    Metrohm IC is ion chromatography from the technology

    leader. The 850 Professional IC is the first professional ion

    chromatography system with intelligent system compo-


    • Intelligence in the hardware of the 850 Professional IC,

    • Intelligence in the MagIC NetTM software,

    • Intelligence in the Metrosep iColumns.

    Professional IC guarantees excellent results, gapless sys-

    tem monitoring, complete traceability of all actions and

    the simple operation of even complex procedures.

    The 850 Professional IC is an extremely compact system

    with all the flexibility of modular design. It adapts itself to

    the particular application and is equipped for all future

    tasks. Any existing 850 Professional IC system can be

    further expanded with 872 Extension Modules. Pro fes-

    sional IC also stands for a robust system setup using

    high-end components. A long working life with low run-

    ning costs is guaranteed.

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    • Highly compact modular system • MagIC NetTM software for intuitive and simple operation

    • Comprehensive monitoring and control functions

    • Complies with GLP and FDA requirements

    • Flexible assembly and extension: from isocratic cation system up to quaternary high- pressure gradient system for anion analysis

    • Combined third-generation anion-cation systems

    • MISP – Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation – patented and unique sample preparation • Intelligent system components: iPump, iDetector, iColumn, intelligent Dosing Units

    • Professional Sample Processor for any required volumes and extensive liquid handling operations

    • High-precision Dosino technology

    • Broad range of detection possibilities

    • Swiss Engineered – Swiss Made


  • Flow path features

    The flow path of the 850 Professional IC is metal-free

    and biocompatible. Most applications permit Green Che-

    mis try without toxic solvents, corrosive eluents or even

    cartridges that have to be disposed of as hazardous

    waste. Nevertheless the system is 100% solvent-resistant

    and withstands even rough surroundings. Eluents are

    automatically degassed inline and the MagIC NetTM soft-

    ware ensures that they are always fresh.

    Automated eluent preparation

    The time-consuming manual preparation of the eluents

    can be automated. One of the options offered by

    Metrohm to realize this is the 845 Eluent Synthesizer,

    which prepares eluents from up to four freely selectable

    concentrates and one main component. Compared to

    the traditional manual eluent preparation, the fully auto-

    mated system guarantees precise mixtures and excellent

    batch-to-batch reproducibility by simple mouse-click in

    the «Mix Control» program.

    04 Another option is preparing the eluent directly inline. This is done by connecting the 849 Level Control and the 800

    Dosino to the 850 Professional IC system. Controlled by

    MagIC NetTM, the 849 Level Control monitors the eluent

    level while the Dosino carries out all the required dosing

    and liquid-handling operations. In this case, eluent pre-

    paration runs parallel to the determination. The system

    allows continuous ion chromatographic analyses over a

    month without any manual eluent preparation being


    The error-prone and time-consuming eluent pre-

    paration can be automated at small additional


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    Gradients – if necessary

    High-pressure or low-pressure gradients are used only

    where they are really needed. Gradient form and mixing

    are freely selectable: step, linear, convex and concave

    gradient functions are available and can be combined.

    The 850 Professional IC system is available as a high-

    pressure or low-pressure gradient version. Moreover, all

    850 Professional IC systems can be operated with the

    Dosino Gradient as well.

    The high-pressure gradient system can be expanded to

    a quaternary gradient system with the 872 Extension

    Mo dule.

    The low-pressure gradient version is the economic alter-

    native to the powerful high-pressure gradient system.

    The low-pressure gradient module can also be used for

    method development or as eluent selector for the auto-

    matic switchover from one application to another.

    The gradient systems are available with chemical suppres-

    sion, with sequential suppression or without suppres sion,

    depending on the requirements. They can be combined

    with a broad range of detectors and are suitable for hy -

    dro xide as well as carbonate gradients. When working

    with sequential suppression and conductivity detection,

    the flexibility of the carbonate/hydrogencarbonate elu-

    ents can be combined with the low background conduc-

    tivity of an hydroxide eluent by the CO2 suppression

    app lied after the chemical suppressor.

    For gradient applications we recommend the high-ca pa-

    city Metrohm Suppressor Module «MSM-HC» to be used

    for chemical suppression.

  • 06 Self-monitoring for zero fault tolerance The intelligent system components monitor and optimize

    all functions, which are, if required, documented in an

    FDA-com p liant form. The configuration of the system is

    as simple as can be imagined, as the components log

    themselves in automatically and provide the MagIC NetTM

    software with all the relevant information. The way from

    the sample to a precise result has become quicker as

    even complex sample preparation steps are now carried

    out inline and automatically. If necessary, the system will

    also automatically optimize sample preconcentration or

    sample dilution. The optimal operation of the 850 Pro-

    fessional IC and the results are monitored. If a parameter

    leaves the predefined range then the user is infor med by

    E-Mail or SMS.

    Intelligent system

    850 Professional IC is a system composed of discrete,

    intelligent modules that are optimally matched to one

    another. The way from the sample to a precise result has

    now become easier, as the system thinks for itself and

    makes logical decisions. This prevents operating errors

    and improves reliability of results.

    The 850 Professional IC is a complex and very efficient

    system that can still be operated simply and intuitively

    with the MagIC NetTM software. This applies for both

    power users with complex applications and complicated

    calculations and users who value «one-button opera-

    tion». Any user level is possible. Innovation, flexibility and

    extremely simple operation result from the intelligence of

    the 850 Professional IC, the 872 Extension Module, the

    858 Professional Sample Processor and the MagIC NetTM


    Intelligent components for an intelligent system

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    The 850 Professional IC system is highly flexible. The prin-

    ciple of discrete modules combined into a system means

    that users are perfectly prepared to meet ever new and

    more demanding challenges. Read more about new

    options with the 872 Extension Modules from page 22

    on. Moreover, all 850 Professional IC systems can be

    com bined with Metrohm’s unique Inline Sample Pre pa-

    ra tion techniques (page 13). They provide for a fully

    auto mated and reliable analysis of liquid, solid and even

    gaseous samples in a single run.

    Flexibility in the use of the detection method

    Conductivity detection is the most frequently used detec-

    tion method in ion chromatography. Metrohm’s iDetec-

    tor is a state-of-the-art, powerful and intelligent detec-

    tor. If your sam ples require a different detection method,

    you can use UV/VIS detection, electrochemical methods

    or mass spectroscopic methods as well.

    Flexibility in the choice of the separation coulumn

    We offer you a wide range of different columns. Depen d-

    ing on your application you can choose columns with

    various base materials, selectivity, capacity and dimen-

    sions. Be sides columns with an inner diameter of

    4 mm we can even offer you 2 mm columns to reduce

    eluent consump tion. For these «microbore columns» we

    have deve loped our new chemical suppressor «MSM-LC».

    Superior flexibility

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