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Guide to Strategic Outsourcing (with Trends, Surveys and Analysis)

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INSIDE OutsourcingStrategic OutsourcingTRENDS.SURVEYS.ANALYSIS.


December 2012

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5 Key Leaders on The New InnovationThought leaders weigh on whats new


Risk: The Peril and PromiseOperating risk and resource risk from sponsors to CROs being facilitated By Kenneth GetzM A N UFA CT UR IN G


Lillys New HybridA look at a very different insourcing relationship between Eli Lilly and its partner, AMRI By Patricia Van Arnum

Taking MeasureInside Outsourcings annual report on the state of the biopharmaceutical industry By Eric LangerC L I NI CA L T R IA LS


Does the Size of Your Outsourcing Organization Really Matter?It may not be rational but when picking an outsourcing partner tends to go with sIze By Janice Hutt

Making it Succeed: OptimizationSolving the common hurdles and challenges for conducting Phase II and Phase III studies. By Lisa HendersonO U TL O O K COMMENTA RY

Strategic Partnership: The Emperors New ClothesWith all the talk, are strategic partnerships really partnerships, and are they strategic? By Andrew Parrett

Boom TimeBetter-than-expected business performance for contract services industry into 2013 By Jim Miller

Full Service Contract Manufacturing Clinical to Commercial Multiple Dosage Forms Regulatory Excellence

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FROM THE PUBLISHERNew Models for a New Worldn the six years since Advanstars Pharma Science Group began publishing Inside Outsourcing, weve witness a meteoric rise in outsourcing and a dramatic evolution in the dierent forms it takes from tactical to strategic relationships between sponsors and their service providers CROs and CMOs. Today, nearly all of the large sponsor companies (e.g., major and some mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies) have adopted and are actively using single- and multi-functional partnerships under long-term alliance arrangements. Sponsors are seeking not only more ecient access to dedicated global capacity and talent, but also cost savings through partnerships with a select and reduced number of contract service providers. Tis has been a boom to the outsourcing industry. As Ken Getz points out in his fascinating story Te Peril and Promise of Risk Imbalance on page 10, the total global market for all contract services supporting prescription drug R&D is $90 billon to $105 billon, nearly ve times larger than commonly cited. Te pressure for the pharmaceutical industry to achieve higher levels of clinical development has never been greater and more intense. Problem is with this shift towards strategic integrated alliances and the transfer of operating and resource risk, CROs are in new territory. Tey are being asked to

An Introduction


take on more responsibility to create and implement solutions far more innovative than have been traditionally generated and to weigh aggressive growth strategies that may redene the scope of contract services traditionally oered. Whether or not outsourcers are ready to assume this responsibility and whether the sponsors will let them remains to be seen. One thing is for surewhen it comes to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical outsourcing were not in Kansas anymore. Inside Outsourcing, an annual publication, is delivered digitally in a Nextbook edition to be found on all of Advanstars Pharma Science websites. Id like to thank the combined marketing, sales, and productions stas for their eort