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Insane Ireland

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Insane Ireland. By Noah H aubner. Basic Ireland. The capital of Ireland is Dublin Ireland has three different water tributes The River Shannon is the longest river at a staggering 386km long Dublin is also the most populated city This is the River Shannon This is Ireland’s capital. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Insane Ireland

Insane IrelandBy Noah Haubner

Basic IrelandThe capital of Ireland is DublinIreland has three different water tributesThe River Shannon is the longest river at a staggering 386km long Dublin is also the most populated city

This is the River Shannon

This is Irelands capital

GeographyIreland is over 27 thousand square milesIreland is actually 2 countries North Ireland and Ireland Ireland is Bigger than the state of West VirginiaHas many rugged coastal hillsHas low mountainsNumerous lakes and BoggsThe coldest temperature in Ireland was 30F

HistoryIn the 1840s Ireland was devastated by a huge potato famineNatives in Ireland say that St. Patrick came to Ireland in hopes of bringing faith and ChristianityIn 1949, Ireland withdrew from the Commonwealth and declared itself completely independent

Living StandardsIreland has very low living standards compared to the USATheir poverty rate is 5.5% Their unemployment rate is 14.6%And the have a budget surplus (+) or deficit(-) of -8.5%Irelands Unemployment rate over timeThis is from 1993 to 2008

Irelands Poverty rate over timeThis is the number of people in poverty and the poverty rate.

Irelands GovernmentThe current ruler of Ireland is Michel D. HigginsIreland has a Parliamentary Democracy Republic

This is Irelands current presidentMichel D. Higgins.Irelands IndustriesIndustries in Ireland are usually bigThey make chemicals Computer hardware ( flash drives and/or desktop windows)The also make and manufacture medical devices

ExportsIrelands export costs are over 113.6 billion dollarsMost of their exports consist of food products(raw meat or fish)They also export computer technology(such as flash drives and mass storage laptops)Also they export lots of chemicalsExport PartnersUSA 22.3%United Kingdom 16.19%Belgium 15.5%ImportsIrelands imports cost is 63.1 billion dollarsIreland imports many things too like petroleum and petroleum productsThey also import lots of chemicalsImport PartnersNetherlands 5.8A%Germany 7.8%United Kingdom 39.8%People and SocietyThe official language is English (some speak Irish)Their population is4,722,028 peopleTheir birth rate is about 16 births Their death rate is about 6.40 deathsThe life expectancy for a male is 72 yearsThe life expectancy for a female is 82 yearsCulture and ReligionThe main religion of Ireland is Roman CatholicIrelands customs also include many sports mainly soccer and rugbySoccer is a huge part of Irelands cultureThey also have potato farms

St. PatrickThis is St. Patrick he came to Ireland in the 1500s brining hope and Christianity to the people in Ireland. Today we celebrate 1 day every year to honor his beliefs and kindness.