Information Literacy in Finnish University Libraries

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  • Information Literacy in Finnish University Libraries

  • Academic Information SkillsIn th University of Helsinki the first common Information Literacy project started in the i in 1999.Separate user training programs in all university libraries in Finland laborousThe project strived: -to produce learning material for IL-studies -to harmonize user training programs in HU libraries -to develope IL-programs for different stages of studies

  • Infoavain users in the search for and to produce scientific informationLinks are connected with a short description of the content

  • National Information Literacy Curriculum Project 2004-2006 by Ministry of Education in 2004-2006Coordinated in the University of HelsinkiUniversity libraries wanted to integrate IL into academic studies

  • ICT Driving Licence Who?A shared project of the University of HelsinkiProject Coordinatorfinanced: autumn 2004 2005 Continuing 2006: 1 man-year plus translation of the learning material (English and Swedish)Team persons from all faculties (11):TeachersSupport persons for educational technology staffFaculty and campus libraries, Undergraduated libraryIT DepartmentOpen University, University of Helsinki

  • ICT Driving Licence What?Common learning material plus faculty tailored partLearning material:Introduction to the use of computersDescribes the computer environment at the University of Helsinki Modifying and presenting dataInformation seeking Learning goals: the new student will be able to use the services of the University of Helsinki libraries, and to seek information from different sources. She/he will be familiar with different search techniques, with which she/he can make her/his work more effective. In addition, she/he will know the basics of copyrights. Data security and privacy protection

  • 4. Information seekingContents:Planning the information search Finding material from the HELKA database ( the libraries at the University of Helsinki)Seeking information about a specific subject Utilising and evaluating search results

    National Project for Studying Plan for Information Literacy ICT Driving Licence made it possible to integrate the information literacy into the curriculum of the first year students in every faculty =>

  • Recommendation for universities for including information literacy competency in the new degree structures

    Integration into the curriculumDeepening IL- skills,by using them actively as a tool for the academic studies

  • ICT Driving Licence How?Learning material (produced together)

    Entry level tests and final exams (examination)Questions and tasks produced togetherin WebCT (e-learning environment):Technically OKQuestions and tasks are in continuous development process (focusing, targeting, measuring skills)

    Teaching sessionsFaculty tailored partSupport material for the teaching staff

  • Klaara Question Bank Surveys, proficiency tests and online exams within and between universitiesCoordinator in the Universtiy of Vaasa , Tritonia Academic Library

  • Information Literacy Network 2007-The steering committee of the project went on working n 2007Coordinator: the Library of Behavioral Sciences in the University of Helsinkiwww-pages were renewed in Kuopio and Helsinki pedagogical instruction to IL- librariansINFORMAATIOLUKUTAITO a book on Information Literacy was published by the steering committee

  • International relationshipNORDINFOLIT : IL- network in the Nordic CountriesInternational Infromation Literacy seminar in August 2008 to Britain Contacts with IFLA, CILIP, SCONUL ect.

    The Recommendation was formulated by the steering group of the national IL-project and has been modified according to the comments received from the library directors

    The Recommendation was sent to the discipline based coordinators of Bologna process of Finnish universities in June 2004.