Information Literacy Instruction for School Libraries C&I 445 January 22, 2013

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Information Literacy Instruction for School Libraries

Information Literacy Instruction for School Libraries

C&I 445

January 22, 2013

Welcome Back!

Every class, please check your audio: Tools>audio>audio set up wizardGreen Check GoodRed X-cant hear (contact tech support and be ready to use telephony).Click on the Telephone icon and follow instructions on the screen.

Please remind tech support to record the class if you do not see the recording icon indicating that the session is being recorded.

On the next slide Ill ask you to let us know what your favorite type of food is, and well need this information for our group activity tonight.

Classrooms of Old

Classrooms Today


Literature Review (10%) February 5th

Write a 3-5 page review of at least three articles on an information literacy topic. You may choose from any topic relating to information literacy including, but not limited to, Millennials/Generation X,Y,Z , the digital divide, information literacy standards, collaboration/co-teaching, curricular integration of school libraries, mentoring, parent involvement in school library activities, curricular planning, learning styles, research models, assessment, and decision-making and copyright/intellectual freedom.

Literature Review Rubric

For Next Time

AASL 21st Century Learner Standards


Common Core Standards

Guest Speaker Karen Smith-Cox

Information Literacy In The News

Miss Informed

Manti Teo

Dont Miss

ALA Awards


Aaron Swartz

Manti Teo

ALA Youth Media Awards




Coretta Scott King

Printz Award

Theodore Geisel Award

ALA Youth Media Awards



Coretta Scott King




Aaron Swartz

Downloaded Millions of Articles from MIT database JSTOR

News site Reddit and RSS technology

Helped defeat the Stop Online Piracy Act SOPA

Born in Chicago

Buried last week in Highland Park

Wikipedia Blackout


What does this teach our children about access to information?

How can we as educators use this to help our students learn more about information literacy?



Group Project



Digital Nation

For Next Time

Levels of Understanding

You dont know you dont know

You know you dont know

You know you know

You dont know you know


Upcoming Opportunities

SIT Conference February 23

Normal (Heartland Community College)

Carbondale (Carbondale Middle School)

DeKalb (DeKalb High School)

Downers Grove (Herrick Middle School)

East Moline (Glenview Middle School)

Lincolnshire (Stevenson High School)

Information Literacy Summit

Group Activity

Plan to go out to eat together with your group

Select a restaurant that is equidistant (within reason) from all members of the group

Restaurant cant be a chain, (local Flavor)

Choose the date, time, and location

Submit a slide with

Name of the Restaurant

Date time location

Why you chose this in 20 words or less

While youre waiting

If you finish before the rest of the groups are done please work as a group to create or adapt a definition of Information Literacy.

Where are you?

Use the text tool to write your name close to the place you live on the map.

Follow Up

What did you need to know to complete this assignment?

What sources did you use to find information?

How did you evaluate the sources?

What might you have done differently?

How might you use this with your students? What adaptations would be needed?

Is this information literacy?

My List


Dietary restrictions

Favorite restaurant type

Location of each member

Menu on line


Cost? Price limit?

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives

Define Information Literacy

Association of College & Research Libraries Definition

The Ability to:

Determine the extent of information needed

Access the needed information effectively and efficiently

Evaluate information and its sources critically

Incorporate selected information into ones knowledge base

Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose

Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally

Introductions for Tonight










Where do you go to find information about books?


Generation X, Y, Z

Generation XGeneration YGeneration Z1960s to 1980s1980s & early 1990s1990s to present

Who is Generation Z?

Who is Generation Z?

Most technologically advanced in history

Concerned about their future

Less of a sense of entitlement

Preparing for jobs that dont exist

They know where to get information/TMI

They need constant & immediate feedback


Expect to be able to work from anywhere

Communication style


Teaching and Reaching the Millennial Generation Through Media Literacy

The challenge for todays teachers, largely digital immigrants, is to continue to provide students with the legacy content of the old curriculum while providing future content to prepare students for life in the 21st century

Zits by Scott Borgman

Teaching and Reaching the Millennial Generation Through Media Literacy

What skills, attitudes, and knowledge do students bring to the table?

Teaching and Reaching the Millennial Generation Through Media Literacy

What things may be hindering teachers in reaching Generation Z?

Digital Nation

Digital Nation

Arne Duncan suggests that sitting still and concentrating are skills we should cultivate.

In a world where we are bombarded by multiple stimuli, how do we teach students to focus?

When is multitasking a requirement?

How do we determine which is needed for a given task?

Digital Nation Quote

New technology means there are new questions you need to answer.


Digital Nation

Todd Oppenheimer suggests that schools have engaged in a computer frenzy and should instead be teaching students: history, how to write, how to think, how to communicate with each other, how to be reliable, and how to follow a line of reasoning.

Do you agree or disagree?

Digital Nation

Do you see potential for gaming in education?

Have you had positive/negative experiences with students and gaming?

Do you agree that games like World of Warcraft promote collaboration skills?

Do you agree that virtual worlds allow you to discover other aspects of yourself?

Information Literacyby Ann Marlow Riedling

Textbook-based learning to Resource-based learning


Provide a variety of resources


Ultimate Search Engine

Leaders in Information Literacy Movement

Information Literacyby Ann Marlow Riedling


more self directed learning

lifelong learners

Realize that information does not become knowledge until contemplated by the mind

The Big Picture

Defining Information Literacy

Standards and Skills

Research/Process Models

Curriculum Mapping


Technologies that assist Information Literacy