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  • 8/10/2019 Insights 200809



    GN ReSound

    Improving Hearing Aid Performa

    Sunshine HeartSimulating Heart Pump Behavior

    Isight for Abaqus

    New Product for

    Design Exploration




    Dassault Systmes Realistic Simulation Magaz

    BD Accelerates

    Medical DeviceInnovation

  • 8/10/2019 Insights 200809


    INSIGHTS is published byDassault Systmes Simulia Corp

    Rising Sun MiIls166 Valley Street

    Providence, RI 02909-2499Tel. +1 401 276 4400Fax. +1 401 276


    Tim Webb

    Associate Editor:

    Julie Ring


    Upul Attanayake (Western Michig

    University), Graham Barnes (EngenuRyan Becket, Scott Berkey,

    Dale Berry, Anita Bestelmeyer (BDRob Bray, Wei-Shan Chang,

    Matt Dunbar, Kyle IndermuehleBill Klug (UCLA), Rob Miller,Scott Miller (Sunshine Heart),Parker Group, Marc Schrank,Subham Sett, Louise Short,

    Morten Birkmose Sndergaard(GN ReSound)

    Graphic Designer:

    Todd Sabelli

    The 3DS logo, SIMULIA, and Abaqus are trademark

    or registered trademarks of Dassault Systmes or its

    subsidiaries. Other company, product, and service na

    may be trademarks or service marks of their respecti

    owners. Copyright Dassault Systmes, 2008.

    Product UpdateCZone for Abaqus

    Abaqus for CATIA V5

    SIMULIA SLM New Release

    Isight for Abaqus

    Customer SpotlightHearing Aid Design is a Resounding

    Success with Finite Element Analysis

    Executive Message

    Scott Berkey, CEO, SIMULIA

    In The News

    Industry Press Coverage

    Nonlinear Analysis of I-35 Bridge Gusset

    Cambric Expands Solutions Offering

    Lenovo Uses Abaqus




    In Each Issue


    Inside This Issue


    Western Michigan University Canoe

    Team Stays Aoat with Abaqus

    Abaqus Student Edit ion 6.8

    Flexible Licensing for Academics




    Simulayt Provides Enhanced

    Composite Modeling and Simulation

    16 Customer Case Study

    Sunshine Heart Optimizes Unique

    Pump Device


    2009 SCC Call for Papers

    2008 RUM Schedule



    8-11 6

    Sept/Oct 2008


    0 Product Update

    Design Exploration, Components, and

    Process Integration Technology Extend


    Cover StoryThe Role of Simulation in

    Product Development at BD

    22 Services

    Accelerating Analysis with HPC4 Life Sciences Strategy

    Subham Sett, Medical Industry Lead,


  • 8/10/2019 Insights 200809


    3INSIGHTS September/October

    I am honored to be writing to you as the new CEO of SIMULIA. I believe this is an exciting time in our 30-year

    history. SIMULIA is well-positioned to increase the business value of the simulation technology that we deliver to

    you, and we believe that sustained business momentum is based on fundamental principles of technology innovation

    and customer satisfaction.

    Our recent acquisition of Engineous Software allows us to complement the capabilities of Abaqus and accelerate the

    development of SLM. The professionals from Engineous bring expert knowledge in process integration and design

    exploration. The iSIGHT and FIPER products have been successfully deployed across multiple industries, and our

    customers are enthusiastic about the technical advances and business benets they will gain from this new venture.

    Our newest product is a direct result of the acquisition. Isight for Abaqus provides design exploration and optimization

    capabilities to users of Abaqus (seeINSIGHTS,p. 11). Our development teams are also in the process of extending the

    functionality of SIMULIA SLM with iSIGHT and FIPER technology (seeINSIGHTS, pp. 9-11). These developments,

    combined with the technology resources of Dassault Systmes, are enabling us to strengthen our technology-leading

    position in Simulation Lifecycle Management.

    These achievements would not be possible without you, our valued customers. The customer case studies in this

    issue ofINSIGHTSfrom GN ReSound, Sunshine Heart, and Becton, Dickinson (BD) demonstrate that SIMULIA is

    focused on providing solutions for industries where the use of simulation is still emerging, as well as those where

    simulation usage is more mature. Our solutions are being used effectively in a range of industries beyond auto andaero, including civil engineering, electronics, energy, and medical devices. As Anita Bestelmeyer, CAE Manager

    at BD, points out: When you use simulation for concept denition, and development of a product, you decrease

    product development costs and get to market quicker. This view makes it clear that the benets of applying realistic

    simulationthroughout the product lifecyclecan be gained in all industries.

    Even as we expand our portfolio to include Multiphysics and Simulation Lifecycle Management solutions, our focus

    on enhancing core Abaqus FEA technology continues. This is achievable due to customer loyalty, feedback, and

    collaboration. Our 2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey shows consistent results over the past three years for quality,

    support, and innovation. These results are testimony to our commitment of meeting your needs.

    We continually strive to understand your business goals, engineering challenges, and technology requirements

    so that we can develop simulation solutions that meet real-world demands. For this reason, your participation at

    our international conference and Regional User Meetings is more valuable than ever. These gatherings are your

    opportunity to learn from your peers, gain a deeper understanding of our strategy, and share your requirements with

    our professional staff.

    I would like to thank each of you personally for your commitment to making realistic simulation an integral part of

    your design, engineering, and research processes. Together, we are making a positive impact on the future of realistic

    simulation and innovative product development.

    Executive Message

    Scott Berkey

    Chief Executive Ofce


    Customer-Focused Strategy Our Commitment to You

    Good or Better Good or Better Good or Better





    89% 90%88% 91% 91%92% 93% 93%93%100%












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  • 8/10/2019 Insights 200809


    4 INSIGHTS September/October 2008

    In The News

    European Automotive Design

    February 2008, p. 8

    Software Tools Slash Door Latch Testing

    The strength of a car door latch is critical to passenger safety during

    an automobile accident. Kiekert, one of the worlds largest vehicle-

    latch manufacturers, has a virtual validation program that combines

    CATIA, Abaqus FEA, and in-house software to speed up latch design,

    testing, and development. Beginning with CAD models, Kiekert

    follows a process of FE modeling, multibody dynamic simulations,

    and tolerancing that has signicantly reduced the number of physicaltests for product design validation and cut time-to-market.


    May 2008, pp. 152154

    High-Performance Flexible Pipe Can Be Designed to Fit

    As oil & gas companies move ever deeper offshore in search of

    energy resources, the need for exible ber reinforced pipe (FFRP)

    has become more pressing: FFRP is well-suited to withstand the

    greater hydrostatic pressures, wellhead pressures, and temperature

    extremes that accompany deepwater recovery. DeepFlex Inc.,

    working with MMI Engineering Inc., uses Abaqus FEA models to

    tailor their composite pipe construction to multiple environmentalvariables. Abaqus FEA allows performance analysis of each layer of

    composite to meet exacting specications for burst, collapse, axial

    extension, bending, and torsion.

    Mechanical Engineering

    May 2008, pp. 3235

    Offshore Analysis

    Pelamis Wave Power was featured in this article about how FEA is

    being used to design energy-producing machines built to withstand

    the rigors of life in the ocean. Pelamis makes an energy converter that

    oats on the ocean surface and generates electricity from waves; a

    wave farm of multiple units can provide electric power for thousandsof homes. Adapting Abaqus FEA applications to analyze both small

    components and larger assembly simulations, Pelamis is studying

    fatigue and durability in their product, with three real-world offshore

    projects underway in the U.K. and Europe.

    Industry Press Coverage

    Desktop Engineering

    June 2008, pp. 4647, 71

    Abaqus Enables Full-Body N&V Simulation

    Automakers need to rapidly assess noise and vibration (N&V) levels

    in the early stages of car design as they seek to increase the customer-

    pleasing aspects of a vehicles ride. Abaqus FEA now makes it

    possible to simulate the N&V characteristics of a full automobile

    bodyincluding tiresaccording to SIMULIA senior engineering

    specialist Charlie Chin in this bylined article. By using FEA to model

    the response of a vehicle to both structural and airborne input from theroad and powertrain, engineers can improve the design and evaluation

    of new vehicles while minimizing physical prototyp

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